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Union Update: Here comes the AnnoCast!

Welcome back to our Anno Union Community Update after the short bank holiday break last week. As some of you may know, October 3rd is the German national Holiday as we celebrate the German reunification, and this year, the official ceremonial act took place in our home city of Mainz. That is why we at Ubisoft Blue Byte also took part, with a small exhibition of some of the prettiest concept art from Anno 1404, 2205, The Settlers, Champions of Anteria and Assassin’s Creed identity. In addition, we had one of our Senior Concept Artists, Ramón, do live demos where he drew some concept art for visitors to watch on a big screen. Good times were had, and we greatly enjoyed the chance to tell attendees of the event more about our work and the art of game development.

Moving on, with a short update about the next big Anno Union vote: With our Monument blog, we asked the Union for ideas about World Fair Exhibitions and you clearly know how to deliver. Our team is currently going through all your great ideas and we will be able to kick off the next vote soon.

Time for the first AnnoCast!

The next agenda point is an announcement many of you waited for: The first AnnoCast will air this Friday, 5pm CEST on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte

The AnnoCast will be our new Anno Union Live Podcast on Twitch and we plan to add more formats such as developer streams and Let’s Play sessions to the channel in the future. In our first episode, Creative Director Dirk Riegert and Int. Brand Manager Marcel Hatam will join Community Developer Bastian Thun to discuss the Anno Union and answer your questions. We hope that many Anno Union members join us during our show.

If you have questions for the QnA part of upcoming podcast, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.
But please keep the questions spot on and brief, as we have to read them out loud during the show!

Community Spotlight

Finally yet importantly, we have another shout out for our Anno communities out there: The Anno Subreddit!

And with that, we hand over keyboard to Logon, admin of /r/Anno:
I started the /r/anno community because all the Anno subreddits where game specific, and this would cause the community to splinter between games. The subreddit started when Anno 2070 was about to be released but I still mostly played Anno 1404 which meant that I could not use the Anno 2070 subreddit due to it being off topic at the time. Now the subreddit is one of the main Anno subreddits which gamespecific ones always popping up with each new release. Hopefully Anno 1800 will continue to grow the Anno community and with the help all the other Anno communities and BlueByte we can grow both the game series and community in a positive way!

And don’t forget: We happily give your community project or creations a spot in the limelight. We created an own topic in the Ubisoft forum to make it easier to reach out to us and will see if we can add a fan section on the Union in future: Moving Pictures: we are looking for your creative content!

Community Q&A

Let’s move on to our QnA session

I would love it as a gamer if we could enjoy your work up close and personal- not just zooming in, but moving at eye level through my city to see my inhabitants. 

Basti: Experiencing the vivid world of Anno in first person surely sounds exciting but implementing such a feature is not as easy as it sounds. The game is simply not optimized for a first person camera mode. As an example, buildings are created with the specific isometric Anno view in mind, from the shape to the displayed angle. Implementing a first person cam would mean we would have to spent a lot of work creating the camera system itself, its movement, improving buildings and structures so they look good from a FPS angle to optimizing various assets. Creating all assets that would look great in a first person camera would also mean that we would likely have to go with smaller maps, and higher system requirements. And to be frank here, spending so many development resources for a feature that wouldn’t add real value to the game would be better spent working on more important features.

I hope that Anno 1800’s buildings will have the same attention to detail so players are tempted to spend some time just looking at them.

Basti: There is a lot of work put into the game to ensure that you are immersed in the lively world of Anno. How many bits and pieces we create might be worth to highlighting in a future DevBlog. The Union can let us know if you are interested that 😉 In the meanwhile, this short clip should speak for itself:

(Clip is from a work-in-progress pre-alpha version)

Arkenophas (From the DevBlog: Concept Art):
Wich software do ou use for this render ? Photoshop ? In the little animation, there is a 3D mock-up you talked about, no ? Is it not to hard to imagine a building only with photos ? I mean, I suppose we can’t see everything of a building with photos, so, do you need to imagine the unseen part, as you have less than three bricks on a photo ^^ ? And yes, I forgot something ^^ How do you begin your work ? 

