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Announcing the Anno 1800 Season Pass and our free content plans

One of the most frequently asked questions over the past weeks and months has been what kind of post-launch content and support players could expect from Anno 1800. Today, we are happy to answer some of those questions, as we announce our Season Pass, which consists of three DLCs (which will also be available separately) that we plan to release throughout 2019. We are also giving you a first glimpse at our free content plans, and detail how you can upgrade your standard edition of the game to the Digital Deluxe Edition to secure the Anarchist character that we will release in the coming months.

The 1800 Season Pass is here

Let’s start with the biggest news: We are announcing the Anno 1800 Season Pass, which will give players access to three big content drops that we will be releasing throughout the year.

Our goal with these DLCs is to offer a variety of content that expands on all the new features and systems of Anno 1800. This includes some new additions that the community has been asking for or speculating about. So let us a first teasing look at what to expect when you buy the Season Pass.

DLC 1: Sunken Treasures

Expand your island with a new European session and large continental island, as you join an eccentric inventor and his diving bell on a treasure hunt.

DLC 2: Botanica

Grow your city’s attractiveness to new heights with a modular Botanical Garden, allowing you to earn new items and rewards as you draw the tourist masses to your floral masterpiece. Alternatively, construct the new Musical Pavilion and enjoy beloved tracks from previous Anno games inside your city.

DLC 3: The Passage

The Passage will take you on a new adventure to the Arctic Circle as you explore the legendary Northwest Passage. To succeed in this merciless climate, you will need to construct an arctic outpost and master all-new production chains and goods.

Cosmetic Content (available on Day 1)

Buyers of the Season Pass will also immediately receive three cosmetic customization items that you can use to customize your game profile for multiplayer: the prisoner portrait, and two exclusive company logos (“Promethean Fire” and “Eagle Crest”).

The Anno 1800 Season Pass is now available for digital purchase and is priced at 24,99$/€.

Upgrade your game to Digital Deluxe and secure the upcoming Anarchist character

Another question that has frequently popped up is how players who have bought the standard edition of Anno 1800 could get access to the Anarchist character when it is released. This is now possible, thanks to our Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade, which you can now buy to upgrade your version of the game.

Doing so unlocks fours things for you:

  • Access to the Anarchist character (once he releases in the future)
  • 4 unique company logos you can use to customize your profile (now available)
  • A digital version of our beautiful artbook (now available)
  • A digital selection of music from Anno 1800’s orchestral soundtrack (now available)

Also, to avoid any confusion: The Anarchist is only available as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade and the Pioneers Edition. It is not part of the Season Pass (see above for details on what is included in the Season Pass).

So, who is the Anarchist, exactly?

“A self-proclaimed anarchist, Dr. Mercier has created a radical new society free of the state. Formerly champion of a union of student dentists, Mercier was asked by the Queen to use his popular appeal to pacify increasing threats of revolution in her territories. Instead Mercier sided with the protesters, declaring the people’s complete independence from crown authority.”

In game terms, the Anarchist is a new NPC opponent you can select to play against, including his own unique set of quests and rewards for the player to tackle. And while we don’t want to spoil too much, we can safely say that he will bring a very flavorful and unique playstyle to the game, with his own set of behavioral rules that mirror his views on politics and society.

Consider yourselves warned…

Did someone say Free Content?

As you can see from the above, we do have some big plans to support Anno 1800 and to make sure it stays exciting and fresh for our Annoholics. To this end, we are also planning to deliver regular Game Updates that will be free for all players of Anno 1800. Those will not only include bug fixes and ongoing balancing, but will also include all-new game content- some of which is a direct result of your feedback here on the Anno Union. So let’s see what’s in store (Note: We can’t promise any dates when this content will hit, so the below order does not necessarily reflect how it will be released).

Statistics Building

One request we have seen from many of the more experienced Anno players that love to go all in on the min-maxing is to have more information about their production chains and their output available. To provide you this information, we will be introducing a new statistics building in the future.

Co-Op Mode

You asked for it, and we listened: Anno 1800 will receive a free co-op mode in a future update, allowing you to team up with your friends to take shared control of a single empire as it evolves throughout the industrial revolution

Community Challenges

We will be giving the Anno Community regular challenges that will require all of you to come together to reach a shared goal. Doing so will unlock new cosmetic customization options like company icons or even skins for all participants. Go Anno union!

