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Union Update: New World Rising Teasers and Livestream

Hey Anno Community,

Is it really this close to the end of the year already?

Well, then it’s time we start telling you more about “New World Rising” soon. Very soon, in fact, since we’re already starting next Tuesday: On November 15th, we will once again hold a live stream, showing off the contents of DLC 12. You can expect a first look at the new population tier, new production chains, the expansion of the New World and Anno 1800’s fourth scenario.

Tune in next Tuesday at 5PM UTC+1 on Twitch and join us in the chat!

To get you in the right mood, if you aren’t following our social channels, we have two small teasers already for you to give you a glimpse at what you can expect in the livestream and with DLC 12. Have a look!

Community Spotlight

We have a slightly different Community Spotlight today, since we’ll again highlight a few recent mods that took our liking. Before that we want to highlight Tour-Petronas’ screenshot of their city center (that also decorates the header of today’s blog) which they described with the words “I would genuinely love to be there”. Beautiful atmosphere!

Anno 1800 Mod Manager

If you are looking to use any of the mods below, don’t forget to check out the Anno 1800 Mod Manager – a mod manager, game launcher, and news hub for Anno 1800 created by LemonDrop1228. You can find all the information about the Anno mod manager here, so be sure to check it out! And thank you LemonDrop1228 for creating this tool!

Halloween Decorations Pack

Let’s start with the very recently released Halloween Pack by Mrkoekie and Taludas that adds several spooky ornaments for your cities – from Halloween-themed trees to a significantly spookier church, we’re sure this would (pumpkin-)spice up your autumn.

Palace Expansion & National Civic Hall

For the ones among you who love building grand: jje1000 both has a mod for you that expands your options when it comes to building a massive palace construct, there’s also a separate mod adding the National Civic Hall, a new building just for your investors.

Specialist and Items Pack

The last one is the “Perfect Specialist and Items Pack” by Hier0nimus. And we totally didn’t include it here only because a certain Pirtylo, Cecce and Thorlof were added as new items…

Disclaimer: Like last time, we want to clarify that, while we love seeing such an active modding scene, we do not officially support mods for Anno 1800.

That means that using/installing any of the mods listed above happens at your own risk. If you encounter bugs or other technical issues while using mods, we will not be able to offer official technical support for these modded savegames and recommend getting in touch with the mod creators.




  1. s screg95 November 12, 2022

    Bonjour, hâte de voir ce nouveau live, j’espère que les bugs seront résolus, injouables sur certaine partie. Puisque que les mods sont à l’honneur sur cette page, pourquoi ne pas les inclure dans un DLC cosmétique, même si on doit paye ce DLC ça permettrait que les modeurs soit rémunéré de leur travail

  2. D Danielingeson November 12, 2022


    This time I would be careful not like with the last DLC.
    DLC which brought its share of problems, in particular the reset of the local ministries.
    DLC that I don’t consider fully operational yet.
    Morality, I fear the worst with this one…

  3. P Pinepyi November 10, 2022

    So excited for livestream! Love to see modders get attention as well 😀


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