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Union Update: Rumors of Anarchy (Updated)

Hello, and welcome to another short, but nevertheless important Union Update! This time we will cover the release of today’s Game Update 2, give you first information on GU 3, and also tease you about our next major content release, The Anarchist. What fun!

Game Update 2 is out now

By the time you are reading this, we will have already released our Game Update 2, which includes a broad variety of bug fixes and balance adjustments. You can find the full list of release notes for this 850mb update in last week’s Union Update.

Coming up next: Game Update 3

Of course, there is no rest for the wicked, so we are already hard at work on our next game Update. While it is too early to go into details on the many fixes we are planning to include, we wanted to give you a first glimpse of what you can look forward to:


  • Eli Bleakworth has been busy locking up criminals, giving you access to a wider variety of specialists you can acquire on his prison island
  • We have reworked the monument construction interface for the world fair
  • Get ready to go an expedition with the first community-submitted event from our previous Union contest and vote

This Game Update will be released alongside the coming release of The Anarchist. Which naturally brings us to…

Coming next week: Our DevBlog on the Anarchist

As previously announced, our first big content release after launch will be The Anarchist character, whom you can already secure today by buying the game’s Digital Deluxe or Pioneers Edition of the game (or via the Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade). Next week, we are planning to give you much more insights into this unique new NPC opponent and content, and some of the major ways in which he will differ from our existing cast of characters. Without giving too much away, let us just say that you will want to keep a close eye on your own islands when competing with his charismatic demagogue. Never underestimate the dangers of anarchy…

Update: The Anno Union Company Logo is now available

You asked for it, so here it is: The much asked-about “Anno Union Emblem” company logo is now available for redemption from the Club Rewards section on Uplay. So go forth and represent the Union!




  1. L Leordini May 26, 2019

    Hi guys ! Great stuff coming up for this game; I’m excited !! One small thing (and I really mean it, it’s small) I’d like to point out: in the last construction phase of the World’s Fair, wouldn’t it be logical to include Glass as a necessary resource to complete the monument ? I mean, after all, there is this giant and magnificent bent archway made out of glass, which in itself could justify a standalone resource given the amount of work put into it.
    I totally get why you’re using Carbon Filaments (which I would put in stage 4), Light Bulb and Caoutchouc, but where’s the Glass ?? Besides, almost all Anno Monuments needed glass at some point in their construction phases, so it would be a cool way to go on with this tradition.

    I don’t know if it’s because you’re limited in the number of construction material per phase; it would be a small yet simple and much appreciated addition. 😉

    Aside from that, I can’t wait for the Garden DLC !! I’m already having lots of fun with the Museum and the Zoo, but managing some sort of a natural park/preserve within my city is something I’m eager to do !

    [[Oh and again, small thing : would it be possible to add the feature where trees regrow automatically like in Anno 2205. Because when you take over an opponent’s island, it looks awful…]]

  2. B BlueBreath May 17, 2019

    OK so haven’t checked if hold position works ok :P, I am not at war with anybody right now.
    Second problem with the ship AI was that feature you brought in, ships which are not in trade routes ignore players commands and stop when they see naval fights or just enemy ships around.
    PROBLEM is they don’t resume travel after the coast is clear, and they consider dangerous any warships fighting that don’t belong to the player.

    As an EX: I use my flag ship and a few steam ones to trade manually. I had –trade rights with everybody— for the last 10-15 hours gametime, and once in a while I find one of my ships randomly stopping on the way home or on the way to the (manually) trade partner. Haven’t actually caught them right when they were stopping, but I can only assume it’s because of the conflict between other players, the others are all at war in my game.

    Thanks for updates though, you made some good changes, and please allow us to invite AI’s in the game we are playing 😛 or and get more AI players in the same game, It is a lot of work of starting another game just to play with a different set of AI.

  3. b baraterek May 16, 2019

    After this update ships stops randomly in half of their way. I noticed yesterday that lot of hips which I send somewhere with quest items was – for unknown reason – stopping. Also – ship, which I send to expedition just decided to stop on map edge – I had to manually resume its travel. I suspect that “Hold position” fox messed around wit something else. Do you have any regression tests?

    • v v0str0yenVI May 17, 2019

      I already had this problem happening time to time before the update. It’s really frustrating when you lose a quest or your reinforcement stops halfway during a battle because of this

  4. S SeV77En May 15, 2019

    I miss pavings,please add them to the game again!

    • G Gradyowens12 May 15, 2019

      Indeed! My bountiful gardens, wild zoos, and educational museums look incomplete will all the grassy spots that are awaiting the pavings that were in the open and closed betas!

      • D Drysyn May 15, 2019

        You know post after post you all ask for the paving, It is already in game. supposedly it is a low tier reward from world’s faire. Build it and run some exhibitions

        • R Randy_Kamikaze May 15, 2019

          Yeah the problem is: It’s a one-time, 3 tile reward. You do the world faire, you get to place 3 tiles, and after that you need to hold another world faire to hope to get another 3. It’s not a permanent unlockable and that’s pretty stupid. what are you supposed to do with 3 tiles?

          • G Gradyowens12 May 25, 2019

            I also think that the paving awarded from the faire is much different than the paving that I am speaking of. The paving I am speaking of is the tan paving which matches the paving used in the third tier ornaments and above. It was available to use in the Closed and Open Betas. If I am not mistaken, the paving from the World’s Faire is a grey color.


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