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Anno 1800 releases April 16th

Today we have an important update for all our Anno Union members: The release date of Anno 1800 will now be April 16, 2019.

This wasn’t an easy decision for us because we know how much you are looking forward to the release, and we ourselves can’t wait to have you all experience the full game. Since the announcement of the game at Gamescom 2017, we have always been committed to deliver the best Anno experience possible at launch.
We are very happy with where the game and its wide mix of new and classic features are today, but we know that it can be even better with a little additional polish and tuning. These extra weeks will allow us to deliver a game that fully lives up to its potential.

Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it! Starting next week on January 31st, our Closed Beta test will allow many of you to get your hands on the game to see for yourself how we are bringing the world of the industrial revolution to Anno. On that note, we are also happy to confirm that the Closed Beta won’t have any NDA- so feel free to discuss, create videos or to stream the game to your heart’s content.

In the coming weeks to launch, you can look forward to more news and details regarding Anno 1800 right here on the Union, as we discuss an all-new feature, give you more details on the multiplayer, lift the curtain on Anno 1800’s campaign and preview the game’s orchestral soundtrack. You should also keep an eye out for previews from a variety of websites who recently got their hands on the game.

Finally, we wanted to let you know that the Anno 1800 journey won’t end at launch. We will share more details closer to April 16th but can assure that we have some cool ideas for future post-launch content for the game.
We are humbled by your excitement and passion for the game, and hope you support our decision to take a little more time to make it as polished as it can be.

Best regards,
The Anno 1800 Dev Team




  1. V Vad1m_Ukra1ne March 8, 2019

    What time ANNO 1800 going to be released in North America on April 16 ?

    Central Time (GMT-6) :
    Mountain Time (GMT-7):
    Pacific Time (GMT-8):
    Alaska Time (GMT-9):
    Hawaii-Aleutian Time (GMT-10):

  2. n nikola20102010 January 31, 2019

    Hi Ubisoft,

    As everyone else I also am ok with postponing the release date. Especially having in mind better quality.
    Could you however think of something for the people that are going to wait for the release?
    Perhaps an early access or access to beta version would be greatly appreciated.
    I am not sure if this is possible, considering the state of the game, you know best, but will be appreciated as i said earlier.


    • k kasparkuldkepp February 4, 2019

      Yes, can’t we just play the game more as it is? I haven’t even seen any big bugs. Only once group of oxes poped out from a road tile and then they sank through the ground..

  3. s stormevent January 27, 2019

    I hope to be chosen to play the beta

  4. S Sootiesterns January 26, 2019

    Kept excitment even played twice longer ago. Can’t wait to seeeeee

  5. D DuckyDuck88 January 26, 2019

    Oh no, I cannot wait for it anymore. I need the beta key =)

  6. C Casuky January 26, 2019

    I hope to be chosen to play the beta. I’m closing my fingers.

  7. C Casuky January 26, 2019

    It’s a little bit of disappointment to setback the release date to April 16th. But I’m also encouraged that, if it is to make a more fined and polished game, the wait is worth.

  8. B BlueBreath January 26, 2019

    Hello guys, just my two cents here, because the NDA will be lifted now,
    I think it would be unfair to the older testers not to be also invited,
    just don’t ask for our feedback if you think we will repeat ourselves.
    Well that being said, I have a lot of free time next week :D.

  9. M Mabuvu January 26, 2019

    A few weeks more for a better and more relaxed gameplay experience?

    It’s the price to pay for us Anno followers.

    Make the game as polished as possibly can.

    I’ll check 16th of april on the calendar.

  10. R Ray_JoyYang January 26, 2019

    ok i guess i have enough time to update my pc….

    i’m looking forward to the closed beta…

  11. p pilek01 January 25, 2019

    Hello dear Anno team.
    I have a question. Will the people who were in the Technical Test also receive the Beta invite for end of this month? 🙂

    • S Swimming-Paul January 25, 2019

      Hello pilek01!
      Thanks for your message. Since you are already a member of the Anno Union, you are eligible to receive an invitation, and there is no need to send an application e-mail. The players will be chosen randomly, so fingers crossed!

      • C CruiseSea January 27, 2019

        I’ve just sent an email to the playtest address… …
        then I saw this.
        sorry disturbing you… …

      • H HannesDS January 27, 2019

        I’m the most random person you could imagine. ;‑)

  12. j jm1988gmx January 25, 2019

    with a lot of the community spotlights being delayed recently I have to say this doesn’t come as a surprise.

    but I am glad you prioritize game development over flashy blogposts or a rushed release.