André: The first sketches are done completely in Photoshop. 3d mock-ups are done in 3ds Max and sometimes edited with in-house tool. Overpainting the mockup is then again done in PS sometimes using photo textures.
Working with old references can be challenging at times, especially as some of these older illustrations can be hard to read. Sometimes we just pick ideas from several different sources (e.g. the materials from picture 1, the roof structure from pic 2 etc.). I did a lot of experimentation with different drawing techniques to find a way to efficiently draw detailed-looking buildings. During this process, you also nurture a keener eye for the era you are working on. If I see a brick stone factory these days, I will automatically take a closer look. In addition, there are of course films and tv series from the era that help you build up a mental library of ideas and references.

In the end, the most important aspect is what people associate with the 19th century, like big smoke stacks or bricked buildings. We have to consider these expectations to successfully transport players to this era.

I love the idea of using the exhibitions as an active gameplay elements, and that you can earn items through it (so will you just select one of them that you get to keep?). Do you think it may be possible to add further exhibitions later on, for example through DLC?

Natacha: With the world fair, you can choose the event you want to prepare, but one event at a time! Once the event has ended, you can make another choice. First and foremost, our focus is on the release version, but since events are subject to an unlock during the late game, adding content should be simple for this feature.

I’m very happy that there will finally be a possibility of interaction with the public buildings!! Nice. I hope this will be for every building and not only zoo and fair.

Natacha: We also believe that placing a building should not be an end in itself, and that providing interactivity with buildings adds a lot of strategic gameplay. Yet, buildings have different functions, and we will implement this interactivity where it can truly add value. Who knows, maybe the items could play a role here as well? J

denksteichich (from the forums):
Will there be natural catastrophes like earthquakes or erupting volcanoes? Will there be environmental pollution through the factories?

Basti: Natural disasters won’t be in the release version of the game. However, factories will be something you have to look out for, as they are a possible fire hazard for your metropolis. While we don’t want that pollution has a big impact on the game, as it was even a main theme in 2070, you might imagine that your citizen might not be that font of the idea to have a big industrial factory district in front of their courtyard.

Fireseed (from the forums):
Will there be a companion app again?

Basti: We are fully focused on delivering a great PC game with Anno 1800, so there are no plans for a companion app.

Will there be churches or religion in Anno 1800? I couldn’t see any church towers in the trailer, but in the older Annos religion was always a need you had to fulfill, and the churches helped to create prettier cities.

Rest assured, our churches won’t just be a decorative building for beauty builders.




  1. r ruuti0 February 5, 2018

    Again nice video, hopefully we see more of those when you come back from your holidays!

  2. P PabloHople October 20, 2017

    Since the first time i played ANNO ( wich was ANNO 1701 ) i loved the voices of the characters, in my language (Castellano or Spain’s spanish) it was familiar for me because i could interactuate with the history (i was 11 years old). After that i become a annoholic. I bought ANNO 1404 and i’ enjoyed it so much. So i had a lot of espectatives when ANNO 2070 was announced and i reserved it fast like the wind blows but it was disappointed for me becouse i dont know enougth english to understant well the voices of the characters so i got lost a lot of history, reading a lot of text and the same happened with ANNO 2205. My question is are you going to dubb the game in other languages or simply make it like the two games before?

  3. b banan1996.1996 October 12, 2017

    How many factions and population classes will be there in the game?

    Will there be pirates?

    Will you include workforce feature in the game? If the answer is yes then I hope we will have to transport our people to production islands.

    How many monuments will we see in the game?

  4. A Arkenophas October 11, 2017

    Thank you for your answers, André 😀 I just began to use Photoshop, and I’m learning Maya this year, so I hope I’ll be able to do the same 🙂 Otherwise, really nice show of this “market” ! (is it one ?)

  5. c clesius October 11, 2017

    What about Sound track ?
    God, I can’t wait to play this game ! Gonna be the game of the decade !

