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Union Update: Community Spotlight

After the excitement of last week’s news with great announcements for next year, time to catch our breath and look into the near future this week.

First, however, we want to thank you for all the comments following last week’s announcement! We’re grateful for your support and happy that our plans for 2021 were so well received and resulted in so many additional feedback threads and comments which we’re following with great interest.

We’re excited to show you more about what we have planned in January.

GU 9.2 coming

We’re happy to confirm the release of Game Update 9.2 for Tuesday next week, 2PM CET / 8AM EST / 5AM PST. This update will address several bugs that were reported to us as well as some potential causes for multiplayer desyncs. The full release notes will be published on Tuesday.

Send us your cities!

Only a few weeks are left in this 2nd Anno 1800 year, but we can’t end it without one last livestream. In early spring we asked you to send us savegames from your cities for us to visit and to wonder at. We’d love to do so once more and see what you have been building over the year.

If you want to send us your savegame for us to check out live on stream, please send it to anno-community@ubisoft.com

Community Spotlight

We’re not getting tired of looking at your creations and are happy to share more of them in this week’s Community Spotlight!

The release of the “City Lights Pack” was taken up by several of you to redesign parts of your city. Mithaldriel clearly loves the Clearwater Basin – we just hope their residents do, too.

With the Research Institute in the “Land of Lions” DLC it’s now possible to move Clay Pits and Oil Springs. Stuffel_Z used this new opportunity to create dedicated areas for their brick and oil industry.

And while we know plenty of you love chasing for new records and building the most efficient layouts, there’s also something visually pleasing about slightly more “chaotic” city designs like the one beam05 showed on Reddit:

And to close this section of the blog, let’s take a look at darkwhite1602’s city! Oh…

A small bonus, did you know you can satisfy the needs of the first 3 resident tiers only by producing wood, wool and iron? Now you know… thank you, BluntRazor14.




  1. m meteorasky November 28, 2020

    Actually, you can’t use Dennis or Martin or the archbishop on artisans because they don’t need pub or church. So you can satisfy only the needs of the first two tiers with those items.

  2. M Mikunius16 November 27, 2020

    Hat man auch die Möglichkeit Spielstände einzusenden, bei denen gemoddete Gebäude und Ornamente verwendet wurden ?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 27, 2020

      Kannst du grundsätzlich, aber da wir für den Stream keine gemoddete Version des Spiels verwenden, kanns sein, dass sich das nicht verträgt.

  3. T TeufelNgF November 27, 2020

    Das hört sich super an hoffe ich kann dann wieder schön spielen habe ein Bug das wenn ich forschen möchte mein Spiel abstürzt

  4. S Sternenstaub41 November 27, 2020

    Hey hey
    Es wäre wirklich Klasse, wenn ich Mal wieder auf meine Ubisoft Club Belohnungen zugreifen könnte. Sind leider seid LDL gesperrt .
    Desweiteren ist Multiplayer fast unspielbar geworden, wegen ständigen Desync.

  5. S Serpenthalis November 27, 2020

    Ne schöne brennende Stadt, die er/sie da gebaut hat^^

  6. V VeliosTV November 26, 2020

    Die unterste Stadt ist 1 zu 1 die von nem Kumpel – Nicht vom Aufbau her, aber bei dem fackelt auch immer alles und überall Aufstände xD


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