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Union Update: Anno Dev Talk recap, mods, and more

Hey Anno Community,

Let’s have one more round of updates before the weekend!

Starting with a reminder about the livestream we did on Wednesday: Community Developer Oliver was joined by Brand Director Haye, Creative Director Manuel and Executive Producer Stephane for one hour of Anno Dev Talk:

We talked about the scope of their jobs and how they all entered the video games industry, as well as their motivation to get out of the bed every morning to work on video games.

Together with the chat, we discussed what makes an Anno game actually “Anno” – and all four revealed which games they are playing right now.

If you’ve missed the stream, you can watch the VOD here on Twitch.

Anno 2205: New Frontiers mod

On the very same day (22.05), Anno modder Taludas released his “New Frontiers” mod for Anno 2205 (excellently chosen date, we have to admit). You can watch the trailer below:


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The mod does not only add Mars as a new sector to explore and settle, but also includes many changes to the existing regions and their production chains, as well as a new population tier for the Arctic region: Geniuses.

A great opportunity to dive (back) into Anno 2205 and check out all the changes Taludas added to the base game. There are so many, actually, that we heavily recommend checking out the “Features” section on his GitHub page.

Very impressive work, we certainly did not expect an Anno 2205 mod this year.

Modding Spotlight: Hier0nimus

More modding news! In next week’s Union Update we’re welcoming Hier0nimus, creator of the “Perfect Specialist & Items Pack” mod as well as “Music to my Ears” – a winner of last year’s modding contest!

In the interview, you’ll learn more about his journey into modding Anno 1800 and the projects he has been and currently is working on. Including the “Military Attention” mod.




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