  6. M Mendahor October 11, 2017

    Thanks for the clip, it look soooo beautiful

    Will we be able to see the twitch live in VOD ?

    • B BB_CR October 12, 2017

      Yes, the VoD will be available right after on Twitch.

  7. b bokops44 October 10, 2017

    In all anno games so far (that I played) you needed to upgrade houses into a higher tier of social and economic welfare, but in reality the poor usually live in a higher density then the rich, will density of housing ever be a thing, like low-medium-high density for the classes ? in the industrial era it was really common the poor lived in long rows of 5 story tall houses. in anno 2205 all facilities except housing needed workers, wouldn’t it be logical to give facilities and industries a requirement for specific classes of workforce, like a few high wealth people, alot of poor people and some average working power ?

  8. M Mr_Boatyface October 10, 2017

    I absolutely love how vived the city seems in the short clip. Especially the coach cought my attention. Makes me wonder if it has any sort of function, is it some sort of market cart, or will it have other purposes?

  9. F FHackner October 10, 2017

    seems like buildings will adapt to slopped terrain, I love that

  10. B BlueBreath October 9, 2017

    Tavern looks busy. And is that some kind of clean water source on the same side with the tavern?

    • B BlueBreath October 9, 2017

      It is cool if it is a well of some sort. I like the service mechanics you have in Anno online and the landmarks buildings that attract more population.

  11. S Soulridder October 9, 2017

    Hm, the statement that natural disasters might not be in the release version…

    Thought not to have natural disasters makes me a bit sad. I always liked it in Anno 1404 and 1701 for example to go straight for the next volcanic island to build my city on top of it while knowing that half of it will end like Pompei a few minutes later. ^^
    (Living in my cities might be dangeours.)

    Now a question:
    – Which hardware is used for making the Games? Like what specs do the PCs have? Are there different PC specs for different tasks which need to be done on that PC (for example the Programmer got a more powerfull PC than the Concept Artists)??
    – Which graphics tablets are used for drawing?

    And as last, in my opinion the most important question:
    – Which build tools are used to compile the source code? CMake, Gradle etc.??

  12. O Olinater October 9, 2017

    Some questions I have (I’ll see if any of these questions is answerable at this time 😉 ):
    Could you guys hint us some details about the story of the campaign?
    Could you show us more about how the different regions, or sessions, will look like?
    – What kind of climate/theme will they have (Caribbean, jungles, icy places for the gathering of whale oil)?
    Could you guys show us a (simple) production chain that will be in the game? Or one that is part of the discussion about adding it.

  13. S Swimming-Paul October 9, 2017

    I would like to know if the floor textures of the houses and other buildings is going to automatically change to match the type of road placed next to them (dirt roads / stone roads).

    This was the case with the markets in Anno 1404 and I´m personally concerned about this, because it has a big impact in the final look of the cities. I usually find it very hard to integrate level 1 and 2 houses with my cities because the contrast between their floor textures and the stone roads I use doesn´t look good enough, and i find it sad since a lot of those level 1 houses are very beautiful and would look great mixed with higher level houses.

  14. N Nox_29 October 9, 2017

    Will there be a pirate character in Anno 1800 (like Hassan ben Sahid) ?
    Will there be money and honor (or something with the same concept) in 1800?
    Will there be different regions to sail to? Like oxidant and orient in 1404 or the different region types in 2205?

  15. P Prince_Diego October 9, 2017

    I would love to know if there will be a difference in usability between sail ships and steam ships. Will we have to Power steamships with coal? Will they have special features like refrigeration for transporting perishable goods perhaps?

    • C CorsairUplay October 11, 2017

      I’m hoping we can make coal through both mining and charcoal burning. Fueling ships with coal reminds me of the Aeroplanes in anno 2070, so i Think that it will be a part of anno 1800.

      I think sail ships will be weaker, starter ships, and whereas they might be multi purpose early game I’d see them as cheap disposable scout ships later on


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