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Union Update – This was gamescom 2022

Hey Anno Community,

In the midst of a new DevBlog about “Empire of the Skies” and the good news about Anno 2070, we want to share a look at our presence at gamescom last week.

From Thursday till Saturday, we not only presented our upcoming DLC to to our fans there (shout-out to everyone who visited us at the Community Lounge!) but also offered you an opportunity to directly ask us questions. We also brought some questions of our own, however, since we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask our community about their preferences on military usage and multiplayer as well as their feedback on Anno 1800’s scenarios.

Here are some impressions from our time at gamescom this year:

Community Questions

Our audience asked us a variety of questions after each of our presentations and we wanted to include some of them – with their answers, of course – here, since we think they’re also interesting for the rest of our community.

  • How do airship vs ship battles work?

The armed airships can only attack other airships. But they can attack regular ships via drop actions: bombs and sea mines both damage regular ships (if you aim well). Normal ships can’t attack airships with the exception of the new Flak Monitor.

  • Can airships escort each other? Can ships and airships escort each other?

Airships can escort each other, like normal ships. Ships and airships, however, cannot use the escort function on each other. You can of course group them and send them on their way together, of course.

  • Does the AI use the drop actions? How?

They do, their usage depends on the AI’s character. Some might prefer propaganda, while others happily use bombs as part of their strategy.

  • What is the maximum number of skyscraper inhabitants with the new lifestyle needs?

A level 5 skyscraper can house 730 investors, with full panorama effect and all needs and lifestyle needs fulfilled. Items are not part of this calculation.

  • Do consumption affecting items affect lifestyle needs?

We did not add any new items specifically targeting the lifestyle needs and existing effects were not adjusted to also target lifestyle needs.

  • When will “Empire of the Skies” release?

The new DLC as well as Game Update 15 will release on September 20th

  • Are you planning to limit the research costs or add a way to further speed up research in the institute?

No, currently it’s not planned to adjust anything related to the research system.

  • Will we ever see land units?

There’s no land combat planned for Anno 1800, as discussed a few years ago already before release. This does not mean land units are ruled out for all eternity for the Anno brand, however.

  • Will there be a Season 5 or more content for Anno 1800? What about a new Anno game?

Our team is focused on developing the upcoming DLCs of Season 4 and the next Cosmetic DLC for Anno 1800.

As in the previous few years, we plan to give more updates regarding our plans end of this year or beginning of next year.

Anno Union Anniversary

Last but not least: The Anno Union recently celebrated its 5th anniversary! Established in 2017 and announced at gamescom of that year, the Anno Union has since been our central hub for all news on Anno, before and after release.

Back in 2017, we certainly did not expect to celebrate the Union’s 5th birthday in the middle of a Season 4 for Anno 1800!

We want to say thank you for your passion in sharing ideas, feedback and wishes, as well as letting us know when you weren’t so happy with how we were handling things. We’re extremely happy that we had decided to walk this route with all of you.

Events like our livestreams or the recent gamescom just confirm for us that this has indeed been the right approach for our team and our game.




  1. t tetrarch-u4 September 5, 2022

    It would be great if it will be so (3 PM instead of 6). I expect not only me, but also a lot of annoholics wish to play as more time as it possible exactly in the day of release. So than earlier than better 🙂

  2. t tetrarch-u4 September 5, 2022

    Also remember that most of DLCs were at 3 pm. But Seeds Of Change was at 6 pm. That’s why was asking 🙂

    •   Ubi-Thorlof September 5, 2022

      Actually, we so far released all DLC at 6PM – except for the “Industrial Zone” Cosmetic DLC. This was the first DLC with the changed release schedule which we hope to continue from now on.
      Our Game Updates (without DLC) usually released at 2PM, though.

  3. t tetrarch-u4 September 2, 2022

    Release will be on September 20th – which time, for Europe? Morning, midday or afternoon?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof September 5, 2022

      We’re currently aiming for 3PM CEST, but will confirm this closer to the release date.

  4. t tetrarch-u4 September 2, 2022

    Will be Twich Drops and Early Access?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof September 5, 2022

      Yes, we will have both as usual 🙂


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