  13. A ArtemMRPL January 25, 2019

    I look forward to launch Close Beta test and release this awesome game

  14. S Snuggles2016 January 25, 2019

    Am sorry to hear that it will be longer than initially thought for the final release of Anno 1800, but as a website developer I completely understand the polishing side and the want to create an excellent game.
    Cant wait for the closed beta either, its good to be able to put in some input for the devs to look at.

  15. o olblf January 25, 2019

    Take the time you need! I prefer Anno 1800 to be fully finished on release, rather than released too early and in need of lots of patches.

  16. D Dysnomio January 25, 2019

    I don’t have a sufficiently good computer to play anyway, so makes no difference to me 😛
    If anything I’m happy, because now I won’t be as late to the party >:)

  17. R Rfeuk January 25, 2019

    Well, now there lingers nothing from initial ‘Winter 2018’ date XD However, it’s better to get playable version on late release than bugged one earlier and waiting couple of patching months to play anyway ;D

  18. M Mendahor January 25, 2019

    Congratulations. I guess it wasn’t an easy decision to take. But by doing this, you show that you respect your community, by choosing to not release a full of bugs game only to hit the market earlier, unlike many others game company. THIS is respect.

    I fully support your decision.

    • F FerudaFarstaria January 25, 2019

      This is why Anno is one of the only game series you will ever see on earth that remains true to their fan base. Unlike other companies who push to make money. You also see corruption with those companies too. But not with Anno. I stay away from those companies, and stick with Anno. Because I know Anno is perhaps the only, and most healthiest game series on the planet. And this is also why all the previous Anno games where a huge success too.

      I been with the series since it started with 1602 20 years ago. Anno is perhaps the most playable game I can enjoy out there. Period. And I strongly recommend the game to all my friends. As well as any newcomers to it too. Anno is a true classic that lives up to it’s name, and a game that anyone can enjoy.

  19. L LucaYoshino January 25, 2019

    It is a sad story for me to hear the releases date has been postponed.
    I am loyal fan of Anno. I booked this game since 22/08/2018 on steam. I hope I won`t lose the beta opportunity this time.
    Good luck to all developer, Make it perfect.

  20. F FerudaFarstaria January 25, 2019

    Well that is unfortunate to hear the game is postponed again. I was really looking forwards to playing the game soon in February. I already prepared in advance, made notes, and am very excited to build my first city in Anno 1800. I’ve pre ordered the game way back in 2018 to show my support, and commitment to my favorite game series. I been hyped up for Anno 1800. I can feel, and tell that this will be the Anno game of the century. Never before has this much progress as well as commitment been made to a Anno game, and it is even better that the devs have the Anno Union to make the game much better than planned. With a very rich Anno experience we all crave. Surely all this data to process and implement into the game, as well as smash any bugs that pop up takes time. The devs sure have their hands full to make the final product all the better when it is time to launch it.

    There are plenty players who are most likely disappointed with the news. While some are probably discontent and ready to raise their pitchforks, and not over the fisheries this time! Which is understandable. Although I understand how important it is to never rush any project you do (being into game development myself, I am very well aware how tedious the process is). Creating ANNO is not just a job, or a process, or a daunting development project. Creating a ANNO game is a work of art. And creating amazing art takes a lot of time, patience, and commitment. Rushing it only gives more room for problems. Such as bugs, errors, flaws, or things missed, or other issues can arise. So I can understand the game being delayed. To really ensure that the final product is flawless. But also ready for any future expansions after the initial launch. So they slide in neatly into place like a additional piece to the puzzle. Adding to the game perfectly. Like how an artisan would slowly craft his amazing works together! It does not come to any surprise to me that the game will be put off until April (though it would be more appropriate that players respect this, and do not protest). I could already tell with the current workload the devs have on them. That it may require more time to polish up (which I strongly respect, and agree/support on). Considering the huge amount of feedback they will most likely get from the betas when they release. But that feedback will be critical to go through, and it gives more further room for improvements to the game (like with all previous dev blogs, streams, Union feedback, testers, etc). Including any problems players may find that the devs may have missed (which will help the devs tremendously for sure). I believe this is the right move for Anno 1800. And that the Anno team has indeed made the right call here to push the game release back by 3 months. They know what is best for Anno given the current situation. So rather than breathe down on their necks to hurry up. It would be more appropriate that people respect the tasks of the team, and let them work their magic.

