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Announcing Anno 117: Pax Romana!

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? Because we… we’re doing it daily!


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We’re proud and excited to announce a new chapter for the Anno franchise:


Anno 117: Pax Romana!

Take on the role of a Roman governor in the year 117 AD and journey through the uncharted territories of the Roman Empire. Uncover the allure of Latium and Albion, the twin provinces under your stewardship as governor. Seize the opportunity to expand your influence and harness the unique advantages and challenges each province presents.

“We will not only deliver the fantasy millions of strategy players are waiting for: to govern one of the most iconic ancient empires, we will push beyond that, and change how people see the Roman Empire in games. Explore different provinces and embrace the local or Roman way. The cost of peace is yours to decide.” – Manuel Reinher, Creative Director

Your choices as a governor matter to your citizens! Will you encourage economic growth and trade or expand your rule through dominance and force? Lead with rebellion or unite a diverse culture? Choose wisely, your decisions will guide your people through the era of Pax Romana.

Anno 117: Pax Romana features a unique mix of traditional city building, a deep economical simulation and 4X features like diplomacy, military and a solid narrative layer. It follows the series’ tradition by merging the creation of huge metropolises with the setup of complex logistic networks and production chains, as well as the exploration of the world and the interaction with other characters and competitors.

Anno 117: Pax Romana is planned to release in 2025 on both PC as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. You can wishlist it right here!

With that, we welcome Anno fans old and new to our journey! Follow along when we – over the coming months until release – will show and tell you more about Anno 117: Pax Romana: its world, its features and your role as a governor!

Ah, and one more thing: Did you notice all the easter eggs in the trailer?




  1. D Declen76 July 15, 2024

    As a veteran of both ANNO series and city builder games in general I have a most important question any veteran like me would have:
    What will this game bring to Rome building table?
    In over 30 years of City building games history there were more then enough Rome builders: classical Caesar series by Sierra, CivCity Rome by Fraxis, a series of 3 games by Haemimont, latest beeng Grand Ages Rome.
    What will set this new ANNO entry apart from those predecessors?
    I believe, it would be much better, if you chose some other ancient setting no one did before like Carthage, Persian Middle East, Ancient India – you name it.

  2. g goehler.dk July 5, 2024

    Please, please, please add multiplayer. It is a must for me, to hook new players. I might play a fair bit of single-player too – but multiplayer is still the single most important feature!

  3. M MrBlueberry222 June 23, 2024

    I’m a casual ANNO 1800 player with hundreds of hours of game time.
    I believe I speak for the majority of the community when I say multiplayer is mandatory. Personally, I would be pleased if possibilities of rivalry between players were expanded compared to previous titles.

    Thank you for your time and effort. Appreciate all of you for bringing us opportunity to rest and relax. You have a task ahead to get the name and the title of the previous games.
    Fingers crossed.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof June 25, 2024

      Thank you, MrBlueberry! While from our experience, he majority of our players prefer the singleplayer mode, but we haven’t forgotten about the people loving multiplayer or coop 🙂

  4. K KAPOUE56 June 22, 2024

    so so much potential. I’m hyped.

    I would really love to be able at any point in the game to just sit back and contemplate my empire (like a special game speed with needs/economy paused but normal map animations).
    Having minor esthetic changes based on how you are doing as a governor would be nice too (e.g. dry landscape if you manage water poorly, skinny citizens for food, clothes, buildings etc)

    make this a masterpiece !

  5. A AGATHOKL3S June 22, 2024

    Klingt Interessant. Wie wäre es mal mit einer Linux Version. Wäre auch ganz toll

  6. T Timeriko June 19, 2024

    Please please please bring continents (not only islands) this time, and real time strategic and complex ground war.

    An anno game with those two would just be so amazing.

    Coming from a long time huge anno fan !

