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Union Update: Ongoing playtest & retro stream

Once again we want to share a community update with you, showcase some great Anno 1800 impressions from our community and let you know about our streaming plans. Let’s go!


Anno Afternoon Stream – Retro Edition

This Friday, we’re changing things up with the Anno Afternoon. After noticing that Ubi-Thorlof has never played Ubi-Trenchcoat’s favourite game of the series – Anno 1701 –  they spontaneously decided to do a retro stream! Tune in on the 8th at 4PM UTC (5PM CET) when they’ll be diving into the The Sunken Dragon campaign.


Playtest und Game Update 6.0

The Game Update 6.0 playtest has started last week and is going very well. A big thank you to everyone who already provided their feedback in the dedicated forums. If you haven’t already – let us know your thoughts!

And if you have signed up for the playtest but haven’t received an invite yet: Do not worry. We will send another wave of invites in the coming week.

Parallel to the test our team continues their work on the Update including the third DLC, coming out in December. We will share more information regarding all the features and a precise date closer to release.


Community Spotlight

Let’s again round things up by featuring some the cities you built and the experiences you shared.

ClassicReddltor is extremely happy about finally getting the Extravaganza Steamer, posing in front of his massive city. How many of you already managed to get hold of this proud ship?


For friends of grapes and champagne, a visit to Conschbourg – the Green City – might be a good idea. Spacer176 also provides you with a tourist guide and a history lesson of this town.


If you’re more of a fan cities, you should probably plan a trip to DerGrindelwutz’s and RegalSeagull’s versions of Crown Falls. With plenty of parks, promenades along the river islands and bridges in front of the waterfall panorama, these cities simply invite you to take a long walk.



As a stark contrast to these peaceful views, cjnewson88 seems to have a few issues with his rioting populace.


But he later explains his city setup and the strategy behind his success – well worth a read.

That’s already it for this week’s Union Update!

Feel free to share your adventures and achievements with us on social or reddit and don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow’s stream.




  1. M McCavern November 11, 2019

    I hope new neutral NPC will appear in the next DLC, which the selling +1 influence point, for value received 100 good scrap and 100 gold bar, or 10 million gold money.

  2. K Katje-Katrien November 10, 2019


    Very beautiful screenshots here.
    For the moment I don’t have the Extravaganza Steamer yet.
    But sooner or later I will have it my collection. 😀
    In my current game I have:
    -The Royal-Ship-of-the-Line
    -The Pyrphorian Battle Cruiser
    -The Pyrphorian Monitor
    -The Pyrphorian Warship
    All equipped with soms nice items. 😀

    I am looking forward to the next DLC. Amazing game. So much to do and much fun.



  3. D DaVinci1500 November 10, 2019

    Spacer176 here. I was not expecting my city to pop up in a spotlight like this, but I love the appreciation.

    The city has changed a fair bit since the screenshots were taken so I’m considering uploading an updated guide. It has not lost any of its artisan charm though, I promise! If anyone plans a visit, Complimentary bottles are available to any special guests who book a spring reservation.

    Really looking forward to hearing about the next DLC and beyond.

  4. O OwOSenpaiUwU November 8, 2019

    ClassicReddltor here thanks for sharing my screenshot!!
    For people wondering how I got the ship:
    I got the legendary specialist called Anna Union, Engineer of Extravagant Steamers.
    If you put her in the Harbormaster’s office it allows you to build the ship.

    • F FerudaFarstaria November 8, 2019

      How far do you need to progress into the game to be able to start seeing this ship?
      I am assuming you need to be in the very late end portions of the game with the investors before the drops start showing for Anna Union in rescue expeditions or the pirates start to sell it. I been cycling through the pirates for sale ships several times. Buying and selling. Waiting to see if a steamer will spawn. I am looking for that hint that I progressed far enough into the game, so I can start looking for the specialist in rescue expeditions. As that is where sources say you can get Anna in the loot table after successfully completing the expedition.

  5. F FerudaFarstaria November 7, 2019

    I’m assuming that the extravaganza steamer starts to show itself in the very late portions of the game with the investors. I been trying to figure out when the ship starts to show itself. I think I have a bit wee progress to make still to reach that point in the game. But I am getting closer to that. Still curious when that steamer will start to show itself.

    Nice to see the developers working together on continuing progress with the game. I like the idea of a stream showing the previous titles. Looks like tomorrow will be a Throwback Friday. 1701 is also a favorite of mine. But I still really love and treasure ANNO 1404. I am very much enjoying ANNO 1800 and am delighted to see the series is still going strong.

    Beautiful screenshots. Nice to see people working away at their cities. Putting their passion and love into it. I don’t plan on sharing anything yet. I am very occupied with my empire. Feels like the good old days where you can sit for hours working away watching your cities grow. Something that’s been dearly missed. And certainly a need that must be filled for Annoholics haha.

    Looking forwards to the next DLC launching in December. However I do hope that this will not introduce new bugs or break the game again (like Bontanica did) I am hoping that more preventative measures are and will be put in place to ensure this doesn’t repeat again. As Botanica was a show stopper for good few weeks.

    Anyways thank you for another update. Happy to hear the team is really progressing with things. Look forwards to the next DLC in December.


    • R Randy_Kamikaze November 8, 2019

      There are so far only two ways to get it. Either you can buy it if you get the legendary specialist “Anna Union”, and slot her in reach of a steam shipyard, or you can very rarely buy it from the pirates.

      • F FerudaFarstaria November 8, 2019

        I am aware of this. But I am looking for hints in the game if I have progressed far enough into the game to start seeing this ship. I been cycling through the pirates for sale ships. Buying and selling all the time. To see if a steamer will spawn for sale. I am looking for that hint that I progressed far enough into the game to start seeing this ship. That is when I plan on trying to find the specialist. Which I hear you can get in rescue expeditions.


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