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Union Update: What’s next for Anno 1800?

Hey Anno Community,

We’re not quite at the end of 2022 yet and still have the finale of Season 4 ahead: New World Rising is releasing on December 8th, as we announced not too long ago. However, as tradition demands, we first want to give you a look at our plans for the future, and what you can expect in 2023.

Our 2023 plans

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, a question that we have seen asked many times recently: Will there be a Season 5?

Anno 1800’s success and popularity has enabled us to provide more post-launch support than for any previous Anno title. When we created our DLC plans all those years ago, we did not expect to still work on our “baby” in 2022, and still have so many of our fans regularly coming back to our game, discussing features and providing their feedback or suggestions.

To use a metaphor: Just like a year comes to a close after four seasons, so will Anno 1800 see its end of main development after Season 4.

We are not quite done yet, however, (and not just cause “New World Rising” isn’t out yet) and still have a few things planned for 2023:

Firstly, by popular demand, as we still get requests for more Cosmetic DLC, we are planning to release more cosmetic packs throughout next year. Details on them will follow in 2023 – but for the first one we can already tell you a bit more in just a moment.

Secondly, aside from potentially needed patches, we are planning a free Game Update in Spring, not only with bug fixes, but also several additional quality-of-life improvements.

Last but not least, we’re preparing a little something for the 25th year Annoversary of the brand.

So, while there won’t be a full Anno 1800 Season in 2023, we still got a few things planned for next year – stay tuned!

The “Dragon Garden” Pack Cosmetic DLC

We mentioned our plans for Cosmetic DLCs above and while more info for most of them will have to wait for next year, we can already give you a first few details about the first one that is already coming out in January! Just in time for Lunar New Year, we will release the “Dragon Garden” Pack, giving you several new ornaments that will allow you create a dedicated part of your city that Princess Qing would certainly appreciate.

Here’s a first little teaser for you:

Anno 1800 is returning to Steam

Together with the release of New World Rising on December 8th, Anno 1800 will also be again purchasable on Steam, in addition to the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store.

Future of the Anno brand

Above, we gave you a brief overview of our plans for 2023 and we’re looking forward to revealing more next year.

At the same time, we understand that many in the Anno community are also wondering about the future of the Anno brand overall.

While we do not have anything concrete to announce at this point, given the popularity of Anno 1800 it should not be a surprise that we are working on the future of Anno.

Some of you have recently participated to our Technical Test for the console version and we want to thank you for all your valuable feedback. Those versions are shaping up well and we will come back to you with more news.

We are also in an early concept phase for our next project. That means exploring new ideas and discussing what parts we would like to improve upon or what was missing. Like we have done it for Anno 1800 and its post-launch content, we are also closely looking at the feedback we received and still receive across our various community channels such as the Anno Union. But overall, it is too early to get any deeper into details. We are looking forward to the future when we will have more to share.

Thank you all once again for your continued support over the last years! Stay tuned for both the upcoming “New World Rising” DLC as well as all the things happening next year and beyond!

The Anno Team




  1. L LF_Dome43 April 4, 2023

    Guten Tag zusammen. Gibt es noch ein Update für ps5 für Anno 1800. Wäre gut. Gibt ein Synchronisierungsfehler beim Multiplayer Modus. Zeigt LR40 Fehlercode an.

  2. P Pelz117 February 1, 2023

    REALLY appreciate the returning to Steam. Besides achievements, I think the whole ANNO Series would benefit from “allowed” mods, meaning add the steam workshop too.
    Anno 1800 was the best example, how mods could bring the game forward. More train bulidings, scyscrapper, tourists, all that was seen before in mods. And happy to have that finally “official” in the game.
    Anno 1404 I would never ever play again without IAAM or SBM. Same on Anno 2070 > 2170 ARRC.
    Would love to see support for that.

    For the “next” Anno.
    Anno 9 would be a dream (Rome!! All Ceasar 3 fans would be excited I think), but the more I think about it, maybe this would not fit to Anno? At least it HAS to include combat (and slaves?). Otherwise the potential would be enormous. Think about a functional collosseum and to search for the animals on expeditions in Africa etc.
    To be honest, as much as I want to see an Anno 9 with ancient Rome setting – the “Viking theme would fit in my opinion much better. Maybe with some connection / easter eggs from Assassins Creed? 😉

  3. A Arez444 January 21, 2023

    Great game. Shame it is still missing steam achievements. A lot of people, including me, are waiting for it.