    •   Ubi-Thorlof June 25, 2024

      Islands are and will be a core part of the Anno experience, but we’ll see about larger landmasses 🙂

  7. L Lamproly June 18, 2024

    I know this question might have been asked a lot, but it is very important: Apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us??

    PS: I’m still having fun with 1800 so no need to rush. By the end of it, you know what we all want to see: The Aqueduct! 😉

    •   Ubi-Thorlof June 25, 2024

      Brought peace?
      And hey, they… left us many cool ruins!

  8. M Mevelios June 18, 2024

    Fellow Annoholics, at last, the golden age of the Empire dawns upon us! Don your favorite toga or stola, step forth to lead your fellow countrymen into an even brighter future, and bring everlasting prosperity to these lands!

    Ahh, how satisfying will that be. FINALLY!! And with the fan service we’re getting, you’re definitely getting us hyped for what’s to come, eh?

    Please, this time around (although it’s likely too late since work already begun) do give a thought to providing a scenario creator/editor to tell stories, either inspired by History, either of our own. While lots of fun and nostalgia kept me around playing the Anno series for nearly the last two decades, the games I spend the most time on are those that live on over time with ever new content provided by users (which sadly keep getting rarer) when the studios must turn to another project. That’s what’s missing in 1800 in my opinion, although it was said before the third party tools used in production were preventing it; just sayin’, for the sake of everlasting prosperity!

    •   Ubi-Thorlof June 25, 2024

      Hear, hear!

      We understand the desire for content creation tools and were happy to do a step in that direction now at the end of Anno 1800’s life cycle. The “issue” mentioned by you remains, however, that we’re using a variety of third party tools for all kinds of purposes that we can’t handover to the community. We are keeping the topic of user generated content in mind also for Anno 117, but it’s nothing we can confirm right now.

      • M Mevelios July 2, 2024

        Hey Thorlof, thanks for taking the time to reply! I was expecting such a limitation; the addition of modding support to 1800 was a great move in my opinion, and it indeed brought some fresh things such as textures (trains! more trains!) or mechanics (Tisogno’s garbage collection being one of my favorites).

        There’s one inconvenient side though (at least in my opinion) to how it is integrated into 1800: it only revolves around continuous games. As such, I feel like mods do not work well at telling stories; you couldn’t create a shorter scenario such as Eden Burning or Seasons of Silver, which not only work really well on their own to enjoy a new take on vanilla mechanics, but also bring their little something to broaden the world of Anno (or even link it to other games, as it was the case with Eden Burning’s epilogue)!

        That bit of storytelling is one of the things I miss in Anno 1800, despite the expedition logs (Enbesa however felt more satisfying in that regard): I do not feel as much sympathy for 1800 NPCs as I did with 1404’s Lord Northburg, Grand Vizier Al Zahir (much less Giacomo Garibaldi, come to think of it) or even Barnabas getting angry and ready to teach that puffy red rose a thing or two, after hurting his lil’ Marie!

        Of course we cannot determine characters’ personality and such, but what if we could’ve created a little side story about, let’s say, 1800’s Bente going on a trip in Enbesa after hearing rumors about where to observe coelacanth in their natural habitat, helping locals develop their own island to shine on the tourism market, ending with an advice of theirs so she goes diving with an exhausted Nathaniel that gave in to her enthusiasm, and finds a plentiful school of coelacanth fish? Add a few twists on mechanics such as settlement attractiveness or tourist season DLC content (so the studios may still reap benefits from uncertain customers, more about that later); then make it instructive by adding prompts here and there the player can choose to open or not about tourism in the early XIXth century, African history, seabeds or simply what coelacanth are, and there works the magic in weaving a story!

        That’s where I think a proper scenario editor could work wonders in favor of the Anno franchise. It would be a friendlier tool to users for creating content, from which we could start from scratch: design our own islands, define starting point(s), triggers, create cinematics or dialogue boxes (obviously unvoiced), create mechanics from vanilla templates, and so on and so forth. Of course all of that is wishful thinking; I simply am nostalgic of 1404’s scenarios (the Barrens!) which allowed shorter game sessions, when you aren’t sure which personal challenge to set up next during a sandbox game!