And that’s it for today! We know that you are all busy enjoying Anno 1800 as it currently stands, but we hope you enjoyed this first glimpse of what we have planned for you in the future.




  1. N Nemesis2112 June 15, 2019

    They’re selling the pass, they just don’t have anything to download for it… Basically you’re buying an empty box with promises on it. Release dates, please?

    If you;re looking for it on Steam, here is the page it’s hiding on: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1066850/Anno_1800__Season_Pass/
    I don’t know how to get to it, someone shared it with me on the forum and I used it to buy the pass.

    And Two More Words: ACTIVE PAUSE!

  2. s stanford95 June 9, 2019

    Hello, in the future will there be a dlc that you can go to the decertical sonas?

  3. b banan1996.1996 May 15, 2019

    A bit late but still want to post a comment here about DLCs and updates.

    DLC 1: Sunken Treasures
    New European session, large continental island, diving bell on a treasure hunt… reminds me of Anno 2205 and this sector with Trenchcoat and his sector mission. I’m very surprised because I was really not expecting that. It definitely sounds interesting, I’m curious if there will be only one huge continental island making this sector playable only for one person or will there be just a few huge continental-like islands for up to four players.
    It’s really important how you make this, if this will be one island with many fertilities and resource deposits, or many islands each with a few fertilities and deposits. I’m not sure what I would prefer. I imagine we would still start on a regular map but unlock the additional continental region later, I’m really curious what is your idea with that and I’d love to know more details.

    DLC 2: Botanica
    A Botanical Garden sounds like a great addition to the zoo and museum. I’m not sure about the Musical Pavilion, would it work in the same way as zoo or museum? It sounds more like a single building which lets us change the sountrack we hear. I’m not that excited about this DLC as it doesn’t seem to add that much to the main Anno gameplay experience as the other two.

    DLC 3: The Passage
    Really interesting! I saw many people speculating about the Arctic being visible on the world map but I didn’t think you’d go for it. Arctic and Antarctica in 19th century both remind me of research and scientific expeditions to this regions. Because of that I’m really not sure how you want to implement the Arctic into the Anno world in 19th century. As you mention new production chains and goods I hope for a great Anno-like experience in the Arctic. As it reminds me of scientific expeditions I would love it to be tied to research (the only feature I really miss in Anno 1800!).

    One thing I’m worried with DLCs 1 and 3 is that addition of more regions/sectors might be bad for game performance, as I don’t have a powerful computer right now I’m extremely concerned. I want to have fun with all DLCs but I still want to play with reasonable amount of fps. I think that introducing optional loading screens like in 2205 could be better for performance. Players with better PCs could just switch between sectors immediately while players with weak PCs could toggle an option in the settings menu to have loading times which would probably improve the performance.

    Free Content
    Statistics Building
    I like to hear that you plan to introduce something like that, I hope it will work like a bailwick in 1404 or the statistics center in 2070, we need a better overview of our islands. It should contain numbers of all buildings on an island, maybe also how many tons of every good are being produced, how much money we earn from each tier, how much money we lose from each type of building etc. This update will be very important for me.

    Co-Op Mode
    I rarely play on multiplayer, never played co-op in Anno, I’m not really interested in this update. But I know many other players want this so I’m sure it will be a great update for them

    Community Challenges
    Sounds a bit like World Events in Anno 2070, I’m curious if it will be something similar where the more people completed the event, the more career points each player could get. “come together to reach a shared goal” – I hope it won’t require us to play on multiplayer and I would be able to reach these goals in singleplayer mode as I’m rather a singleplayer fan.

  4. k kiwikriger May 4, 2019

    I hope there will come more campaigns, as in 1404. Abselut favorite game, couse of them. I still love Anno 1800, but think it will get borring with the time, without more campaings.

  5. N Nozgaste April 22, 2019

    @Devteam, Not sure whether or not this is an appropriate spot to post this but I just wanted to say that in a gaming world dominated by big companies driven by profit rather than passion and creativity, I am extremely happy there are still devs out there who love their games and the people who play them. I have been playing Anno since 1602 came out and I was dissapointed at the direction the anno-team took with 2070 and 2205, as were many fans of the franchise. You listened to us, you actually listened and whats more, you made the exact game everyone was hoping for in response. I will happily buy any expansion or DLC associated with this game and will definitely purchase any future game made in the same spirit.