  4. l livfreorletmedi January 12, 2023

    Was hoping for some actual gameplay of the East but understandable. I’m super pumped for the new cosmetic packs and a future game. I just hope that future game isn’t as reliant on different sessions like 1800. Maybe a mix of 1404 did it and 1800? Like, the artic or similar could be a session, but the east and south could be on the main map?

    Either way, my only hope for the future game is another past game, wasn’t really a fan of either futuristic titles personally.

  5. k killleesummer December 23, 2022

    Whatever scenario you plan for the next anno series, please update the grid build system, all cities look the same, would be nice to build round or even asymmetric. Maybe also consider integrating a.i for rendering buildings?

  6. M Mevelios December 20, 2022

    Unless new scenarios are too much work now that the team will start a new project, I’d love to see tools to let the community create its own. There’s a real wealth only asking to be made use of – for one like me who really enjoyed 1404’s Barrens, the Arctic session would definitely fit it well (I’m obviously biased since I’m fascinated by that harsh environment). The sandbox is excellent, sure, yet sometimes you (at least I) long for different mechanics to toy with, or different settings that may not necessarily start you as an Old World settler. Bit of a shame we won’t be seeing a session about China before communism, but I’d think a scenario editor made available would go a long way towards keeping a fresh approach to new game sessions, maintained by fellow Annoholics!

  7. m mfuegar2018 December 16, 2022

    I have all the Anno games with their DLCs.
    For me Anno 1800 has been the best of all, it just lacked a DLC from Asia (China/Japan) and cosmetic packages from a Circus and another from great emblematic buildings in the world. In my opinion, with these, the “no more” would be achieved.

  8. D DavidWAnno December 15, 2022

    You know what I am surprised with the anno team is they did not sync the game with the weather, they done it with building that have clocks faces, so where ever you are playing the anno1800 game, your location would have the time and weather in the game, I live in Bulgaria so when its snowing outside my window, it would be snowing in my game, it would make the game more fun and informative ????

  9. l ludo38230 December 14, 2022

    Pour finir j’aurai bien aimer avoir un dernier season pass avec 3 dernière session: Asie, ancien monde et nouveau monde pour finir en beauté ! un peut comme Anno 2205 ou il y a plus de session !

  10. r rancera December 12, 2022

    hi Dev, i am playing Anno since 1503 (except 2070/2205). Thank you for making really good games, love you!!
    but Oh my god, Dont stop to update Anno 1800 yet. I need to play Zipang map :\
    New Anno? yeah no more SF. no more Galaxies plz.

  11. V VirtualRaven December 11, 2022

    It’s sad to see coming the end of development of such a wonderful game, although we knew it wouldn’t last forever. You’ve done an amazing work on this title.

    Even though a new whole season is not on the schedule, I still hope for any last DLC. Especially the East Asia map seems to be the most awaited feature by the community. It may be unlikely to happen, but I keep dreaming about it.

    As for your next project, we wish you all the best. I have no preference on the historical period or the location (as long as it’s as successful as Anno 1800, any would do the job). A feature I would like to see coming however would be some kind of choice on products required to fill an inhabitant need. For example, where farmers have currently an “alcohol” need which requires [schnapps], it would instead requires [schapps OR cider]. That way, depending on resources available on each island, each city may grow with different productions (having some kind of local specialty): farmers on island 1 (with potato fertility) will consume schnapps, while farmers on island 2 (with apple fertility) will consume cider. (And maybe they could grant some bonus tax income when they are provided with both, so it may sometimes be worth it to trade “local specialties” between islands, even through they could survive on their own). This idea aims to make, as much as possible, each early-game different depending on available ressource, or even to have a viable game without possessing all fertilities/mining resources.

    Whatever, we wish you good luck for what’s to come, and we thank you for what you’ve done so far.

