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UnionUpdate: One year Anno Union!

It was a hot late summer when we announced the Anno Union at gamescom 2017 in Cologne.Β  Since then, a project born out of passion from our team slowly developed into the community program we know today. The last 12 month has been an exciting ride, we published over 100 blogs, including over 70k words and hundreds of screenshots of a game which was over a year away from release when we started. With over 10k comments full of valuable feedback, hundreds of amazingly creatively entries and striving fan projects we think it was worth the effort, and the Anno Union is here to stay.

We want to say thank all of you for your passion in sharing countless thoughts, ideas and. Your voice had and will continue to have an impact on many features of the game. The combination of feedback comments, discussions, votes and focus tests has proven incredibly helpful for the development of Anno 1800.

With the release of the game in February 26th 2019, there are still many topics on our checklist and we will not only continue to bring you devblogs, votes and live streams; we will further invite more and more Annoholics to our focus test groups in the weeks and months ahead.

The one-year anniversary of the Union was also the perfect moment for us to launch the new version of our Anno Union website, including many improvements in visuals and usability.
Expect new content on the website to show up in the near future, as we will provide you with fan assets such as wallpapers and will also give fans and fan creations a proper spotlight. But more about that in Union Updates to come!

What is your verdict for Anno Union year one? We put a lot of work and love into the project, which will accompany Anno 1800 up to the launch and beyond.




  1. K Katje-Katrien August 29, 2018

    For me it was enjoyable journey. Because of the new system reading all these blog’s is something I appreciate a lot. Some of the union members had good questions which helped me better understanding some of the game mechanism. So yes it is a great idea to have an anno union.
    What I like about this anno union blog’s and Q&A is all those hints and tips that will help me to build my metropolis.
    My English isn’t very good, but I do my best.
    So thank you all.

  2. b banan1996.1996 August 27, 2018

    I really appreciate the possibility to share my opinions about various aspects of the game, I feel like I’m helping in creating the best Anno game. Anno Union was a great idea.

    One thing that could be improved is answering our questions. You answered some of our questions in the comments, some questions got answered in Union Updates. But many questions are still left without the answer and we have only 6 months until release. I feel like you could try answering more questions in the comments, I know some things might not be set in stone yet but any answer that even says ‘we don’t know yet’ is better than no answer.

    I also think that you could post more devblogs from now on as there is still lots of things to talk about but not much time. If you want our feedback you need to post some information about certain topic and then you also need time to maybe change something in the game.

  3. o olblf August 26, 2018

    Will Anno 1800 have scenarios like 1404 or 2070? You know, like “Masterbuilder” or “Diplomat”. Those were the type of game modes I would play most of. I also liked the story mode, but I think you’ve (unfortunately) already said that the story will be told within every game like in Anno 2205.

    Also, will you be able to lose in Anno 1800? Anno 2205 didn’t really give you much sense of risk. In both Anno 1404 and 2070 I’ll admit I lost a few games, either by losing a war, bankruptcy or by not finishing a challenge within the time limit. I hope Anno 1800 won’t be holding your hand like 2205 did, but rather setting up some challenges. (I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be able to play it on easy mode, just that you should always be able to lose the game)

  4. M MIGHTY537083 August 24, 2018

    will the game works on old processors with only sse 4.1 support? (without 4.2 and 4.3)

  5. s sbeiti August 24, 2018

    11/10, probably the best game developers out there…you listen to the feedback from the community, whether it is positive and negative and improve upon it. I am sure that Anno 1800 will be a great success and I hope you keep releasing content and making it better and better.

  6. m matvey_pryanik August 24, 2018

    Happy birthday, Anno Union!!! We love you!!! This is an unique example of professional talented group of developers. Your hard work in Anno Union is a new word in history of creating games, cause I think that nobody listens to future players the way you do.
    I wish you good luck and a lot of power to continue your mission!!!

    P.S. please add the Russian version of Anno Union))))

    • B BB_CR August 27, 2018

      A Russian version of Anno 1800 sounds like a very good idea πŸ˜‰


  7. H HannesDS August 23, 2018

    Well guys, I really appreciate your work.

    It requires a lot of work to keep the union running and to listen to all those voices.
    You have to make tuff decisions that doesn’t make everyone always happy.
    A moment later, you come up with some awesome new features, who makes (almost) everyone excited.

    Thank you for listening to us, and make this game even more unique than it was.

  8. P Philippus12 August 23, 2018

    Great stuff!

    Congratulations to your achievements so far, the glimpses we were allowed to have so far look amazing!
    Cant wait for February next year πŸ™‚

  9. M MMateos19 August 23, 2018

    Thanks to you because of the great work. Game making is such a hard and beautiful job that this webpage is the right place to come if you want to find motivation to make your own, because you can see what amazing worlds can be created!

    Also thank you for all the updates and news about the game. From the first day that I knew about Anno 1800 I did not want to miss anything about it, and here we are (the fans) reading news about it without missing a thing every week!

    Finally, but not less important, thanks to all the team in charge of creating the game, all the departments of Ubisoft Blue Byte, and of course to your beautiful community developer that defends the game wherever he goes πŸ˜‰ . You are very talented people and a great example to follow. For more games to come!

  10. D DeVeteran August 23, 2018

    BRAVO! And keep up the good and great work! πŸ˜€ may the date of 26th February be one of the BEST dates in 2019!

    • E ES_Chrizz August 23, 2018

      I already knew it won’t be this year since we had so less information for this small amount of time we got left (and shitton of other games getting released). After they said they postpone it to February i was like ok nice! more time for Fallout 76 and more time to work on ANNO 1800 and not rush it! But the bad thing is we have to wait a little bit longer now!


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