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Union Update: Upcoming livestreams & community spotlight

Hey Anno Community,

Today’s Union Update will mainly focus on a selection of great community creations in the “Spotlight” but first we want to announce two upcoming Annoversary livestreams:

  • The first will be an Anno 1503 livestream on this Friday, June 2nd, starting at 5PM CEST.
  • And next week Friday (9th) we’ll be following it up with an Anno 1602 livestream.

Our 1701 stream will likely happen towards the end of the month – we’ll keep you updated!

Community Spotlight

Today we have a very diverse Community Spotlight for you with multiple different pieces of community creations.

Let’s start with screenshots of the latest Cosmetic DLC: The “Fiesta” Pack.

First we have Tom D. who turned into a big fan of the purple Jacaranda trees and promptly distributed them all over his growing settlement on Manola:

Following that, we want to share Ionovia’s night-time screenshots (one of which we also used as a banner for today’s post)– including celebratory fireworks:

We also really loved Johnnyvanderzwaag’s “Deer in the forest” artwork they shared on Reddit:

A very cool surprise was recently posted by Taubenangriff, who shared almost 10min of alpha gameplay footage from their “New Horizons” mod for Anno 1800:


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To change things up, we’re travelling to the moon with AnnoEffect’s picture of their moon crater settlement from Anno 2205:

Finally, to prove that you can have Anno-related fun even outside the game:

We received an email with a fantastic recreation of the palace from “Seat of Power” – in Lego! The two Anno fans spent multiple months of turning over 100,000 stones into a 80kg heavy palace complex – complete with statues, park elements and a fountain. We were thoroughly impressed!

Last but not least, we have a piece of Anno 1602 nostalgia: Moebius created a rock version of the track “In the Beginning” which you veterans will surely recognise immediately:


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  1. W WingDog June 26, 2023

    Well, Anno 1800 is official legacy for now. I’m sad about it, just as all of yours followers and fanats – you did a mistake and time will tell it.
    what’s the next, BlueByte? I do remember Incubation; all Anno’s, including this one and Settlers Series too.
    I’m not asking Ubisoft – I have nothing to ask them – they are nothing, so I’m asking BB – what will you do next?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof June 29, 2023

      Hey Wingdog! Indeed, we’re almost done with Anno 1800 and have shifted our focus to a new project. Every game is coming to a end eventually and we’re excited for our next project.
      It’s still too early to talk about it yet, however. We’ll have more news on that in the future.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof June 26, 2023

      We’ll have blog about the next Cosmetic DLC in late July or early August, as well as the patch notes for the August update.
      Aside from that, it’ll probably be a bit quieter here on the website for now.

  2. m mfuegar2018 June 15, 2023

    Will they ever release the Circus cosmetic DLC?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof June 16, 2023

      We are not planning to develop and release a circus-themed Cosmetic DLC for Anno 1800, no.

  3. i iznano4nik June 3, 2023

    “new horizon” mod looks very fckn awesome!!! Very! What about collaboration with devs and make it official DLC?


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