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Union Update: May patch, Anno movie fun and livestream

Hey Anno Community,

April is coming to end, time for a quick overview of current news and upcoming events:

May 23 – patches for PC and Console

As we mentioned previously, we’ve been at work at Game Update 17.1 for PC and Patch 2 for Consoles. For all platforms, we’ll be releasing their respective updates on May 23rd.

As soon as the updates have been validated some time later in May, we’ll have the patch notes here on the Anno Union for you for both PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox Series X|S.

What about… Anno movies?

If you’ve followed our social channels, you may have seen our little (not quite serious) posts on Anno movies that could be shown in the New World cinema. If you missed them, you can find the two movie posters here and here. What kind of movie in the Anno universe would you love to see? Let us know!

(no, this is not an actual movie announcement, we just want so see your creativity 😉 )

Below you can find both video clips of our two New World characters visiting the cinema to watch said movies. And… maybe something else?

Live stream announcement

We also want to use this opportunity to announce next week’s livestream! Join us on Thursday, May 4th on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte for a chill stream of playing Anno 1800.

You want us to showcase your savegame in any of our future livestreams? Then send them to anno-community@ubisoft.com – and feel free to add a brief description on what we should look out for!

Forums, Support and discussing Anno

As the ones of you who were frequenting the official Ubisoft forums know, said forums were decommissioned this week, including of course also the Anno forums.

If you were an avid user of the forum to discuss the game, report issues or seek gameplay help, there now is the (English-only) Ubisoft Discord server you can reach via this link.

For chats and discussions with other Anno players, we can also recommend heading to the Annoverse Discord server, with language channels for English, German, French and Russian. It’s also a great place to ask for help, share or find Stamps and find others for a multiplayer game.

Finally, there’s of course still the Anno Subreddit with its more forum-style approach.




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  1. L Lalcapone April 30, 2023

    I wonder whether there will be any reconsideration for DLCs for consoles. I’ve seen so many comments across social media asking for them. I imagine there are things the Devs can do to allow the DLCs to come to consoles, i.e. population caps, changes in demands of residents to reduce the amount of RAM usage on the machines etc. I’m sure there are plenty of other things that can be done. There seems to be plenty of people such as myself who would be willing to pay good money to get the DLCs, especially seasons 1 and 2. Please Devs, pretty please!


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