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Welcome to the new Anno Union!

Hey Anno Community,

and welcome to the all-new Anno Union, your #1 source for any news and updates on Ubisoft’s series of strategy games- straight from the dev team here in Mainz!

When we first launched the original Anno Union alongside Anno 1800’s announcement at gamescom 2017, we did not quite know what to expect. We still remember that after we finished our first press demo of the game, everyone immediately grabbed their phones to see if we already had some comments on our new website. Turns out there were: with several hundred comments during that first week, the Anno Union was immediately off to an incredible (and slightly intimidating) start. Since that hot August day, the Anno team and community have been equally busy, as we published close to 500 items on the Anno Union, which you discussed in almost 20k comments! Thanks to all of your feedback and input, we not only completely reworked the New World into the iteration you see in the game today, but also added features like co-op, statistics or the popular day-and-night cycle. And that’s just a few examples of the many ways the community has shaped the development of the game. All of which contributed to making Anno 1800 the fastest-selling game in the series’ 22-year history!

As mentioned above, we initially did not know what to expect from the Anno Union, and how the community would react to it. As a result, it was all focused on the “here and now” of Anno 1800’s development, with the layout only being intended to support one game.
Going forward, we want the Anno Union to be better suited to supporting the full franchise, starting with the release of the four History Edition version of Anno 1602, 1503, 1701 and 1404 last week. To support a wider range of games and help discoverability, we have put an emphasis on categories and tags, making it easier for you to find the blogs and release notes you want. The entire Union should also be much faster and responsive, in addition to its design.
Keep in mind that this is just day 1 of the journey, and the Anno Union idea has always been about working alongside our community to improve things. You will initially notice some funkiness as older blogs haven’t all been properly tagged yet (did we mention we have almost 500 already?) , and some things may not be fully adapted to the new design and layout yet. Despite this, we wanted to already launch the new version of the Union in preparation of upcoming Game Updates for the History Edition releases, and to be able to incorporate your feedback as we fine-tune things over the coming weeks.
It’s been an amazing journey over the past three years, and we are very excited to have you all with us- hopefully for many years to come!

The Anno Team




  1. 7 76561198051009134 July 9, 2020

    we in the Brazilian community also expect some translation, no game in the Anno saga received at least subtitles for Portuguese, which forces us to depend on mods that often break the game! why can’t we have Ubi / blue byte support? all other games AC, What dogs, TC ghost recon, Farcry have subtitles and dubbing, what do you have in Anno and The settles that prevent you from having minimal subtitle support? (Portuguese is not Spanish, only 40% is understandable!)

  2. H Highsmith July 3, 2020

    The first anno games ( I believe 1602) was available in dutch.

  3. K Katje-Katrien June 30, 2020

    The new Anno Union looks nice but very strange.
    I see more German than English.
    At the home page you see English but you also see “Anmelden” and “registrieren”.
    When you open a blog like this one you see the text in English but you see also Merh erfahren.
    And so on.

    When going to different content, I can see the old comments.

    What I like is that you have the English and the German comments of the union members together.



  4. d donderfeniks June 29, 2020

    The new Anno Union looks nice! But what happened with the older comments?

  5. r razorblade72nd June 24, 2020

    I hope English will be even more prominent then German. Going to the Anno Union and then getting by default to a German website with the option to chose English is strange. English is the international language and not German. German should be optional and English should be the default.

    • J Janneman_2020 June 24, 2020

      Neighbour Holland (the Nethelands) seem like an off-player in the field!
      The game Anno 1800 is in German, French, Polish etc etc but not in Dutch?!!?
      Still, got so much love for the game Its just wonderful! and my English is oké.


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