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It’s Game Update 13 Release Day!

Hey Anno Community,

We have just released Game Update 13, our last big update for the year, and it should be available for you momentarily.

The full Release Notes with all changes and bug fixes can be found here.


That’s not all, though, since GU13 also includes Anno 1800’s first scenario, “Eden Burning”, which is the result of our participation in the Green Game Jam. Learn more about it here in this DevBlog and visit the Play4Forest website to sign the petition to protect our Earth’s forests.

Another part of this project is our collaboration with Ecologi to support reforestation efforts: By buying the “Plant a Tree” DLC in the Ubisoft Store you’re supporting the planting of more trees since we’re forwarding all net proceeds (i.e. everything after taxes and other fees are deducted) to Ecologi. On top, you’re getting a new Ceiba Tree ornament to place in your cities.


Also releasing today is Cosmetic DLC 6: The “Vibrant Cities Pack”. Change the look of your cities by providing your residence buildings with a fresh coat of paint!

Be it a colorful paint job, a more traditional brick theme, or the neon-lit nightlife version for Investors and Engineers – each allows you to further individualize your cities.

More details about its development can be found in this DevBlog – and you can purchase it here in the Ubisoft Store.

We’re nearing the holidays but are not quite done yet – we do have one more blog and a little Holiday gift for you Tuesday next week. So stay tuned!


Until then: Enjoy the new content!

We can’t wait to see screenshots of your vibrant cities, so please share them with us on Reddit, Twitter or any other of our platforms.

And of course, let us know your thoughts on the “Eden Burning” scenario: How many attempts did you need? How is your eco balance looking like? Share it in the comments!

Community Spotlight

We also want to use today’s Union Update for a small Community Spotlight, considering we have once again seen some great content created by you!

First comes this absolutely stunning beauty building attempt by Laudica, once again, creating architectural marvels out of Skyscrapers:

Following our Season 4 announcement, we greatly enjoyed following the various speculations, for example on Reddit, as to what the teaser trailer did show – and what it didn’t. An interesting watch in this regard is also the video by Takarazuka featured below:


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And with 2021 slowly coming to a close, Johnnyvanderzwaag shared some early Holiday greetings on Reddit:

If you worked on a cool video or have a great screenshot to share, we’d be happy to share it in a future Community Spotlight!


Until next time, and enjoy today’s Game Update!




  1. f frasoucos December 16, 2021

    Hello! Quick question? When the Eden Burning Scenario game play is finished does it merge with sandbox mode becoming available as a new region on saved games? Thanks.

    • C Czarny_KOX December 16, 2021

      Nope. It prompts you to leave to menu.

  2. A AemaethNorrhart December 15, 2021

    “We’re nearing the holidays but are not quite done yet – we do have one more blog and a little Holiday gift for you Tuesday next week. So stay tuned!”

    *Set alarm clock and prepare hot chocolate for next tuesday….*
    Aaaahhhhhhh !!!! Nice !

  3. D Davidaguilar21 December 15, 2021

    Hello, I wanted to report a bug in my games after the update since when loading them some buildings and ships appear in black as if they had no texture, does anyone know how to solve it?

  4. Q Qnaga868 December 15, 2021

    I bought the game just for the Disable Production Flyouts alone :o) . Good job dev team on listening to us Annoholics.
    This is easily the best city builder/management game I’ve ever played, and longest game playtime at 331 hours and counting, and it keeps getting better (and overwhelmingly complex, which I like).

  5. f frasoucos December 15, 2021

    Hello! When the Eden Burning Scenario game is finished does it merger with sandbox mode becoming available on saved games? Thanks.

    • H Humility925 December 18, 2021

      No, it’s just that Scenario, once goal filled or failed, it’s over.

  6. N Nele1910 December 15, 2021

    Hier Nele, habe vergessen zu erwähnen, dass ich ein Multiplayerspiel spiele. Ich las, dass andere ebenfalls Probleme haben. Straßen sind zu sehen, werden jedoch als nicht vorhanden angezeigt. Ich erbitte Ankündigung, wenn ich mein Spiel wieder starten kann. Beste Grüße

  7. V Vibefactory95 December 15, 2021

    I can´t rotate the camera to the left since the new update.