    The Anno series, and the Anno community is perhaps the best and most healthiest I’ve seen online ever (and this is something for all Annonians like me to be proud of). Compared to other games out there. I really believe the Anno team is putting fourth efforts never seen before. To really make a rich and smooth Anno experience for us all. I believe the wait is worth it, and that the devs themselves know what is truly best for ANNO. So it is best to put the pitchforks down, stop hollering, and complaining. But respect their decision to push the game release back by another 3 months. It can make a huge difference in the final product. And Union members should take the time to go through the betas to help out the devs even further. By finding things that might have been missed. This is the perfect chance for all Annonians to butt heads together to create the best ANNO game to date! This Anno game really does look like that it will be literately the turn of the century for all Anno games to date. And the devs are making a bigger effort than ever to put it together for us. And I can understand the release date being pushed back further. While it is disappointing yes. It is still probably the best (and wisest) move to make, if the devs really feel that they need more time. It is best to respect that, and let them have that time they need.

    This is also a great chance to take the time to think a little bit. Take a respite, reflect on everything. Think forwards. Not just the bug smashing, feedback, the release date to launch. This is also a good time to think about future post launch Anno 1800 content. Such as future expansions that could be added onto the game even further, Maybe for example add more content that is related to historical events to the time period (of course Anno has never been and is not 100% historically accurate, but there are key elements of the history of that time period that are implemented into the game). Maybe add more NPC’s, or other third party characters, or new adventures, maybe new production chains like whale oil/whaling products/needs, or maybe whole new sectors/sessions to discover and colonize. Not just the old world, and the new world. But who knows. There are endless opportunities for post launch content. And rather than complain about the release date being pushed back 3 more months. I really think that this is the time that players, and fellow Annonians should really take the time to think about these post launch opportunities. That this is the best time to take to further improve the game. And as I already mentioned this would be the perfect time to consider, and discuss post launch content. And this would be the best time to get the Anno Union involved in that too. While the game is still being worked on and prepared to launch, while the devs continue to do their work. And while we wait another 3 months. We could do something else that could prove useful to the devs later on. Rather than wait and complain for release.

    I don’t like seeing people rudely complain, and nag like that. When the devs work so hard to surprise us all, and give us a Anno game we will remember for generations to come. And do not forget the Christmas gift they gave us. Anno 1602 for free. As well as raffles they did during the streams. The devs where really nice to do that. So people should be thankful, and not complain. I find it very rude that people complain, when the devs where so nice to us. People nagging on the release date push for Anno 1800 by 3 more months is rude, and inappropriate. Considering just how much the devs gave back to their community, and fan base. I personally think the Anno dev team is doing a fantastic job. And should keep up their amazing efforts!

    The Anno Team has my support! I understand that more time needs to be taken. I strongly agree to that too! And I look forwards to seeing the game launch in April. As well as I am also looking forwards to future dev blogs, streams, the surprises and features mentioned to be revealed soon, and other great stuff coming soon! Keep up the great work Anno Team! Shoot for your goals, and bring us a game we will remember forever!

    • H HannesDS January 27, 2019

      This comment is longer than the post 🙂
      But, I agree with it 100%.

      The Anno experience is not only the game itself. It’s the road to the release, seeing the game evolve, involving our opinions, making a devblog every week.
      They are not required to do all this EXTRA work.
      But they do it for us, the fans.

  21. R Rastfarian January 25, 2019

    Such a shame, but like many other players and fans of Anno, I’m happy to wait for a more polished game. It rare now in the Gaming industry for companies to take the time – shows respect for your fans and commitment to excellence.

    I’m looking forward to the closed beta! – Hope I can play!

    • F FerudaFarstaria January 25, 2019

      I was going to mention that too.

      That is very true. What you stated. I really started to notice this with most games, and companies out there too. I had to deal with it myself, and it is not pleasant.

      With ANNO. Not even once I had any problems or bugs with the game. Or with any of the games. And I have been with the series since it started 20 years ago. Anno never ceases to disappoint me. It always satisfies my city builder needs, and gives me the experience I always expect in a city builder game. It has always been a solid game.

  22. D Dumptator January 25, 2019

    Better to take your time and do it properly. I’ll play the old Anno titles in the mean time.

  23. K KnockKnockP January 25, 2019

    It is a good thing that the game will release with fewer bugs but winter break ends in March 2nd 🙁

  24. S Simson0815123 January 24, 2019

    Great. Now the game will release even closer to my final exams……

  25. M MrDragonfyr January 24, 2019

    Well, i’m gutted. The release was really something I was looking forward to. But saying that, i’d rather you guys made the game better / sorted out any bugs before releasing it.

