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Union Update: “Land of Lions” release

It’s time! Yesterday we launched “Land of Lions” and you can now set sail to the lands of Enbesa, discover the Land of Lions and assist Emperor Ketema in building a new capital for his empire.

What better way to celebrate the DLC release than with a proper Launch Trailer!


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Over the last weeks we published several DevBlogs detailing the content of the “Land of Lions” DLC and the mechanics and challenges it will bring to your Anno 1800 experience.

If you missed any of them or just want to refresh your memory before jumping into the game – here you go:

Part 1: “Land of Lions” Overview

Part 2: Shepherds and Irrigation

Part 3: Elders and Story

Part 4: Scholars and Research


As usual, we are releasing a packed-full free Game Update together with the DLC. Game Update 9 not only includes various bug fixes and adjustments, we also implemented a variety of feedback points from our community (like selecting an island for your ship to sail to when switching sessions) to further improve your overall experience with Anno 1800.

You can find an overview over these quality of life improvements here, and the full release notes here (beware, it’s a long list!).


Since Monday you’re also able to get two additional “Land of Lions” ornaments via the Twitch Drop event currently ongoing. We’ve prepared all details in this dedicated article, including a list of all streamers participating.

Ubisoft Connect and the Club Rewards

A few of you already noticed it on Wednesday: All regular Ubisoft Club rewards for Anno 1800 were unlocked for everyone for free!

This is related to the rebranding of the Ubisoft Club and Ubisoft Uplay into Ubisoft Connect – so no worries, you can keep them.

Since this is not a topic solely related to Anno 1800, we recommend following this link for more information on Ubisoft Connect and what it means for you as players.

Anno 1800 board game release

As a final bit of news: The Anno 1800 board game is now released! (in German; an English release is planned for next year) In this physical version of the game, published by KOSMOS, you need to manage your workforce and fulfill your citizens’ needs while facing off against your competitors directly across the table. Have a look at our interview with its designer Martin Wallace.

Additionally, accompanying the SPIEL.digital online trade fair, a replacement for the usual physical event in Essen, you can test a digital (albeit German) version of the Anno 1800 board game for free. More details can be found here.




  1. A Anymn November 1, 2020

    Land of lions is an amazing DLC. It adds so much that was ‘lacking’ a bit from the game:
    * Nice in-depth (side-)quest, requiring some actual analyzing (would love to see more!)
    * The research institute and Scholars, which give a goal to the end-game. Now there is reason to expand.
    * A beautiful region to play with, however I’ve to admit that after finishing the question lines, it feels a bit empty as there is no attractiveness/tourism and too few NPC’s (no pirates!). After a while, you can safely ignore it all together.

    All in all, definitely the best DLC so far for Anno 1800, and it’s a pity that no 3th season pack was announced. I’ve a ton of ideas of features that would be nice to see implemented, but unfortunately I cannot pitch them as I’m just a casual player 🙁

  2. 7 76561198126682170 October 26, 2020

    The DLC has been a lot of fun so far…But there are some problems…The game crashed on me numerous times and there are game breaking glitches…for example…I am unable to deliver an item needed for completing a side quest…Certain books in the ancient library I cannot read again once i have read them…A side quest which asks me to get access to the library has appeared after I already got access and now the quest is stuck and cannot be completed (There is probably a connection between the problem with the books and this quest being stuck)…
    I hope that these gliches can be fixed and that I won’t be forced to revert back to a point, where these problems didn’t occur…

  3. t toddof October 25, 2020

    Hi guys. Why is it impossible to comment in the german version of anno union. I would like to ask why the radio station does no need access tho electricity? That’s sounds inconsequential

  4. F FerudaFarstaria October 23, 2020

    Hello I have a specific question regarding the Ubisoft Club transition. If we unlock an achievement in ANNO 1800 that gives EXP, Club Points, Badges, ETC. Will it give us those or no? Are the achievements in ANNO 1800 completely disabled for the club now and we don’t have to worry about or report as a bug as usual when a achievement doesn’t unlock? Or are the achievements for the game still active and we can still earn what they give? I’ve gone through the information regarding this. But I don’t see anything in the FAQ that relates to my specific question. I’d like to know if I have to still worry about the achievements for ANNO 1800 or if I can simply just ignore them now. I also see that ANNO 1800 will not transition to Ubisoft Connect. So I take it that means if any future content regarding bonuses come out for ANNO 1800 where will they appear if at all? I wasn’t expecting this transition and it is starting to confuse me with what’s going on. If the developers could give me a more definite answer I would really appreciate that. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

  5. Z Zuhre October 23, 2020

    I can´t access Land of lions in the game (it says it´s not available yet). When will it be released in Sweden?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof October 26, 2020

      Hey, Land of Lions was released worldwide last Thursday. If you can’t access the new content, please get in touch with out customer support (http://support.ubisoft.com/)


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