  8. N Nele1910 December 15, 2021

    Hi, ich habe gestern das Umweltspiel gespielt, das hat gut funktioniert, bin langsam. Aber das macht ja nichts. Ich brauche kein Gold. Konnte mein Endlosspiel jedoch heute plötzlich den ganzen Tag nicht erreichen, es hieß “Spieler unbekannt”. Ich habe es nun öffnen können, allerdings über einen Button “Segel setzen”, gab es vorher nicht. Mein Endlosspiel aus 2019 mit 300.000 Einwohnern zeigt keine Straßen an, alles ist auf Minus. Ich mache 1.11 Millionen minus.
    Ich habe es wieder neu gestartet, es lief nicht an, tauchte plötzlich wieder der Button “Segel setzen” auf, ich habe drauf geklickt. Es wurden wieder keine Straßen im Spiel angezeigt. Ich traue mich nicht, es zu öffnen. Habe mich sehr auf “Bunter Anstrich” gefreut, nun geht gar nichts mehr. Was heißt das? Ist mein Spiel zerstört????

  9. C Czarny_KOX December 15, 2021

    1 run silver and 100% eco. Now aiming for gold 🙂

  10. H Humility925 December 15, 2021

    Did anyone noticed that rotate camera left isn’t working in this game upgrade 13? Rotate Camera right is working, I tried changed couple button hotkey in control settling, none of work.

    • V Vibefactory95 December 15, 2021

      Yes, i have the exact same problem!

  11. G Gremlin91 December 15, 2021

    Great Scenario! But the Timer is impossible. Beat it on Silver first try, but even with all Legendary Items from previous run, it is not possible to beat. 2:30h for Gold, while it is building 1:30h minimum?
    Also, I think the quest with the Fisherman/Treasure Hunter is bugged.

    • U Ubi_MarcelH December 15, 2021

      We have seen the first player get the gold medal and reward, so while it is tough, it is definitely not impossible 🙂

      • H Humility925 December 18, 2021

        I got silver first try, but try second for gold and still failed, because timer don’t make sense like those pyrphorian generator to clear ruin again, it’s still similar to time limited, one and half hours to clean that ruin, and it’s 900, with limited resource of tree, it’s take while to get running up while timer keep going. Many small ruined still need to clear again since I already clear on first try, I thought we don’t do clean ruin again in second time? All those handcraft should carryover, but seem not all of them, only Legendary.

        I clearly think this is bad gameplay design for gold level. And there is quest pop out often to ruin your goal like 50% worker cut for one hours while gold timer is keep running while all worker already too busy try to get it done by clean ruin, same time try to product goods that dam need, so go on, and ruined by pop quest up? This is bad gameplay design for Gold level at least. Only way to seem to best gold level is cheat and get ton of goods out of thin air at start of game to beat it Dam under time limited, Apparently, He is right, it’s impossible in first try because it’s was not design to do that, it’s was design to be failed on first try at least, and it’s not good when some quest pop out and punish player like 50% cut worker for hours as well out of nowhere to ruin your game. Not very fun game at all.

        • H Humility925 December 18, 2021

          900 worker, I meant, it’s not very reasonable gameplay with all time limited, limited resource, many ruin cost high number of worker and some quest pop out to ruined player’s goal or deny player’s goal to get gold level. Player don’t like to do again and again and again because all too limited unreasonable gameplay, it’s make player are more frustrated and not had fun with game at all.

          •   Ubi-Thorlof December 20, 2021

            Hey Humility925, thank you for your feedback on the scenario 🙂

            Retrying the scenario multiple times (and potentially failing the first time) is indeed part of our intention for this scenario. There are multiple mechanics different from the main game which might not be entirely clear on the first try. For gold, you will very likely need to play it at least once, maybe more than once, to prepare.
            Certain negative events caused by low eco balance can indeed hurt your playthrough, yes. The difficulty and the challenges of the scenario are purposefully designed this way.

            We understand this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, of course, and that’s okay.

  12. K Kaizen_1985 December 15, 2021

    Bought both Cosmetics packs! Keep up the great work Anno Team! Looking forward to Season 4.

  13. r robhold December 15, 2021

    got the “Plant a Tree” DLC but where is it on the menus? went up and down looking for it , nowhere to be seen =/

    • t thekingkupo December 15, 2021

      Did you happen to solve this? Experiencing the same bug.

      • U Ubi_MarcelH December 15, 2021

        Hey, this should be solved now. Please check again, and let us know if you should still have this issue.

  14. f frasoucos December 14, 2021

    Hello everyone!
    I just want to let you know that the saved game is not loading after the update released today. I guess it is the mod-loader. I am not sure. Can you help me out? Thank you!


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