        I’m pretty sure it could provide interest in purchasing DLCs for customers who do not own them, whenever user content puts them at work. I mean, although Anno is my only exception for how long I’ve been enjoying it, for a cautious customer like me even the base game price is above my limit; at most I’d spend 40€ on a product, not 60 (the price tags being the main reason why I no longer mind Ubisoft products, indie gems also exist) so seeing the full product at 130€ is interdictive! However, if I notice the opportunity to have tens or hundreds of hours of extra content with different gameplay approaches for the same price, now that’s a different matter worth considering – base game first, the rest if it proves to be a pleasant surprise.

        Anyway, there are many other considerations revolving around such a topic, about which only the team can argue; I’ll keep wishing for a scenario editor tool to exist someday, so keep up the already amazing work in the meantime! You’re getting closer to the Historical era that interests me the most (maybe a BCE iteration around Cyrus the Great or Alexander the Great periods?); I’ll patiently wait to see what you have in store for us, take your time to deliver another exceptional Anno! 🙂

  9. K Koekoek2020 June 11, 2024

    Just one question…. Is the pc version gonna be better then the console version again? If so I’m not buying it this time on console…. Still feel robbed buying 1800 on Xbox just to find out it’s missing all the dlc action…. Apart from the beautify packs.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof June 25, 2024

      We plan on bringing the full Anno 117 experience to all platforms.

  10. N N1Admiral June 11, 2024

    Now I do not usually post but ive have been a Union person since its inception. 2 Things real Quick. I Love 1800 the complexity as well as the simpleness of it, amazing. Now the Multiplayer was a little weird. I didnt like the way it was setup, A230.

    Anno 2070 had IMHO the best multiplayer setup to date for Anno. Bring that back if you can or something Similar. 2, I have seen some people already say it but i would like to agree. a Multiplayer for this game would be good. i know it may be a bit harder due to the game play that you have hinted at but i would love to see it implemented. Perhaps romans Vs rebels or something. Again like Anno 2070 you have 2 factions that boith eventually got Genuis population.

    Ok Sorry for that rant, I am done.

  11. N Nele1910 June 11, 2024

    Die Seidenstraße existierte aber auch schon, als Handelsweg. Kann man natürlich auch irgendwann dazu holen.
    Und ich freue mich Aquädukte zu bauen, und natürlich das Kollosseum und Circus Maximus, Brückenbauten, Straßen, Badehäuser und so viel mehr.
    LG Nele

  12. N Nele1910 June 11, 2024

    Das Römische Reich umfasste 117 n. Chr. den gesamten Mittelmeerraum, Kleinasien, Ägypten sowie Gallien und Britannien im Norden. Ich freue mich riesig. Es war ein gewaltig großes Reich. Sehr viel Potenzial.
    Und die Grafiken werden immer besser. Ich hoffe, ich muss nicht Kriege führen.
    Habe ich bei Anno 1800 auch nicht.
    Es muss Versionen ohne Krieg geben. 🙂 Sonst würde ich es nicht spielen können.
    Ich wünsche gutes Gelingen und hoffe sehr bald auf neue Nachrichten zum Entwicklungsstand.
    Viele Grüße Nele

  13. A Azrael5111 June 11, 2024

    Jo, was soll ich sagen? Nach eurem kleinen Hinweis auf Twitter für den Stream Ubisoft Forward habe ich gestern natürlich voll Spannung den Stream angeschaut. Ich sage es mal so, ich wäre enttäuscht gewesen wenn es keine Ankündigung gegeben hätte. Nachdem dann die Ankündigung kam, nun ja, fragt meine Nachbarn was der “Typ” da im späten Abend rumschreit. 😉 Auch wenn jetzt die Römerzeit nicht mein bevorzugtes Szenario ist, so bin ich doch voller Hoffnung und Freude das es nahtlos an das exzellente Anno 1800 anknüpfen kann und warte voll Spannung auf weitere Neuigkeiten. Am 18. Juni werden wir ja mehr sehen, wann startet da der Stream?