    In my mind, you guys have achieved something fantastic here. Not just in terms of game design but perhaps more importantly: you have shown your colleague game developers and gamers that listening to the community and having passion for the game is the best way to go about producing games. I very much hope this game will do extremely well in terms of sales, you deserve it.

    Thanks alot!

  6. R Richard9998 April 18, 2019

    Beim Handeln mit der KI im eingenem Kontor bekommt man keine Iformation was gehadelt wurde und wie viel Geld man plus bzw. minus gemacht hat!

    Zusätlich weiß ich leider nicht wie ich einem verbündetem Geld schenken kann ?
    Über DIplomatie geht es leider nicht soweit ich sehe.?

    Bitte helft mir.

  7. M MMateos19 April 17, 2019

    The DLCs seems to be really really cool but… I really miss the amount of small missions that Anno 2070 has. Now we can only play the campaign and the free mode, so the game seems to be a bit “empty”. If the DLCs bring this kind of content to the game I would be totally amused.

  8. S Scirith April 17, 2019

    Will the co-op mode also be added to the campaign? (for now i’m saving the campaign for this very reason as i’m enjoying a regular session with a friend of mine)

  9. B Barracuda1955 April 17, 2019

    First want to say a big Thank You to Blue Byte and Ubi- Soft. Great game and seems to be the best yet anno game. Love how complex the game is after tier 3. Made it into Engineers and yet to even get close to Investors but sure it will be as complex as tier 4. Like your ideas for the future of the game and looking forward to it all. Also like that Blue Byte team is going to support this game in the future and hope for many years to come. 🙂

  10. G Gilbari April 17, 2019

    I wonder if they will sell a full game of the year pack few years later ?

  11. N Nikowyn73 April 17, 2019

    Absolutely loved the Open Beta and stress test earlier in the year. Since then my health has declined but i’m saving pennies to be able to get the game this year.

    The Open Beta was awesome, although I had to miss about 8hrs due to dialysis.

    Its awesome to have access to maps such as the tropics. But as other commenters have said, the 1800s were an era of discovery and exploration, so some campaigns or even just maps with Desert Islands, and themes such as Africa or Australia would really be well within the scope of the era.

    Looking forward to the Season Pass as well 🙂

    • B BB_CR April 17, 2019

      Thanks for your kind words, and best of luck on your recovery!

  12. K KarlosCV April 16, 2019

    Am I the only one REALLY missing single scenarios and global events? Such a shame they never brought them back, both were so stellar in 1404 and 2070. I still have fond memories playing Power Games and being destroyed by Keto over and over again 😀

    C’mon people, let’s show BlueByte we’d love them to bring back scenarios and global events!

    • S Stexius April 17, 2019

      I also miss the scenarios. There are no words about how much…. 🙁
      I started the Anno series in the winter of 2018 with 1404 (it was on sale on steam) and I absolutely fell in love with the game. The best parts were those scenarios (building an empire without taxes, building an empire without fertility, etc, etc).
      When Anno 1800 was announced I knew I’d buy it (mostly because of scenarios).

      I did, I bought the pioneers edition (my first collector’s edition in my life) and now I’m so disappointed to see that there are no scenarios in it.
      And I also see that there are many people who are also missing scenarios.
      And the sad part is that questions related to scenarios have remained unanswered by the developers (also on forum, here in union, etc, etc….).

      Otherwise now I see there is a season pass we can buy for the game (season pass…. meh!). Will this replace scenarios?? If answer is yes then how many season pass will come?

      I don’t know the answers, but I know that every RTS game needs scenarios!!!! BRING BACK SCENARIOS!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE

  13. T The-Zeejay April 16, 2019

    Why is coop mode not in at release? that is quite disappointing to be honest..
    Don’t get me wrong, i’m thrilled that it’s coming but honestly it should be a launch feature…

    Also show some stats when an AI buys stuff from you port……..
    What did you sell, how much of it and how much money did you earn from that trade…

  14. m mrmajkl April 16, 2019


    When i have seen the world map in-game with arctic lands in north and desert areas on the south I had strong feelings… mmmm there are future plans with that… 🙂 and the picture of arctic passage in the Art Book only confirmed it 🙂 Here we go 😀

    These sounds really great DLC’s and I am happy that you are planning to support this game further in the future.