  12. b baraterek December 10, 2022

    It would be awesome, if as a last gift and “say goodbye” there would be best modders toolset you can provide – then maybe things like IAAM would be possible, or more community scenarios, community expeditions etc. This would make the game live “forever” 😀

  13. M MMateos19 December 9, 2022

    The game, in terms of it been a city builder, is awesome. However, diplomacy mechanics have to be improved, to my mind. They enrich the game, and a lot of potential is being missed there. Just earning points with some basics options like “flatter” and “give present” seems like the dev team did not wanted to give priority to this aspect of the game at all. I think that without these mechanics the game is just the player and the NPCs rushing for a race of resources. And you better be quick, because you have a few options to sabotage your enemies plans.

    Without new and improved diplomacy mechanics the game could be reduced to a single player city builder, I think. I always like to mention the stocks market of Anno 2205 as a great way to introduce more competitivity between the player and the NPCs, which made the game much more fun. I would love to see the new Anno to introduce more mechanics like these.

    • M MMateos19 December 9, 2022

      Sorry for the gramatical errors

  14. B BCessel December 8, 2022

    After buying the base game and all the Season Pass, in addition to all the cosmetics, I still thought about buying everything again for PS5, but knowing that the game will stop producing, I don’t think it’s worth it.

  15. K Knupfax December 7, 2022

    Can you please make the scenarios playable in co-op? The scenarios are cool as singleplayer but I would enjoy them more playing with a friend. Also there should be an option to start a co-op game with story elements. Now when playing co-op we are always missing the Cape Trelawney items from the museum for example because they are only acquired from a story quest. Full co-op support would complete the game for me. Thank you for making an awesome game!

    • M MetaForge December 8, 2022

      I second this! I exclusively play co-op and have no way to acquire these items either. Would be awesome 🙂

  16. A AraceaeHH December 7, 2022

    Thank you for the development team give me such a beautiful anno 1800. I can understand it need to spend too much time and money if you want to make a new DLC. But if you judge this game from an artistic point of view, you will find that the East Asia is an integral part of the complete 19th-century world picture. So, please think twice about adding an East Asia Area Map update to the 2023 update, the Asian market will reward your efforts with an outstanding economic statements! Thank you again!

  17. A AbbeyRoad007 December 7, 2022

    Sad about no Season 5 and no India/Asia DLC. But good to see that its coming back on Steam and that it will see further cosmetic DLC/updates throughout 2023. Hope all bugs, etc. get patched before support stops.

    Here’s to the next Anno. Anno 1800 is now the game to beat!

  18. A Asterix201252 December 7, 2022

    Yes please to a potential Season 5. I share the desire that one of the DLCs should open up an Asian region, for which I would like the devs to cooperate with the people developing the New Horizons suoer-mod. I know they have been holding back for quite a while on this now, because they don’t want to release it before all the DLCs have been done. Totally understandable that they don’t want a new DLC to break their mod.

    However, they need to give themselves time to do it right. We are still suffering from bugs introduced in GU14 and GU15. The rush for GU16 means there will probably be a few new bugs. These aren’t just bugs affecting the new gameplay, but they break things that used to work. (such as the quest quest “A Trifling Matter: Another Conspiracy Unmasked that will be fixed din GU16). Personally, I would like them to spend the next six months fixing all the bugs and sorting out issues such as delivery carts going huge distances past available delivery points and not getting back in time to prevent lost production. The balance of the mail system also needs a significant review.

  19. c christofintw December 7, 2022

    If you’re going to be re-releasing the game on Steam, please don’t make the same mistake the Assassin’s Creed developers did and release without Steam achievements. A ton of people (myself included) consider Steam achievements a must. I know Anno 1800 doesn’t have Steam achievements currently, but the Steam version has always been a black sheep.

    There’s a forum post on the Steam Discussion page for Valhalla with almost 1500 people asking for Achievements. Please don’t make the same mistake.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof December 7, 2022

      Sorry to potentially disappoint here, but there won’t be dedicated Steam achievements for Anno 1800. There are achievements in Ubisoft Connect, however.

      • c christofintw December 7, 2022

        Bummer. I guess I’m not buying it then.

        • H Humility925 December 8, 2022

          You miss out good game! 🙁

      • T ToForce December 8, 2022

        :C Sad to read that. It surely wouldn’t be that complicated to connect Ubisoft Connect and Steam Achievements.

