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Union Update – Old Town Pack Teaser & Console Edition Technical Test

Hey Anno Community,

Time for another Union Update to update you on current events. Also, we want to use this opportunity to point out that in the coming weeks a total of four Anno games are celebrating their anniversaries – Anno 1503, for example, will be 20 years old very soon!

Cosmetic DLC 09 – Old Town Pack

Talking about older Anno titles: We have seen some questions about the winner of this year’s community vote: The Old Town Pack! No worries, our team has been hard at work bringing some medieval flair to your cities. We have a first small teaser for you today and will have more news and impressions in a few weeks. Do you recognise this fountain?

Technical Test – A new way to play Anno 1800

We also have something completely different, however, and something we’re very excited about: An announcement!

Part of our team has been working hard on bringing the base game experience of Anno 1800 to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5! And we would love to get your help for a Technical Test in November.

Sign up for the Technical Test by following this link. To participate in the Technical Test, you will need to own either an Xbox Series X|S or a PlayStation 5. And you will need to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before being accepted.

You probably have more questions, but we will have to ask you for a little bit more patience: We will have more information on the Anno 1800 Console Edition in early 2023.


*Please note that the test took place in November. You can find all info on the console version here

Community Spotlight

To complete this Union Update, we have a Community Spotlight for you with some of our favourite pictures of the last weeks:

Our first pick of the day is this panoramic shot by Velaurius on Reddit. “Sometimes it just takes your breath away” – well, this screenshot definitely left us breathless! The he full moon and the dim light reflecting on the calm see make the picture just perfect.

From full moon to Solar Eclipse in this shot by AnnoEffect shared on the Annoverse Discord! And look at that amazing city, perfectly balanced with ornaments and nature.  

Gustav156 clearly does not like pirates, as you can see from this screenshot shared on the Annoverse Discord. And those sea mines! Who do you think won this battle? We think the answer is fairly obvious. 

Aestris is quite famous on the Annoverse Discord for his Anno screenshots and his puns, too. This time he at least said sorry for his Enbesan screenshot: “I apologize if this picture is irrelephant”. Thank you, Aestris! 😀

Let’s close this Community Spotlight with a collection of screenshots by TravellerFvantom on Reddit. Out of the five pictures, we picked a closeup of the marketplace as it captures the perfect atmosphere of a small town at sunset: quiet and lively at the same time. 

Development of Anno 1800 Console Edition is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action within the framework of computer games funding.




  1. s screg95 October 29, 2022

    une bonne partie des succès à refaire et notamment Enbesa unification sans compte les autres

  2. s shervin100 October 26, 2022

    Hope you guys have a Mac OS release also planned for the future

  3. t thewenus October 22, 2022

    Is this still being released before the end of the year?

  4. P Pinepyi October 21, 2022

    Wow this is big, love to see it!

  5. m mentraton October 21, 2022

    Wow, ich habe ja mit vielem gerechnet, aber ein Anno auf Konsolen gehörte nicht dazu.
    Ich bin gespannt, wie das mit dem UI und der Steuerung umgesetzt wird. Immerhin sind meine Konsolen etwa doppelt so leistungsfähig wie mein PC also besser aussehen dürfte es schon mal.

  6. S Sword16Sword October 21, 2022

    Вы собираетесь работать над багами игры или нет? Две недели люди не могут закончить квест с узниками у маяка Арчибальда.


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