  14. P PendragonXor June 11, 2024

    Roman Empire, just perfect. Thank you!

    On the June 18th live stream, will there be any game play images or videos available?

  15. H Hejel June 11, 2024

    Ach was freue ich mich darauf, den Circus Maximus und das Kolloseum als neue Monumente zu bauen.

    Vielleicht gibt es ja ein Achievement, das heißt, baue alle 7 weltwunder. Na wär das was?

    Ich freue mich mehr, als damals auf 1800. Und da war ich schon aus dem Häuschen.

  16. v vaclav.balik June 11, 2024

    So will there be a multiplayer?

  17. A Aguiadourada June 11, 2024

    I hope this time this ANNO can have subtitles in PT-BR! All UBI games support Brazilian Portuguese! Why can’t this ANNO franchise have subtitles? Portuguese is not Spanish
    Blue Byte!

  18. T ToForce June 11, 2024

    Hello, im thrilled for the new game. Can’t wait for more information.
    I loved Anno 1800 and you made me really happy today.
    Thank you

    However I have to mention the repeating mistake, to not release the game on all PC-Stores including Steam.

    I had friends who bought Anno 1800 only after it returned to Steam and I know it will be the same with Anno 117.
    Now I want Anno 117 to be as successfull or even more than Anno 1800, but it doesn’t help to repeat the same mistakes of restricting yourself to stores which still lack many features, that are included with Steam.

    Yes Anno 1800 eventually returned to steam and you even connected Ubisoft and Steam Achievements, which I personally really really appreciated. (Again thank you for that)
    But the Anno 117 PR Strategy, as far as the first interviews and the announcemente are to be followed, is becoming an international title. Now tell me if im wrong, but if you want to be a competing international title you shouldn’t restrict the userbase of the PC platform, on which the series roots are.

    Please consider releasing the game also on steam. I know its not the decision of the developer, but if you can please forward the reasoning and wish to Ubisoft.

  19. F Focai June 11, 2024

    Great news! I hope this addition to the series bring more focus on military development and control. Anno 1800 was superb but I’m really missing land battles and progressively conquering an island. Can’t wait to hear more details and great job team!

  20. S Slater022 June 10, 2024

    Wait , So if you guys release on PC & Console. Is there a chance for crossplay ? So we can play with our consoles friends ?

    Multiplayer ?

  21. P PinBeaCo June 10, 2024

    Ohhh so fantastic ! Waiting for more news ! And I see the easter egg about the release date : 15.03 (9) of 2025 (9). Because 15 of march is the date of Ceasar’s death ! (You can’t say I’m wrong… you must release at this date…)
    Joke of course and thank you for this dream come true

  22. G Gandalfdeweise June 10, 2024

    sehr sehr schön liebes Anno-Team, das wurde Zeit;) bindet uns weiter fleißig ein, dann wirds gut freu mich auf die Tests☺️

  23. M MaxTroopersII June 10, 2024

    Dream come true ! Thank you very much ! Add MacOs support (like Assassin’s Creed and Prince Of Persia) and it will be a golden game !
    2025 is so far !

  24. S SineadR June 10, 2024

    Thank you thank you thank you! I am so excited! I was praying the next game would be set in Roman times! I can’t wait to play!!

  25. D Darkbirt June 10, 2024

    While watching Ubisoft Forward, suddenly I saw great graphics. Beautiful landscape and then I suddenly see the title: Anno 117: Pax Romana
    My heart skipped a beat, just what I was wishing for!
    I was losing all hope when suddenly this trailer appeared. Now I’m sure, 2025 will be a great gaming year.


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