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Union Update – Launch of the new Known Issues List

Hey Anno Community,


Today we’re re-launching our public known issues list for Anno 1800 to provide you with better visibility on reported issues and their current status.

You might remember the previous list on the old forums which ended up being a bit hard to read for you and inconvenient to maintain for us. So, for the new list we decided to go for a different solution:

You can now find the new known issues list by following this link.

As you can see, the Trello board is split into different categories – the top cards give you a few more details on each of them if you’re unsure what the categories mean. Please also check our DevBlog about the Game Update Process for further details on which phases a bug report passes through.

If you click on one of the cards, you will get more info like a more detailed description, a workaround (if available), and a comment from the team if needed. If we need more information from you about a reported issue, the card is marked with a “Need Community Help” label.

Our goal with this board is, to provide you with visibility and additional information on some of the issues that are most important to our community. For this, we take both the severity into consideration as well as how important an issue seems to be for our players based on the number of reports and discussions (e.g. even a smaller issue can appear here when we see many of you talk about it).

Please also note that this overview does NOT cover all the things we’re investigating and will not include every single bug you discover.

Below you can find some answers to potential questions about the Known Issues list.

If you have any further questions, let us know in the comments. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve the board, feel free to also share those with us – we’re happy to further changes to the board to make it as useful as possible for you.


How do I report an issue I encountered?

There are multiple ways, be it via the official Anno forums or via the Ubisoft support. Find below links to all these channels.

Create a ticket or start a live chat:

Contact Ubisoft Support on Twitter or Facebook

Report the bug on the official Ubisoft Player Support forums.


Why don’t you give an exact date for a fix?

The fixing of some issues can take significantly longer than originally thought, while tests later may reveal additional issues or edge cases not previously considered.

If a specific issue is confirmed for the next Game Update, it will be marked accordingly, and you will be able to find the announcement of any upcoming Game Update as well as the respective patch notes here on the Anno Union closer to its release.


How often are you updating this board?

We aim to update this board on a weekly basis.


What happens to cards in the “Fixed” category?

We will regularly archive cards from the “Fixed” category after each major update. However, you can still find the full list of all previous bug fixes in the Release Notes section here on the Anno Union.




1 Comment
  1. m mcetnar March 17, 2022

    That list looks awfully incomplete. There are two major issue that significantly impact the game, but I don’t even see them among the “investigated” bugs. I had reported them both some time ago already. The posts can be found here:

    And don’t even start with the “it’s a feature” or “works as intended” for the first one. If that’s how it was intended then the devs might better reconsider their intentions.

    I won’t even mention the oil delivery bug, because I’ve been told by Takarazuka that it’s been known since last year. It happens when the city on Crown Falls grows and the player has several Power Plants. Some of them are randomly not being supplied with Oil. Demolishing the Oil Port and rebuilding it (but not upgrading to maximum) solves the problem temporarily.

    Fixing the minor bugs is obviously nice, but it’s the large ones that had a much greater impact on the game.


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