      • R RealRakuso December 8, 2022

        Sad to hear. I can understand that AC Valhalla does not get any Steam achievements as there are no further updates.
        But Anno still has some upcoming technical updates planned, where this in my opinion could easily be added and would make many players happy.

      • a alexandrers December 8, 2022

        Ahhhhh, I waited for years to buy on steam and it’s still missing basic features like steam achievements? come on guys, you have to listen to your customers :X, this is a simple yet engaging feature that makes a greater game for replayability.

      • E Elomar2010 December 14, 2022

        Please, be honest with us. That’s just a big disappointment. Achievements in Ubisoft Connect are not different from achievements in an old notebook hidden in a basement for someone that waited for Anno on steam. Even bigger disappointment when this would require almost no effort to implement them.

  20. d deepmikoto December 7, 2022

    Altho there is no poll on this, I want to voice the same wish as many other Annoholics, maybe it counts: please give us a final Far East DLC, thank you! 😀

    Other than that, getting closer to 1K hours playtime and there is still soooooo muuuuchhhh mooooreeee room to grow, event without the New World Rising DLC, so, thank you for a great game! <3

  21. d danielkolyniak December 7, 2022

    You guys could port the New Horizons mod to the game officially and give part of the profit to them developers.

  22. G GregSTG December 7, 2022

    Why don’t you do a DLC with a new region in Australia? The greatest migration and development of this country falls precisely during the times of the industrial revolution! I know that we have desert lands in the Embesa region, but we could make a region where representatives of the Old Continent would live next to indigenous people!

  23. A AleTurella December 7, 2022

    Será que um dia vamos ter na franquia Anno a linguagem em Português BR?

  24. S SgtHydra December 7, 2022

    Understandable that Season 4 will be the last. To be completely frank, I think the game is already overstretched – particularly in the sessions department. More regions are nice, but it becomes a pain to wage war across what are basically four or five different screens.

    I hope this is a problem that is learned from, and future Anno titles make more of an effort to combine regions into larger sessions – similar to 1404. To give a purely hypothetical example of what I mean using Rome as the setting: consider Latin and Gaul regions to share the same session, and Greek and Egyptian to share a session. Four regions, two session. Much more manageable.

  25. M MetaForge December 6, 2022

    It’s really unfortunate that Anno 1800 won’t get another season pass.

    I was really hoping for some eventual fleshing out of the rail and horseless carriage systems.

    21 February 1804 was the year the first steam-powered railway journey took place and yet in Anno 1800 airships and boats take literally all the glory, while trains take a back seat as simple dirty forgettable oil transports. Was it not trains which revolutionised 1800 industry? Where is some love for them??

    Same goes for cars in January 29, 1886, which changed the way we live and work far more than airships could ever have dreamed of. While I do love the airships, it just feels sad to neglect the two biggest drivers of modern civilization. They could both easily make 2 of 3 DLCs for another season.

    I would love to see a more thought out rail system and train stations linking industries, like logging, coal, and other goods to their respective destinations. Maybe even something for residence too with a nice grand station.

    And for cars I could easily imagine having to widen streets to two lanes, which could produce a road along which cars can travel without crashing. Would be awesome to set up intersections, bypasses and tunnels for them. Heck one could even do some sort of bridge system to link islands in new ways. The Menai Suspension Bridge was the first of it’s kind and opened in January 30, 1826…

    I’m sure someone can think of a 3rd DLC to complete the season. Please at least consider cars and trains before abandoning Anno 1800 for good! We wouldn’t be here without their lasting impacts stemming from 1800!

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

    • M MetaForge December 6, 2022

      And is there any reason we can’t use the Christmas themed cosmetic ornaments in the Arctic where it snows?

    • M MetaForge December 7, 2022

      And since I can’t seem to edit my post, I just wanted to add that maybe 2 lane highways could act in a similar way that paved roads increase the range of dirt roads. That way you wouldnt have to build 2 lanes roads everywhere, just between major hubs like big arteries.

      One could even extend highway benefits further into single lane roads by placing parking garages nearby, either above ground or below apartments.

      Petrol stations could even be used to help extend highway range benefits. And with all the extra space taken up by highways and related infrastructure, one could reduce the amount of other service buildings, like police/fire stations and hospitals, due to the extended range.

