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Union Update: Roundtable and Livestream

In this week’s Union Update we want to give you a short overview as to which dates you should mark in your calendars for the near future 😉

Roundtable on the Annoverse

The first date is tomorrow, Friday 4th, where we and the Annoverse team invite you to a community roundtable – an AMA session on the wonderful fan Discord server.
You can ask questions about Anno or our work in the text chat and the Anno team, represented by Thorlof, Com_Raven and Seraphine will go through them one by one in the voice channel.
The session is split in two parts, with a German one from 7 to 8 PM CET and an English one from 8:30 to 9:30 PM CET (2:30 PM EST, 11:30 AM PST).
You can join the server via this link and then hop in the dedicated roundtable channel.
A big thank you to the Annoverse team for organizing this event!

Livestream – Your Cities

As mentioned last week, we’re preparing one last live stream for the year!
Several of you have already sent us your savegames – thank you very much, we’re excited to wander through your cities and check out your resident and production layouts.
When, you might ask? Well, December 11th it is, starting at 5PM CET (11 AM EST, 8 AM PST) over on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte
Maybe Ubisoft-Santa brought some gifts, too?

Community Spotlight

As always we want to use the Union Update to showcase some of the cool screenshots and creations you shared across forums, Reddit and social.
We start with Nobodyletloose’s beautiful widescreen screenshots, day and night.

Our “Seat of Power” screenshot contest happened a few months ago already, but we’re convinced justinsy would have had great chances to end up in the top 5.

Obviously, we’re extremely happy when the DLC we develop are excitedly received (and bought, not gonna lie) so when Slimdude41 uses the “City Lights Pack” to bring more light to his inner-city – that makes us happy!

Finally, the New World deserves some love, too, and Areokh in our opinion does a great job at capturing the beauty of the southern session.




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  1. a annoo2025 December 6, 2020

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