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Union Update – Industrial Zone Community Spotlight

Hello Annoholics,

We hope you’re enjoying the summertime!

Last week we released the “Industrial Zone” Pack Cosmetic DLC with several new ornaments related to construction, industry and the railway. We’ve already seen A LOT of fantastic screenshots and videos since then, so, of course we had to bundle up some of our favorites in a Community Spotlight. Just scroll to the end of the blog if you need some inspiration for your own cities.

Empire of the Skies & Old Town Pack

As we said above: It’s July, summer already! That means DLC 11 – Empire of the Skies – is coming closer and it won’t take too long anymore until we start talking about airships, mail delivery and the features the new Game Update will bring. Expect first details in late July!

But before we launch our airships, we want to give you a first status update for the “Old Town Pack”, the winner of this year’s community vote. So, expect a first glimpse in the next two weeks – we’re sure you’re going to love it.

Community Spotlight

Since the release of the “Industrial Zone” Pack Cosmetic DLC we have seen many screenshots portraying your Anno 1800 cities: from very elaborate industrial districts to railway stations and busy construction sites. Your creativity really shows from those captures, and we are amazed by the way you adapted some of the ornaments in different ways.

Our first pick of the day is this collection of screenshots by One_King_4900, portraying different districts of their Anno 1800 city. Everything is perfectly organised: the Loading Yard, the Packing District, Metro Central Station and more! The screenshot below shows the Steelworks District, and we think it is a perfect representation of the Industrial Revolution.

Speaking of using ornaments in different ways, Pyronite shared this screenshot on Discord, where you can see the Railway Hall used right next to the Commuter Pier, linking it to the city. Can we talk about how great all these ornaments from different CDLC fit perfectly together?

Desman2k6 did an outstanding job with this Train Station – and it only took them 2 hours of Twitch live stream to build it! You can find anything you need in this train station, from pizza to a chestnut stall and tiny market stands here and there. Something seems to be under construction in the background… What is it going to be?

Not long after, desman2k6 has shared an updated version of the Train Station. The sun setting on the horizon simply creates a peaceful atmosphere and brings everything together for this lovely train station! Adding the canals was a great idea, as they frame the station perfectly.

Wow, this part of the city seems to be very busy! Neufsgdv did a great job, putting all this together! Not only is there a railway guard hut to check that everything is on order for the trains, but check those pedestrian bridges from the Pedestrian Zone Pack CDLC, perfectly fitting the style of the railway hall!

This is all for today’s Union Update. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments below or reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook! 




  1. M Mohammad_ford July 12, 2022

    Best game well done. Thank you
    Please continue and create miracles
    Mohammad from Iran ❤❤❤❤

  2. c calymne July 8, 2022

    ich wüßte gerne woher die Gas/Öltanks in Eurem Titelbild rechts unten sind – die hab ich bisher in keinem Menü entdeckt…

    • A Acidello July 9, 2022

      Hey! You can find those Oil Deposits in the “Electricity” menu, in a branch from Oil Harbour, they are in the main game (no DLCs needed) 😀


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