      Mix in trains which could be used in similar ways and I would probably never stop playing Anno :’D

      • M MetaForge December 7, 2022

        Highways could extend emergency services while trains could extend access to public services like schools, gardens, museums etc.

        The bus system could also hook into the highway, just as another alternative to car and rail.

        At least then all the cabs we build in the factories have a real visible impact on the way a city becomes even more interconnected.

        • M MetaForge December 7, 2022

          And so long as two lane roads can have a third lane for trees in between for beauty builders!

    • M MetaForge December 7, 2022

      If islands had the ability to connect to their nearest neighbour island via some sort of rail bridge or magic tunnel wormhole, then they could act as a faster alternative to connect industries between islands and free up more room for ships to do their thing carting goods between worlds…

      Maybe bridges could even cut off shipping routes and force detours, so their placement would also be important to consider. The AI could even become annoyed by increased shipping times and attempt to destroy bridges during any conflict, adding a whole new weak point that needs defending from raids or sabotage.

      I think the announcement of the end of Anno 1800 has broken me, however I can’t apologize for throwing so many ideas at you, there just so much more Anno 1800 could be!

    • D Dravidos December 7, 2022

      Thanks, Metaforge for your detailed and interesting proposals. I would love for Ubisoft to develop them into a 5th season, but I’m afraid it won’t be like that and I don’t think it’s due to a lack of ideas or a lack of profitability for this title in the Anno saga.

      • M MetaForge December 8, 2022

        I’m honestly just really surprised that trains and cars didnt get nearly as much attention as they absolutely deserve, so I had to say something before its too late! Boats are nothing new to the 1800’s, they could be part of any Anno title, but trains and cars are the core of the 1800’s and are so underdeveloped as to almost be insulting to the legacy they left in their wake.

        Ubisoft have surprised us before with further unexpected seasons, so maybe the Anno gods are listening and realize their grave mistake in forgetting how important these machines were to societal change!

        Who knows, maybe we do get an Asian session after all and some of these ideas take root and grow! I can but hope! 😀

  26. m mfuegar2018 December 6, 2022

    My God, an Asian (China/Japan) DLC.
    And cosmetic pack:
    Nature Pack.
    Circus Pack.
    Iconic Buildings Pack.
    It would be the finishing touch for this great game.

  27. l ludo38230 December 6, 2022

    Je suis déçu que se soit la fin de Anno 1800, j’aurai bien aimer avoir une nouvel session ancien monde, une nouvel nouveau monde, une session Chine, plus de contenue pour les session arctique comme la possibilité d’exploiter le glacier du nord ou des monument en arctique, du nouveau contenue pour Enbesa avec des mine ou de gisement de pétrole et un petit DLC militaire avec de nouveau bateau forteresse marin ou côtière ou même des extensions des zones de construction portuaire !

  28. D Darkbirt December 6, 2022

    I’m looking forward to the successor of ANNO 1800, personally I’m dreaming about ANNO 0108 (just shaking the numbers a bit, the number eight is a lucky number.)
    ANNO 0108 is in the Roman Empire. The other factions might be Ancient Egypt or Greece, before being conquered.
    I’m probably not the only one, that looks forwards to the new graphics. ANNO 1800 had great graphics with it’s release, but now it can be better. And I hope we can at least put down curved roads.
    And please give us more roads, than only the dirt or stone roads (their are so many options.) The white tile could also be a road, for a more beautiful city.

    Another option would be ANNO 2025, but this can give issues with ongoing conflicts on the world.

    • S SheepDog214 December 6, 2022

      A Roman anno would be great. There is so much to do there and like Anno 1800 a good progression in tech.
      I really don’t want something modern unless it was a 1900s at the latest.

  29. S SheepDog214 December 6, 2022

    Love Anno 1800 and I will be grabbing it again for Steam. Keep releasing Anno on steam forever.

    Anno 1800 really needed a combat-focused DLC though. Also, a Noth American frontier DLC would have been amazing. Focusing on Frontier trapping outposts, forts, and have Native raiders on the islands instead of pirates.

