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Announcing the Season 4 Pass

Hey Anno Community,

Earlier today we used our latest Dev-Stream to finally lift the curtain on the highly anticipated Season 4 Pass for Anno 1800, which will add three exciting new DLCs to the game throughout 2022. As mentioned, when we first teased Season 4 at the end of last year, the three new DLCs will focus on your New World region, giving you new optimisation opportunities, a new resident tier to attract and new islands to settle.

Each DLC will also ship with a scenario, providing brand new challenges outside of the main campaign or sandbox game.


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DLC 1 – Seeds of Change (releasing April 12th, 2022)

Season 4 kicks off in just two weeks with the first DLC – “Seeds of Change” – that allows you to revolutionize the agricultural sector of the New World.

To make this possible, you’ll first have to build the powerful Hacienda, which will become the agricultural hub of your New World empire. Construct and expand your own country estate with new ornaments as well as various highly efficient modules.

Those allow you, for example, to brew beer directly in the New World and house your population in more space-efficient residences. Benefit from the adoption of island-wide policies through the Hacienda and produce high-quality fertiliser to boost your local farms and even export it to the Old World.

The new scenario, Seasons of Silver, you will follow Vasco Oliveira’s story into a different part of the New World where you will need to face harsh weather conditions while fulfilling ever increasing silver production quotas.

DLC 2 – Empire of the Skies (planned for Summer 2022)

This summer, our second DLC, Empire of the Skies, will usher in the Age of Airships.

Using the latest construction materials from the New World, you can build a variety of new specialized airships.

Optimize your logistical network by transferring goods and workers between your islands in the New World, and keep your people connected with the new mail system.

Your tactical planning will also take on a whole new dimension as you and your competitors vie for aerial mastery.

Empire of the Skies we will also come with another new scenario. More details on this later this year.

DLC 3 – New World Rising (planned for late 2022)

Season 4 will come to its grand finale towards the end of the year.

With the third DLC, New World Rising, you will not only experience the industrial and economic boom of the New World first-hand, but also let your residents embrace their cultural roots and welcome a new population tier.

Discover a highly demanded feature introduced with New World Rising – newly discovered islands offer crucial additional building space to further expand your empire.

You get to enjoy the sight of colourful, thriving cities and build an iconic monument as the ultimate landmark for a self-confident identity of your New Worlds residents.

And like the two previous DLC, “New World Rising” is also accompanied by a scenario.

Bonus Content

While all DLCs will once again be available for stand-alone purchase, there are a few benefits for buyers of the Season 4 Pass. You will receive three exclusive ornaments upon the release of DLC 10, each of them themed after one of our new DLCs: the Ornamental Fountain, the Airship Monument and the Splendid Gateway. Buyers of the Season 4 Pass will also be able to get all three DLCs for 24,99€/$, which represents a saving of around 10€/$ versus individual purchases.

New ways to buy Anno 1800 for Season 4

While the Season 4 Pass is the best way to enjoy all the new content for our existing Anno 1800 players, we also want to offer new ways to users who want to jump into the age of the industrial revolution in time for Season 4. That is why we have created two new editions of the game that will be available through Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store, starting today. At the same time, we are removing the previously available Gold Edition and Complete Editions for new buyers (existing owners will, of course, keep all their content, and still be able to re-download it in the future).

All these bundles below will be available from April 12th onwards.

Anno 1800: Complete Edition Year 4 – 119,99 €/$

The best way to jump aboard Anno 1800 is the new Complete Edition Year 4, which includes the full version of Anno 1800, the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade with the Anarchist character, as well as all four Season Passes. This edition represents savings of around 50€/$ versus buying all included content individually.


Anno 1800: Gold Edition Year 4 – 79,99€/$

If you just want to dive right into the new Season 4 content and worry that all previously released DLCs may overwhelm you, the Gold Edition Year 4 is the right choice for you. It includes the full version of Anno 1800, the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade with the Anarchist character, and the Season 4 Pass. This edition represents savings of around 15€/$ versus buying all included content individually.


We are, of course, also still offering the classic standard version of the game for 59,99€/ $, giving to anyone looking to build their personal industrial empire the maximum flexibility in how they want to get started.