    Surprised you’re not keeping it the NDA, but guess it will give Anno 1800 more promotion. And i’m excited about the planned streams and updates.

    Can’t wait for next week’s Beta. I’m more than happy to give my time to help with the progression of Anno 1800.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  26. s shimboaeolos January 24, 2019

    Me alegra saber que el retraso es para pulir el juego, se prefiere esperar a que el juego este perfecto a que se lance un juego sin acabar. Mucho animo a los desarrolladores 🙂

  27. t tsJarlieBQ January 24, 2019

    It’s a pity, but i rather have a polished game, than one with bugs.
    I am waiting impatiently for the beta next week. I’ve loved the alpha !

    Keep up the good work

  28. J JackyJJ January 24, 2019

    I’m happy you are prioritizing a polished, amazing addition to the series over an early release. And I personally see it as a sign of goodwill and dedication to the product. I’m happy you are so passionate.

  29. F Fastjack26 January 24, 2019

    Well it is understandable but it totally sucks for us. My wife expects our first child end of March and she was so looking forward to spend the last weeks until the birth with Anno 1800. Now I guess we won’t be really able to play the game at all 🙁 Really sad….

  30. S SirDavidFirst January 24, 2019

    I don’t mind if it works without bugs, the one thing is people who people who wait for there game patiently, re-pre-order the deluxe edition game, as well as the standard edition game, should get something to help them play the game better? I’ll leave that up to the Anno1800 team.

  31. B Barracuda1955 January 24, 2019

    Sorry to hear its being delayed again. Really looing forward to this and counting the days to release. Understand why on the delay but hate to see it. One question for you guys, how about considering an open beta at least for everyone that has prepaid and spent there hard earn money so we can get some enjoyment? Understand its beta so expect things to be unpolished and bugs .Just a thought an hope you would consider it. Thanks and looking forward to playing and hope am chosen for the closed beta play next week.

  32. f fabius11 January 24, 2019

    Sure i’m not happy, but i can understand.
    I hope april 16th will be the day….
    Good work anno team !!

  33. N NLDR January 24, 2019

    Are you joking me? This is a shame, its Winter now, we have lots of time to play.
    April 16th? Thats almost Summer in Europe.. People play less in the summer period.

    The game was postponed already, some people will say, they will dont do this without a good reason, but, hey, its just a shame that you will play with your fans these way.

    Everytime postpone the game where everyone is waiting for, 3 months again, the game was playable a year ago, i see all those streamers playing in for a year now. A few bugs, i dont care, just release and take your fanbase serious.
    90% of the players comes from Germany and neighbours, winter is the best period to release it, if you need more then a year to get rid of the bugs to make it smooth, i believe you have not enough manpower.

    This is the only game i still play, but i start to dislike it if you guys are playing with me like this.

    Set a release date for once that will hold, o think twice before setting up a release date.
    A release date is not worth a thing anymore anno 2019…

    Just shame on you postpone this game for 3 months…. AGAIN

    Goodwill of the last good game drops and drops..

    • b banan1996.1996 January 24, 2019

      That’s how they actually show that they take their fanbase serious. They want to give us a great game and not just some crap full of bugs. I don’t like this decision as well but I can understand it.
      Games aren’t easy to create and something can always go wrong and it usually does go wrong whenever possible. Would it make a difference if 2 years ago they set the release date for April 2019 or if they postpone it a few times and it still ends up being in April 2019?

    • R RazorBlade185 January 24, 2019

      Keep in mind that they don’t delay a game if it is not absolutely necessary. It costs more money to make the game which means less profit. Just be happy that you get a better product for the same price. They are going to work very hard for 3 months and it does not cost you any more money. How great is that?

  34. N Nox_29 January 24, 2019

    It’s unfortunate, but I rather have a completely finished game. I’ve been waiting for so long, I can wait a bit longer.

  35. d diddle783 January 24, 2019

    better a game without issues then a game with issues..gonna cross my fingers for the beta 😉 also awesome that if you can participate the test it is allowed to stream or talk about it in public..

    • U Ubi-O5 January 24, 2019

      I’m gonna be really happy to see all the videos and streams coming from everyone. :]

  36. T Thrills77 January 24, 2019

    I’m fine with it, I rather the game be polished then rushed.

  37. L Lunathic22 January 24, 2019

    Wow april 16…
    I have to change the countdown on my phone


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