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Union Update: What’s coming in February & Community Spotlight

Hey Anno Community,

With the first month of 2023 already coming to an end, let’s update you on what’s coming in the next weeks!

Game Update 17 & Playtest

Firstly, let’s talk bug fixes and patches.

While we continue working on the Free Game Update we briefly mentioned at the end of last year (currently internally dubbed the “Jubilee Patch”), we’re going to have a playtest for said update in mid-February, both to test the stability of the version as well as to get feedback on the new features we’re implementing.

There are still some issues that we want to iron out, including of course bugs that you have reported like the Anarchist quests, issues with the music or regarding the targeting behaviour of the AI – all of which are planned for the mentioned update.

We’ll have more news on the playtest soon and will follow this up later in February with more details on the “Jubilee Patch” – stay tuned!

Console Edition Reveal – FAQ

Following our reveal of the Anno 1800 Console Edition last week, we’ve seen a few questions pop up multiple times, so, let’s answer some of them today. Next week we’ll have a slightly longer FAQ blog that will then hopefully also answer the remaining ones. As a reminder: Anno 1800 Console Edition releases on March 16th on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Cross-play & Cross-progression

The Anno 1800 Console Edition allows multiplayer matches with a maximum of 16 players, with up to 4 players per team in co-op mode. However, the console version does only support multiplayer between players on the same platform.

Cross-progression between Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 is supported.

DLC content

For Anno 1800 Console Edition, we have decided to focus on the base game experience of Anno 1800 which already provides many hours of content, especially since we’ll be including the Free Game Updates that have been released for the PC version so far. Upon its release, the first 9 Cosmetic DLC will be available for purchase. The recently released “Dragon Garden” Pack as well as the three remaining Cosmetic DLC that are planned to be released in 2023 will become available later this year.


Our main focus during the development of Anno 1800 Console Edition was to achieve a smooth experience with a controller, for which the UI and controls were redesigned. It will therefore not support mouse and keyboard.

Since the PC version is optimized for mouse and keyboard input and with all the additional DLC released there, we are currently not planning to add controller support to the PC version.

Missed our livestream? – No worries, you can see the console version in action in our recording.

Community Spotlight

Rounding off this Union Update and with the “Dragon Garden” Pack having released one week ago, let’s feature some of the creations you posted using the new ornaments.

Let’s start with this this GIF by L_Q_Nguyen on Twitter, celebrating the Tết Festival: what a lovely composition! It’s great to see how the atmosphere changes between day and night, bringing out the bright colours of the lanterns and the Great Dragons in the centre.

If you would like to see some beauty building in action, then we recommend checking out Nivarias video, showcasing the whole Cosmetic DLC pack. Such a nice and peaceful idea to build a beautiful district to celebrate the Lunar New Year next to the river!


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Pyronite shared a dreamy screenshot on the Annoverse Discord. The contrast between the dark skyline and the Dragon Garden ornaments creates an amazing atmosphere for the perfect night shot. Bravo!

We love to see combinations between ornaments from different Cosmetic DLC, and PeterMaywald shared a great example of these combos on Twitter. The lovely Ceiba tree from the “Plant a Tree” CDLC and the Hildegarden from the “Old Town” Pack CDLC blend perfectly together with the “Dragon Garden” Pack CDLC!




  1. f frasoucos February 2, 2023


    I think it would be a good idea to have a separate page for the console edition. This way, players who have the PC version of ANNO 1800 would have a dedicated page to keep them updated. I think gamers who have the PC game would not be interested in news from the console edition. Thanks.

  2. B BCessel January 30, 2023

    It is very sad, a game that already supports Mouse and Keyboard, coming to the Console without the possibility of playing with mouse and keyboard. From my experience with Cities Skyline, it’s pretty bad to play with the controller, unlike what you can play with the mouse. Don’t do that, because I really want the game and that might make me give up. Like the already mentioned non-existence of the Portuguese language in Brazil, after so many years and a large community in the game.

  3. O ORCUN_53 January 30, 2023

    The game is out 2019
    It has support for 12 languages. No Turkish
    Please add it to your February update
    please be in your plans

  4. I IIAc3sII January 26, 2023

    Please also fix:
    -The pirates because they are utterly bugged out as well, they do nothing, only move from point A to point B.
    -Flamethrower monitors.
    -Rework how Arctic Plateau’s can be conquered, currently only the AI can bomb them, the player can only take it through buying shares, we need the player to also be able to bomb them in order to conquer militarily, and also allow AI and player to build flak turrets on there as defense.


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