“Cosmetic Pack” Bundle – 24,99€/$

In addition to these editions, you can now also buy all six Cosmetic DLC of the previous years in a dedicated Cosmetic DLC bundle. This bundle is perfect for all beauty builders and includes the “Holiday” Pack, “Amusements” Pack, “City Lights” Pack, “Vehicle Liveries” Pack, “Pedestrian Zone” Pack, and “Vibrant Cities” Pack.

Thank you all for your tireless passion and support for Anno 1800, which has not only allowed us to reach over 2M players by the end of 2021, but also to support the game with a fourth year of new content and free game updates that will improve the game for our community!


Stay safe,

The Anno 1800 Team

Development of Anno 1800 – Season 4 is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action within the framework of computer games funding.




  1. 7 76561198062175368 May 4, 2022

    Hope you change the look of New World paved streets like in Hacienda modules.

  2. a atler1 April 12, 2022

    War Ruhm Kahn mann den sissen Pass 4 auf Rechnung Kauffen

  3. s screg95 April 7, 2022

    cool la nouvelle saison et les nouveaux bâtiments un peu de changement ca fait du bien au jeu

  4. S Sebastian121121 April 1, 2022

    Would be pretty nice if we could keep the old buildings models of existing farms like coffee etc. within the haciendas instead of having multifactories.

  5. K KingxOfxVoids April 1, 2022

    On a sidenote Even 5-10 minits in since latest anno patch I get directx errors even on new games
    Drivers are up to date and did check integrity of files on steam
    So hope 12th of april patch fixes it

  6. E Equino_X2 April 1, 2022

    Absolutely amazed by the amount of “love” this game is still getting! I almost wish you just keep adding and adding and never move onto the next installment.

    And, I also have to thank you for more amazing artworks, been using Anno 1800 artworks as my wallpaper ever since and just love adding few more to the rotation!

    April 12 countdown just started! Thank you Anno Team!

  7. K KingxOfxVoids March 31, 2022

    Some people have quite a big comment but I can agree on a lot of their points but most of all

    1st DLC
    Hacienda fertilities should still matter for new world fertilities
    Balanced better policies

    3rd DLC
    Just a 3rd tier or also a 4th?

    Besides that T3 asphalt/concrete roads is this an option somehow?

  8. M Misiek_1991 March 30, 2022

    new content looks great, but what about the Arctic? It seems useless after DLC 11. Could you rework it? Maybe more gas usage – small gas plants for smaller islands, maybe new good created with a gas? It would be also nice to increase gold viens – more deposits and better production rates, Just to make Arctic worth going there. There is already a post office – will it be somehow connected with a new mail system? ;>

  9. Q Queen_Calanthe March 30, 2022

    Can you give me a Steam link where I can buy the season 4 pass?

  10. L LUIZ_VICTOR March 30, 2022

    Hi, find below my 2 cents abount the season 4.

    1. I would love if Anno team could make an official Portuguese translation or at least subtittle/text only. This could help the company to expand it to Brazilian market. There is enough data from Ubisoft Connect and Epic Store to know the size and importance of this our market here. This is the main barrier.

    2. Once again, interesting to adopt Vasco and Hacienda name. It is a cool feature. I would prefer the name “Casa Grande, instead of Hacienda. Hacienda comes more from 17/18th Century and not so much for 19th or 20th. Anyway, the feature in terms of reducing the space need of farms is a good reply to the feedback of lacking space in New World (too much focused in small Caribbean Island instead of large mass lands of USA, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.). I would prefer if it could be had added a new region like New World, as you all did for Cape Trelawney, to represent the South America or any other continental part of America itself.

    3. It is good to see you are all expanding the importance of the new world in terms of materials and goods. New chains etc. Actually, there is no sense to not have grain and potato in NW, good to see you add these possibilities.

    4. Silver and Aluminum could be new chains indeed.

    5. Empires of Skies.
    Mailing as a chain or need is interesting and historical realistic. How this will work in the game is something I want to see. Using more the Airship and expanding it is also cool. But we could get more ships too and to spicy it up in terms of combat warfare.

