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Union Update: Happy Holidays

Hey Anno Community,

Here we are at the end of 2021. It has been a year packed with content and surprises for Anno 1800 and lots of amazing screenshots, videos and creations shared by you. We are getting a bit nostalgic, so, before we get to the part with the gifts, let’s walk through 2021 for one last time, in this Union Update.

The Anno Year 2021 in Review

2021 started with a bang: our first big step of the year was sharing with you the first Season 3 Pass trailer, to let you have a glimpse of what 2021 had in store for you on the Anno 1800’s front.

Not too long after that, Season 3 kicked off with the first DLC of the Season, “Docklands”, followed by “Tourist Season” and finally “The High Life”.

The first Cosmetic DLC of the year was released in April, the “Vehicle Liveries Pack” – it was all about skins and new model variations for your airships, trains and ships.

Later that month, you voted for your favourite Cosmetic DLC themes, which were then implemented in the game: September was the perfect time to add some canals and new ornaments with the “Pedestrian Zone Pack”, while last week we released the “Vibrant Cities Pack”, a total of 69 skins for residence buildings as well as 3 new model variations for the Marketplace. Now you can express your creativity in many ways and make your cities look even more lively and vibrant!

Between October and November, we celebrated several Annoversaries: Happy birthday again to Anno 1503, Anno 1701, Anno 2070, and Anno 2205! We loved reading your memories related to your favourite Anno titles, so keep them coming!

And then there was one more celebration: This year, we also reached a particularly important milestone – there are now more than 2 million Anno players around the world! We celebrated this with two ship skins, one for the Ship of the Line and one for the Battle Cruiser.


Our big end of the year update, GU 13, was released last week and included Anno 1800’s first scenario, “Eden Burning”, which is the result of our participation in the Green Game Jam, organised by the UN under the “Playing for the Planet” umbrella. If you would like to know more about the project and the new game mode, we wrote a dedicated DevBlog here on the Anno Union.

Alongside with this new game mode, we teamed up with Ecologi to support reforestation efforts: We released the “Plant a Tree” DLC – all net proceeds will be donated to Ecologi to support the planting of more trees. Head over to the Ubisoft Store to purchase it, support our planet and receive an ornamental Ceiba Tree for your cities!

Issues related to GU13

As communicated last week, we are aware of the issues following Game Update 13, and our teams are actively investigating the reports made by you. We apologise for any inconveniences and frustration caused by the bugs introduced with the latest update and thank you for your patience. Please follow this thread on our Official Forum to stay updated on the matter and for a list of several of the issues we are currently aware of.

We worked hard over the last months to prepare a nice update bundle for our community before the Holidays, but acknowledge that GU13 did not release in the state we would have liked it to release.
This is a lesson that we will include in our planning for next year and Season 4, to e.g. allocate additional time for bugfixing and polishing before a release.

We will have more news for you in January.

Happy Holidays!

And here we are, at the end of this blog. Looking back at everything that happened, we can say it aloud: What a year it has been! We cannot wait for you to see what the Anno Team has in store for you. 2022 is just around the corner, and so is Season 4 for Anno 1800 – more info coming in March!

Thank you, dear Anno Community, for the amazing support you constantly show us. As an early Christmas present for you all, we combined all of this year’s artworks in a new Wallpaper Pack!


And to get all of us in the right mood for the Holidays, we requested the services of the one and only Dulcamarra – don’t you think this artwork perfectly captures the spirit of the (slightly chaotic) Anno family? We absolutely love it!

And with that: Happy Holidays, Annoholics, and a Happy New Year!

We’ll be back in January with renewed energy.

The Anno Team




  1. B BeetrootPancake January 4, 2022

    Wow, well done
    Eden Burning made me play the game again. By me scenarios are most wanted freature for the 1800.
    I didn’t made for gold yet (too rusty, didn’t play the game for 2 years). Of course I could use exploit for the air quality to make things easy, I don’t want to. Fix it please.
    Hopefully we’ll get more scenarios.
    Thank You

  2. G Gluiperd13 December 29, 2021

    Happy holidays and thanks a lot for all the effort in another great Anno year!!

    As said below please do more of these scenarios. I loved to have for a change only one map to focus on, and complexity came from something else (in this case the limited building options and soil/air/water requirements). Very well done! Hope to see more solo region scenarios with unique buildings and technologies.

  3. S Safirekitty December 28, 2021

    Just finished Eden Burning, and I have to say it’d be neat to see Yaosca again in Season 4, maybe living happily on her cleaned up island with the new hydropower dam. She could trade useful items to the players, perhaps?

    I’d love to see some other stuff from the scenario again too, like foresters and fish farms, though obviously they would work differently in a normal game. Perhaps just as modules adding efficiency to fisheries/treecutters,
    similar to tractors or silos?

  4. K Katje-Katrien December 22, 2021

    Hello everyone,

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all of you
    Congratulations with the milestone of 2 million players. 😀
    Thank you a lot for all the free gifts.
    I have a lot off fun with the scenario. I am not a fan of doing things against the clock but I really appreciate the challenge. It is a real nice scenario. I love it.
    The “Vibrant Cities Pack” is awesome. The new skin pack in combination with all the other Cosmetic DLC’s gives me many ideas to build different cities. Many hours off new pleasure.



  5. d daber996 December 22, 2021

    Damn, peeps be salty – gamers with no jobs/hobbies are hecka grumpy. This is a great game, and I’m so happy devs are still working on this game. I bust my butt 70hrs a week at work, and this is honestly the only game I can still play along with TW Warhammer 2. The fact that I can keep playing it on my off time with the new skins and the fact that there will be more S4 content really makes me happy. Some people are never satisfied, jeeez. Best vibes to one of the best games ever.

    • t thekingkupo December 22, 2021

      That’s amazing you work 70 hours and still find time to comment. lmao. I am grateful for anno 1800 because its a beautiful game. But was just expecting an ornament at least. I still support them no matter what but people can’t really express their expectation without you ruining the vibe for every body else huh? Now I wonder whos grumpier? you attacking other people calling them “jobless gamers” or people stating their grievance because they expected more out of their hard earned money? I do have a job btw which I don’t have to work “70 hours.” to be grumpy.

  6. B BocaThala December 21, 2021

    Many thanks to you for the great work you have been doing this year!!

    Happy holidays and see you soon ♥

  7. a albisio December 21, 2021

    Muito obrigado pelo vosso excelente trabalho. Um bom novo ano para toda a equipa da Ubisoft e vossas famílias.

    Al o ?

  8. t thekingkupo December 21, 2021

    Wow was at least expecting a holiday ornament of some sorts but a wallpaper? Lmao. Some guy even put on alarm and hot choco for this gift.

  9. S SteamCoding December 21, 2021

    A blog post and wallpapers won’t redeem you for leaving the game in this state until next year. So, not really Happy Holidays.

  10. A AemaethNorrhart December 21, 2021

    “Thank you, dear Anno Community, for the amazing support you constantly show us. As an early Christmas present for you all, we combined all of this year’s artworks in a new Wallpaper Pack!”

    Happy Holidays ands thakn you very mich for the hard work on this marvellous game !

  11. M Misiek_1991 December 21, 2021

    Thank you very much for a wonderful year! I appreciate your hard work and devotion. Don’t worry about the issues, because man who makes no mistakes does not usually 🙂 I look forward to season 4 and… 5 😉 Happy Holidays to The Anno Team and Annoholics!


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