    Please don’t make the next anno futuristic. Keep it history. Possibly 1500s or do a new one in the 1600’s. Even going all the way back to Anno Rome. Just not future.

    Also, bring back ground combat.

  30. t tatsutsuki December 6, 2022

    Ce qui serait excellent, c’est la mise à disposition des innombrables Mod sur un Worskshop en revenant sur Steam. Cela permettrait de grandement améliorer la durée de vie du jeu. Certains pourraient rajouter des maps supplémentaires comme CrownFall ou Kingsgrove ?

    Sinon merci pour ces 4 superbes saison qui en font un incontournable de la série des Anno.

    Hâte de voir ce que vous nous réserverez pour la suite de la franchise.

  31. a avacon34 December 6, 2022

    You should think about converting game to Blockchain. You are much more ahead than all metaverse games. All items can be NFTs, all islands may be LANDs etc.

    • D Darkbirt December 6, 2022

      No, islands are a must for ANNO games.

      • H Humility925 December 6, 2022

        Some people like main land due they can build a dream city design, while island don’t offer a dream city due space issues.

        • T Trebonianus0815 December 6, 2022

          I’m one of those people.
          Why not half and half for example?
          Trade routes on buildet streets with caravans or ships on rivers

    • A Alister-MIV December 6, 2022

      This is a very bad idea. Developers will be cursed for this and those who offer it. For me, ANNO will die as soon as this nonsense appears. Considering that I have played thousands of hours in this series of games, I have the right to say this.

  32. n nudlgabi December 6, 2022

    I need Eastern Asia DLC.

    and also brand new series Anno 2025. real modern series

  33. i iznano4nik December 6, 2022

    I really hope that the next game will be in the future with colonies and mechs ^_^. I’m a big fan of science fiction

    • i iznano4nik December 6, 2022

      Everyone who pre-ordered in April 2019 and bought all the DLS in the STEAM should also be given a hidden achievement there. \(^O^)/

    • D Darkbirt December 6, 2022

      Fantasy would also be nice, I want to us my dragons to attack an island.

      • H Humility925 December 6, 2022

        Cool, that would something difference and unique from rest of Anno union, like rise undead as army to fight your enemies or flying dragon with firebreathing, floating island/city so go on.

        • S SheepDog214 December 6, 2022

          They could always do a side game to the main History ones in fansty that would be really cool. Or do a medieval one with a easter euro fansty twist. That would be awesome.

  34. A Astralanthos_ December 6, 2022

    “so will Anno 1800 see its end of main development after Season 4.”

    I am so NOT READY to give up on Anno 1800 and move to whatever is next.
    That being said, adding a whole new region (e.g. Asia) as people request, would make it even more complicated. How many more cargo routes? Interdependencies of products between areas? It becomes a chore after a certain point – apart from hardcore players, but the game must address to all not just them.
    Lets be honest, most players focus on 1 or 2 regions and the other become more or less automated. Adding more regions, just adds to the stress. Sure, you may opt to enable DLCs, but who does this, especially considering that you have paid for this content.

    Anyway, hopefully there will be another Anno game in the near future.

    • S SheepDog214 December 6, 2022

      I would of loved to see a noth american DLC based on fur trapping and small frontier outposts with nativie raiders instead of pirates.

  35. t thekingkupo December 6, 2022

    I hope if you ever have a final season 5. It would be 4 DLCs to mark your great Anno 1800 franchise. I agree with all the people saying it should be an asian one. Dont care if you charge me 20 per DLC for your final season.

  36. p pritam871 December 6, 2022

    Future of Anno brand – Will new Anno series made on which one?
    1. Mediaeval era
    2. Viking era
    3. Chinese empire
    4. Ancient Rome
    5. Feudal Japan / mediaeval Japan.

      • D Darkbirt December 6, 2022

        You’re not the only one that wants Ancient Rome, also the Chines empire can also be part of it (their was trade with them in ancient times.)

    • V Via4Uplay December 6, 2022

      Sadly every theme feels less brilliant than 1800 which is the era of big changes, expedition, grace and vulgarity. In general I willingly support developers trying something new. But I have to say this. If you create a new anno game, triple effort and carefulness are necessary compared to keeping the development of anno 1800!