    6. New World Rising
    I understood this will be BIG DLC. New tier and more buildings and islands for more space are offered. Let’s see. But I still in terms of design it too much focused in Caribe. You could “drink” from the building design of Brazilian and Argentinian cities. It is worth remembering that during the 19th century, Europe influenced the architecture of the buildings and streets of America as a whole. The great avenues, the theatres and boulevards originate from Europe. Not to mention the importance of the railroad as a form of transport of goods and people.
    Of course, few people should know, but due to the Napoleonic wars, an entire Portuguese court with the King and Queen came to Brazil and this influenced all the construction and architecture in South America.

    In the architecture of the first half of the 19th century, the neoclassical tendency was initially imposed, already present in the second half of the eighteenth century, but, concomitantly with the diffusion of romantic sensitivity and the consequent interest in historicism, architectural trends soon emerged. the recovery of “styles” from earlier times (in particular the Middle Ages as the presumed cradle of national identities), characterized by the prefix “neo- Romanesque, Neo-Gothic, etc.), which are also defined by term revivalism. The nineteenth century is, therefore, characterized by a kind of code: the historicist eclecticism, in which all tastes can be simultaneously present in the global work of the same designer or even in the same building. (This helps the anno design to liberate the creativity) This at least until the end of the century of the Art Nouveau movement (also called Liberty), which was the first non-historicist and therefore modern architectural movement (modernism).
    So I hope the Anno designer could drink more from this. The common factor in which all architectural and artistic speculation of the 19th century can be reduced is historicism, or the recovery of tradition, of the past in all fields. In this sense, it is possible to say that one of the characteristics of the 18th century architecture was not so much to conceive the new as to manipulate the preexisting in a creative way. Considering this, a rigid periodization of styles is difficult, when architects such as Karl Friedrich Schinkel are dedicated to designing and creating neo-Greek, Neo-Roman, Neo-Gothic, Neo-Romanesque works, always reinterpreting motifs from the past.

    An important sociological phenomenon linked to the affirmation of the industrial economy is the strong growth of cities to a much greater extent than in previous centuries. In the 19th century, a new urban planning was formed in which transport and infrastructure in general, commerce, industry and urban management gain importance and attention. So it is natural to in NW, we could have more tiers to challenge the player.

  11. F FHackner March 30, 2022

    I got some constructive criticism:
    I think its sad that haciendas make fertilities completely irrelevant. For potato, spices and grain its certainly fine but for the rest, I would rather it be a partial effect. e.g. If you don’t have cocoa fertility, it should produce at half the rate.

    the new building have very sharp edges in their ground decals, its a perfectly straight line of grass/built plot, looks to be an oversight.

  12. J JediEkaj March 30, 2022

    I’m wondering if you can clarify something. Will we need to start a new save to take advantage of the addition of the new islands in the New World Rising DLC?

    Thank you guys for making this one of my favorite games of all time.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof March 30, 2022

      Heyho! No, you will not need t start a new savegame for DLC 12

  13. D Dik4j0Z March 29, 2022

    Hello 🙂
    When will the “Cosmetic Pack” Bundle be available? Will I find it on the Ubisoft Store?
    Thank a Lot

    •   Ubi-Thorlof March 30, 2022

      It will be available from April 12th 6PM CEST onwards 🙂

  14. b banan1996.1996 March 29, 2022

    Let me share a few of my thoughts, feedback and questions about Season 4 DLCs, at least with regards to what information has been revealed so far (in the blog, stream or the trailer):

    Seeds of Change
    Hacienda – I like the look and feel, feels very appropriate for the New World. In the stream you said it acts as a warehouse but I did not see anything regarding loading ramps, like in case of regular warehouses. Is the hacienda not limited by a number of loading ramps, is it a super powerful warehouse?

    Hacienda quarters – I knew something similar would probably be introduced, though I was thinking of favelas instead. Obviously, a hacienda is a much more positive name and take, along the population living there having extra needs. I feel like I would prefer having to upgrade jornalero quarters into obrero quaters, just like with regular residences.