    1 question – Day and night cycle???? This would compliment the game incredibly! Please say yes 🙂

    I only wanted comment on few negative comments here….
    I consider 24,99 very fair and actually cheap price for what we will be getting, yes it is not included in Pioneers Edition why it should be? Pioneers Edition is collectors masterpiece with physical content of top quality worth every cent it costs. Season Pass is additional future development of the game which needs support! Nothing is for free in this world and I am personally thankful this is all happening because 2 years ago we could only dream about this game to be developed maybe one day…

  15. P Pogi313 April 16, 2019

    As a steam buyer here in Philippines, I’m really excited for this season pass however the valued price maybe higher, so in that case, please lower the value of this season pass in my country coz were third world country and only have low mimimum wage ::(

  16. F FerudaFarstaria April 16, 2019

    This is looking great! I love the historic idea of exploring the North West Passage through the ice fields up north! An Arctic outpost sounds exciting! I heard many stories about it in history books, and through historians on History Channel. Now I get to actually do the expedition for it!!!!??? Count me in!! I want the Season Pass. Totally support this extra content!

    I also love the idea with the building that can play soundtracks from past Anno games! I love the tracks from the previous titles. That is a brilliant idea to include them in the game too!! ^_^

    Problem is I sailed all over Uplay searching everywhere and I cannot find the Season Pass for sale in the store. Where can I buy the season pass? I do not see it anywhere. I am in Canada, and the game hasn’t launched here yet. Please tell us where to get the season pass please. I’m already ready to buy it. I strongly support the ANNO Dev team! ^.^

    P.S: I found some bugs during the open beta. I would like to report them here. I had a issue with the UI. When I tried to hide it with CTRL+G ( the key command for it) it didn’t work. So when I took a screenshot. I had to keep the UI turned on, because I couldn’t hide it.

    Another bug I ran into was with the fire station. The HUD was glitchy. This happened during a incident with my factories and my fire brigade was in action. The HUD with the needle gauge that shows the fire risk was glitched out. The texture, text, and the icons where glitched out. And the button to deploy more fire fighters when your people where happy enough to was also glitched out and the text didn’t say “mobilize” but it said the following “gggggghhhhhhffffgggggg” After the city incident was done, and the fire was vanquished the glitch was gone, and the whole HUD went back to normal. It only did this once. Next to my Steel factory production chain on my island. Which was the same island used in EGX London that Basti was building on. It was along the cliff side ridge towards the beach where this happened with my fire station next to the steel factories. This glitch only effected the one fire station’s HUD. Please see to it that this bug report gets through. I am not aware if it is in the day 1 patch already, but if it isn’t then please do forward this to the devs so they are aware of the problem I encountered.

    Thank you again for an amazing game ANNO Team. I absolutely love ANNO 1800, and I am very excited for the season pass too. I hope my questions can be answered soon. I really would like to buy the pass, but I still can’t find it anywhere yet on Uplay. I hope I can get an answer soon. Thanks!

  17. g globus5000 April 15, 2019

    why is the seasen pass not in Pioneer Edition

  18. D DeVeteran April 15, 2019

    Tbh, I am quite dissapointed with the DLCs, IF these are the ONLY DLCs that will get made. And this coming from a Physical Edition buyer…

    …why do I say this? Because it’s 1800, and we don’t get a Scramble for Africa map? Like, really? And no India whatsoever? Although, The East India Company?

    Common Blue Byte, at least tell us that this won’t be the ONLY Season Pass / 3 DLCs… please say there are like 3 more after these ones, in 2020… with India and Africa map… and some more skins for buildings… otherwise… it’s gonna be a good game, but not great, seeing the setting it is based on.

  19. W WindsorEdward April 15, 2019

    An idea for a future DLC: a set of missions that involve the renovation of a huge cathedral or building of a Neo-Gothic one like most revival ones in the Victorian era. Je suis Notre Dame de Paris 🙁

  20. c chgolover1 April 15, 2019

    As of now,I don’t see the season pass to purchase on epic, steam or Ubisoft.

  21. D Danielosama April 15, 2019

    Wait, I bought the Pioneer’s Edition, which is the most expensive edition, and I don’t get the Season Pass with it? And to add insult to injury, you only announce it a day before launch?
    Are you guys for real right now?

  22. Z Zmarti April 15, 2019

    These DLC look reaaly great! Older music, new sessions and production chains! I’m excited for the free content that’s coming along with it as well, but I’m hoping for new content like quests and expeditions, but also more variety in news paper articles (even if it’s just the text, I’d love some more reading).
    So far, looks really great! Thanks for such an amazing game.