  37. J JudgementND December 6, 2022

    Would love to see a combat focused dlc and example being a special project that can be undertaken to produce a large battleship or something like that. I know anno is mainly a city building focused but I know that was one thing i liked about anno 2070 was the fact that it had alot of options when it came to ships and other offensive options.

    Would love to see an anno that takes place during late WW1 to early cold war eras. 😀

  38. t theBofrostmann December 6, 2022

    Ich möchte mich meinen Vorschreibern auch erstmal nur anschließen. Vielen Dank für das großartige Spiel!

    Was ich mir noch wünschen würde, wären neue Rezepte für die Cafés, Bars, Möbelhäuser etc. Diese sollten auch Güter der DLCs einschließen. Wer möchte nicht einen Cocktail in dem Waltran und Eis gemischt werden… ;). Wie schon der ein oder die andere angemerkt hat, ist es schade, dass die DLCs insgesamt relativ isoliert sind um sie spielbar zu machen ohne alles kaufen zu müssen. Das ist vor allem für die Masse an Fans (mich eingeschlossen) schade, die sowieso alles kaufen, was ihr rausbringt. Vielleicht gäbe es auch nochmal eine Möglichkeit generell die Produktionsketten der DLCs enger zuverknüpfen für all jene die alle DLCs haben. Vielleicht könnte man diese “neu verwobenen Produktionsketten” als Option bei einem Neustart wählen. Ich vermute ich wäre nicht der einzige, der sofort ein neues Spiel starten würde.

    • D Dravidos December 6, 2022

      I agree with you. I would also like a better connection between DLCs (a small prize for those of us who haven’t missed any Anno 1800 DLCs or CDLCs).

    • S SerikaG December 6, 2022

      Thats because they sell them as dlcs not an update of the part of game. I do hope they change how dlcs work in the next game ,maybe make part of dlcs a free update and kept the important things remain. So free players who only buy part of dlcs also have enjoys the keep updating of the old dlcs while core fans get benefits from the cross connection of all dlcs.

  39. S SerikaG December 6, 2022

    Pretty sad ?.Though i knew 1800 have travel too long and we have to move forward, i still hope there will be something that marks the end of this journey.New world rising is just not enough for 1800’s final dlc.

    What i expect is a grand monument at the end of the game, and each DLC you own will add a unique module to it. When you actually spend all the key materials of all DLCs to complete it, all NPCs will come to celebrate the completion of this monument, just like the end of our story campaign.

    It doesn’t matter how much buff it provides, what matters is what it means for annoholics, for all of us.Just like assassins’ creed vallhala’s last chapter, give this game a nice good bye and walk to the future.

    But I still love you guys and this game.I enjoy this game rather than many other games.Hope the next game wont kept us waiting too long!
    (And could you bring twitch drops back at Anniversary or Ubisoft U point rewards?I was a little busy when season 2&3 comes out.I really like season 3’s lamp but i only got tourist’s seasons twitch dorps.)

  40. J Justin_One_Shot December 6, 2022

    hope we get some content packs like the anarchist DLC! Maybe a luxury lover AI that likes to replace all his workforce to robots so he doesn’t need to deal with groveling workers? haha the interactions between hugo and this guy would be hilarious XD

    Also, would be nice if we can have more than 3 enemy AIs!

  41. H Humility925 December 6, 2022

    It’s don’t had to be season but maybe one major DLC for Far East, it’s great add on based of Japan/Chinese theme in year of 1800 setting theme. Thank you Anno Team, I hope Anno Team hunt down all bug and improve gameplay here and there patch/upgrade rest of remain year of 2023 before moving on next project. That was great game you developed!

  42. s sipura December 5, 2022

    Thanks for your continued work on this game, I’ve been playing your games since I was a kid and seeing so much love being poured into this series warms my heart.

  43. D DavidWAnno December 5, 2022

    What I am looking forward to is the next century, I know it can be slow, but 1900 is the century of the future, I know its was bad but world war 1 and 2, also push us forward into a new world.

    • s solonifer December 5, 2022

      It cannot be 19xx, because all anno games years numbers in sum gives 9 and 1900 is already 10 🙂

      • D Dravidos December 6, 2022

        Neither have previous Anno titles had such a long life. The rules can change.