    Hacienda farm – it’s cool to see farms not require so many modules, being more efficient etc. But except for being limited by the hacienda radius, they don’t really have any downsides or requirements. They don’t even require the appropriate fertility! While it’s ok if spices, potatoes and grain would grow everywhere, the old goods should in my opinion require the island to have appropriate fertility. This unnecessarily ‘skips’ the fertility system and makes it much less important which New World islands I decide to settle. The farms also require only 10 jornalero workforce while one of their downsides could be higher workforce requirement. The only question I have here is about the production rate, I couldn’t see in the stream what is the production rate of the hacienda farms. If it’s the same as regular farms, then really there would be no downsides and only advantages. I am not very fond of such balancing, where obtaining some better stuff doesn’t really have any reasonable downsides to balance it out.

    Hacienda fertiliser works – I like the use of animal farms for making fertilisers. It’s interesting to tie this to haciendas and make it work only within the hacienda’s radius. This part is definitely something that makes you think about the layouts of your farms and buildings around the hacienda. I feel like I will focus on alpaca farms there, if I understand how it all works, making dung using faster animal farms like alpaca farms instead of cattle farms would be more efficient. I am sort of on the fence about the fertiliser because of limiting this to haciendas. On one hand it doesn’t make sense in terms of realism, on the other hand it makes sense gameplay-wise that such a powerful and easy to obtain effect would be limited somehow.

    Hacienda brewery – personally I like an option to make beer or schnapps in New World, though it really depends on the exact balance. I like having several options to make something but each of those should have its advantages and disadvantages, so that you need to really consider which way is more suitable for your own company.

    Hacienda ornaments – couldn’t see everything of course, but from what I’ve seen I really liked the ornaments, all hacienda buildings and ornaments seem to be made in the same style so I like that it all fits together.

    Policies – I like having some kind of New World palace sort of thing. But the balancing feels off again. While the bonuses, except the influence one, do not seem super powerful to me personally, they don’t have any downsides. In case of the palace, it has a high maintenance cost, and you also need to dedicate space to its wings to increase the range. Hacienda being island wide, no high maintenance or other requirements, no worrying about the range – all of that doesn’t satisfy me in terms of the balancing, there are only profits without drawbacks.

    Season of Silver – I am really looking forward to playing that scenario, I like the seasons, I think seasons in such a form would definitely be doable even in the sandbox game in Anno 1800. Though I understand why you wouldn’t do that at this point. But I think it opens up an option to fully introduce seasons to the next Anno game 😉 I like the complexity of the production of silver coins and how it is affected by the seasons. I hope we’ll be able to learn some interesting things about La Corona in that scenario.

    Empire of the Skies
    Personally I’m not very fond of the DLC being really focused on the airships. I like that it will be still focused on New World as the source of materials for airships. I’m curious how the gas will be produced, would it be helium extracted as an extra product from oil production or maybe something entire different? I hope that transporting people via airships, aka the alternative commuter pier system, I suppose, will be somehow challenging or expensive, so that it doesn’t just make the New World much easier without any significant effort or cost. You mentioned the mail system but nothing concrete about it, so I really have no idea what to think about that part of the DLC. Also no clues about its scenario so also nothing to talk about here.

    New World Rising
    Obviously a new tier, one or more though? I like the sound of embracing the culture, maybe something like an opera or some other building like that? I am definitely wondering if it is going to include electricity, light bulbs need, and what the needs and profits of the new tier/tiers would be. Curious about how introducing more islands into the New World will work, would they be completely new islands or would you just more islands from the already existing pool if available islands? Would new islands include perhaps some new fertilities or resources tied to the new population tier of this DLC? Either way, I’m really in need of more information to provide more feedback.

    Overall, my current opinion is like “I’m probably gonna enjoy the new content, though I’m not crazy about it at the moment”. The first DLC is ok, though seems lacking in terms of balancing in my opinion. Very interested in the scenario it includes. The other two DLCs are big question marks, without more details can’t really say whether I will like them or not.

  15. I Itasil92 March 29, 2022

    It’s incredible how many things you can add to this game! I hope you’ll explore old wild west too at this point!

  16. P Pinepyi March 29, 2022

    Hell yes! Another year of support to one of my favorite games

  17. J Jerry_Key_Smith March 29, 2022

    Cool. Goodbye Season Pass 4, maybe I’ll see you someday…


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