  23. B BB_Com_Raven April 15, 2019

    It should be available within a few hours once the game is live in your region(s).

  24. L LoneIIWolf April 15, 2019

    The deluxe edition I was gifted seems like a rip off if it only has the anarchist DLC. Announcing the season pass only now is a bit lame. I guess I’ll do like I did with Anno 2070 and await the season pass to come to a fairer price during a steam sa– oh wait, yeah. I guess I’m never getting the DLC for my steam edition then!

    Also: “Benachrichtige mich über nachfolgende Kommentare per E-Mail.” Ich nicht sprechen Deutsche, was ist das? ‘anno-union.com/en/’ Odd!

    • t teemu79 April 15, 2019

      Rip-off how? You pay extra 10 euros for deluxe version, you get one additional DLC which is not part of season pass. Probably those additional season pass DLC’s are 10 euros each as well if you buy them separately so it’s logical pricing structure. If you buy season pass for 25 euros, you get some discount.

  25. r rond12163 April 15, 2019

    not fair as I have already been charged for the 1st dlc with the deluxe version when the season pass is offered the day before launch. Dont you see anything wrong with this ?

    • B BB_Com_Raven April 15, 2019

      We think it is important to let our players know that there will be more Anno 1800 to look forward to in the future, including both optional DLC and free content for everyone.

      • c condejojo13 April 15, 2019

        Is realy joking with your players charge an supposed DLC for mor 10 euros that is just a new player, and the a Season Pass for 25 euros for THREE DLC that costs less in total then the actual promised DLC on realease for Deluxe Version. I am really thinking on a refund based on thet.

    • t teemu79 April 15, 2019

      What’s wrong with it? Deluxe edition includes Anarchist DLC, which is NOT part of season pass content.

      “Also, to avoid any confusion: The Anarchist is only available as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade and the Pioneers Edition. It is not part of the Season Pass (see above for details on what is included in the Season Pass).”

      • r rond12163 April 16, 2019

        they changed it -thats whats wrong !

  26. M Mendahor April 15, 2019

    “construct the new Musical Pavilion and enjoy beloved tracks from previous Anno games inside your city.”

    This. Is. Awful ! Combined to dlc 1 and 3… *on his way to burn the credit card*

    “Statistics Building” Neeeed ! Please make it your priority ! Don’t forget to include the dlc 3 production chains

    “Anarchist […] will bring a very flavorful and unique playstyle to the game, with his own set of behavioral rules that mirror his views on politics and society.” Sounds familiar to me… Am I wrong ? ;p This could be very good !

  27. A Aguiadourada April 15, 2019

    look, should this pass be included in the deluxe edition? it sucks we buy the most expensive version full price, and then comes a season that most of the time comes again the full price of the game! this is a lack of respect, while in the north ameria the price 60 $ is acceptable for bad give 10% of the minimum wage but where I live they charge 40% of the minimum wage, and comes a season pass as expensive as, I like the game and I would like to support the ten developers, but this is impossible! expositoto these facts should give more support to its players and I hope to have Portuguese subtitles someday!

    • B BB_Com_Raven April 15, 2019

      The price of the Season Pas is 25€.

      • c condejojo13 April 15, 2019

        the “DLC” for Deluxe buyers offers just a new players for 10 euros.
        THE Season Pass offers actual DPLC with new content and zones to play for less if we divide for the 3 DLC’s, witch is 8.33 a DLC

  28. D Dik4j0Z April 15, 2019

    Hi there! one question! I purchased the Pioneer Edition. Will there be all the DLCs described inside? Thaaanks 😉

  29. H HJP1 April 15, 2019

    Is the season pass gonna be available on Steam?

    • B BB_Com_Raven April 15, 2019

      Steam users will have access to all future content, yes!

  30. e ecstazy1988 April 15, 2019

    Hi guys, great news overall. I am very excited about the future DLC’s. As a Steam buyer will the season pass be available also on Steam platform, for the ones that already bought the game?

    • p punkito69 April 15, 2019

      Same question here. You say season pass is already available for digital purchase but i cant see it in steam.

  31. p palemale53 April 15, 2019

    Where do I get the Season Pass? It isn’t in the Ubisoft store as far as I can tell.


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