    • D Dravidos December 6, 2022

      Good idea! We are going to change the zeppelins for airplanes and helicopters (although I prefer the zeppelins).

  44. A Alister-MIV December 5, 2022

    Hurray! China! Amazing NEWS!!! I love this game! And I’m really looking forward to traveling to Asia! We are waiting for you to reveal the plot of the Princess Qing and her family. Considering the COLOSSAL role of China in the world economy of the 19th century. It can be an amazing journey. I want to see more of the story and plot. This will be a worthy end to the story for ANNO 1800. Although we will be playing it for a long time, that’s for sure! Thank you for your work, it’s beautiful.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof December 7, 2022

      Glad to hear you’re looking forward to the upcoming “Dragon Garden” Pack Cosmetic DLC, but just to make sure there are no misunderstandings: As outlined in the blog, we are not planning any more DLC or expansions for Anno 1800.
      The plans for the future are described above and contain Cosmetic DLC and the mentioned free game update.

  45. m mate.kertai December 5, 2022

    I am still hoping for an Asian region. Thanks for everything and we look forward to playing with the last DLC this year.

    • t thekingkupo December 6, 2022

      I am all for this. Japan/China or India for spice and culture trading.

  46. m mfuegar2018 December 5, 2022

    Please get the DLC out of Asia. It is what is missing.

  47. d daber996 December 5, 2022

    Awesome! This is exactly the news I was hoping for. Bug fixes and cosmetics while we will eventually get a new game. Hype!

  48. D Dravidos December 5, 2022

    It is very sad that there is not a fifth season. I appreciate the cosmetic packs (I have them all) and the improvements planned for next spring, but it’s not the same.

    Like my fellow annoholics, I was also hoping that we would eventually have an expansion into Asia. Maybe the long-in-the-making “New Horizons” mod will finally be released (with a little help from Ubisoft, if necessary) and we annoholics can enjoy our Asian region.

    We can’t cry yet: Manola is waiting for us on Thursday.

  49. K KingxOfxVoids December 5, 2022

    Will 2023 be used to fix all the bugs or at least attempt to?
    For example anarchist dlc currently not giving anarchists quests

    Also hoping for some 2024 T3 arctic/enbesa

    •   Ubi-Thorlof December 7, 2022

      “All the bugs” probably is not a very realistic expectation, but we are planning to take care of several issues and the Anarchist defector quest is on that list right now, yes.

  50. M Misiek_1991 December 5, 2022

    Maybe at least one big DLC with Asia Region? (like Land of Lions)

    • T Trebonianus0815 December 5, 2022

      They just said:
      – “So, while there won’t be a full Anno 1800 Season in 2023, we still got a few things planned for next year – stay tuned!” –

      Maaaybe we will get to go to Asia. 😀
      (well that’s probably just wishful thinking)

    • M MaxaryKo December 6, 2022

      That would be great! Shouldn’t be in a season – just an optional expansion DLC

    •   Ubi-Thorlof December 7, 2022

      Hey Misiek, as stated in the blog, we’re planning the end of main development for Anno 1800, and for future content past the “New World Rising” DLC, we have outlined our plans above.

  51. m mattyschwarz December 5, 2022

    While sad that we are not going to have a Season 5, I’m so very excited for the Cosmetic DLCs! I’ve happily purchased all of them and look forward to seeing the options for next year 🙂

  52. H Hannover8 December 5, 2022

    Bummer to read there won’t be a Season 5 for Anno 1800 in 2023. Was looking forward to a game expansion in the Asian sector. The Dragon Garden looks cool, hoping it can provide an oriental look and feel to our cities.


  53. s solonifer December 5, 2022

    It is so sad to hear you are not planning season 5 🙁
    Hopefully you will change your mind and give us more DLC updates for 1800 and not new version.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof December 7, 2022

      Sorry to disappoint here, but with the mentioned new project, there are no plans right now for more content for Anno 1800 outside of what we outlined above. We’re not a huge team after all and have to use our resources accordingly .

  54. M Misiek_1991 December 5, 2022

    So sad 🙁 i really hope for the last 5th season about far East 🙁

    • t thekingkupo December 6, 2022

      A lot of us hope for that and I hope they hear us out.


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