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Union Update: Stream and Community Update

We’re back once more with a community update and some info on what to expect from us in the near future.


Anno Afternoon Stream

This Friday, Seraxia and Thorlof will put their creative hats on (most likely not literally) in another Anno Afternoon and try something completely different. You want to know more? Then don’t miss out this special livestream episode and tune on the 25th at 4PM UTC+1 (5PM CEST).

And if you got any cool or funny ideas for future streams, what better opportunity to share them with us than this Friday?


Playtest beginning next week!

As you all know the next playtest is just around the corner and as we work together with the community to get a jam-packed Game Update 6 ready for December, we will take a short break from Union blogs in the upcoming week. But worry not, we will be back soon with community news and new game information.

And we already got some exciting news this week! Keep an eye on your inbox, cause for a first wave of players the the playtest will already start next week – more invite-waves will follow.

We’re very much looking forward to your feedback. So, when we’re already talking about GU6 and The Passage, why not hop over to Reddit. Some of you already started a discussion about the content of the DLC there. We might have some theories ourselves but it’s far more exciting to read your predictions. Which features and production chains do YOU think will be added with The Passage?


Community Content

Something that impressed all of us quite a bit was jasperwillem not only managing to get this settlement to house Engineers without ever visiting the New World but shortly after also luring Investors into ‘Golden City’.


How many of us spent long nights outsourcing production chains and setting up new trade routes. Or planting hedge rows for hours for that perfect inner-city park or the world’s best botanical garden. We bet there are some quirky challenges or legendary achievements you set yourself in the past or future. So, share them with us in the comments below!

Fitting to last week’s blog about the Day & Night Cycle, we also want to use this blog to share some impressions from the community.
Apparently some of you have a weird fascination with exploding factories…but admittedly, fires look very cool at night:


by cjnewson88


by oksharkchef

WolArn, however, proves, that calm images also have their charm – sunsets usually have:


And bergveld shares a video of his whole city at night with us.



And then, when the sun rises and everyone has to go to work, you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Not much has changed to today.


by Takarazuka012

That’s it for this Community Update. Did you already share your favourite moments with us? Be it day or night, dusk or dawn, we always love to see what fantastic scenes you manage to capture.




  1. K Katje-Katrien October 29, 2019


    So far I didn’t get an email yet? But I still hope to be selected.

    Best regards,


    • B BB_CR October 30, 2019

      Hey, invites will happen in several waves, so fingers crossed!


  2. W WindsorEdward October 27, 2019

    Those of us who bought the game through Steam and have Win7 are still unable to launch it. And you’re still acting like we don’t exist.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof October 27, 2019

      Hey WindorEdward, apologies for the silence on this matter. We will release a fix for this issue on Monday afternoon. Should you still encounter issues afterwards, please let us know.
      Thank you for your patience in this matter.

  3. m morganjah October 25, 2019

    This is exactly why we want the game to slow down. It is so beautiful , give us the time to enjoy it.


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