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Union Update: City Lights

Since the release of “Land of Lions” last week we received a looot of feedback from you. A big thank you from the Anno team for all the lovely comments, for the praise, the stories of the little surprises you found while playing and all the videos and screenshots you shared.

We’re happy that you’re enjoying the lands of Enbesa and the features of Game Update 9 as much as we hoped you would.


Of course, we also kept track of the reports some of you posted about bugs and technical issues you are facing and your feedback about certain mechanics or balance decisions that you would like to see changed.

While we’re still going through plenty of your suggestions and ideas, we can confirm that our team is currently working on Game Update 9.1 to address the issues some of you are dealing with at the moment.

Game Update 9.1 is scheduled for mid-November, and we will soon share more details with you.

City Lights

Another topic for November will be the release of the “City Lights” Cosmetic DLC Pack which we already teased a few weeks ago. As before, we will introduce you to the content of this DLC and tell you a bit about the creation and ideas behind it in a dedicated DevBlog.

Expect more details including the exact release date soon.

Community Spotlight

We mentioned the number of screenshots earlier in this post, so what better place to post them than in this very Union Update? Thank you for the great shots, keep them coming ?

Discovering Enbesa via airship or using it for a touristy sight-seeing tour? SirQuestinghood had the right idea.

Of course, figuring out the best layouts incorporating the canals of the new irrigation system is one of the challenges of “Land of Lions”. Both archibeaver and Apfelcreme shared some for Sanga Cow, Goat and Linseed Farms:

Leaving Enbesa and returning to the Old World, the new Research Institute and Scholar Residences change the cityscape of the settlements there, as Seilofo and Eremon485 show:

Last but not least, we simply had to include Laudica’s circular city. You can already see the preparations for where the Scholars are supposed to go.




  1. B BEEBEE1800 October 29, 2020

    Just wondering…

    It would really be helpful to see a list of trade routes with assigned ships and stops when selecting a island in trade route menu.
    Having around 100 ships to manage is a bit of a task ;-)…
    To simplify the idea – When an island is selected – only trade routes that start at the island (nr 1) would be selected.

    Great management game btw…;-)

  2. V VeliosTV October 29, 2020

    Really having fun with the DLC, awesome work! Keep it up, folks 🙂

  3. d donderfeniks October 29, 2020

    Thanks for the nice DLC. It’s even better than I hoped for. Certainly the new possibilities of making you’re islands self sufficient. I like doing that. After two years my investors on my starting islands get coffee again, they’re happy. I fell from my chair when I completed the set Gods of the Delta set in my museum. I’ve chosen for a scarcity of influence in my save file. So it was more than welcome.

    Sometimes DirectX crashes, but I hope this update will fix it.

    However I hope we still get an update with the overview of used influence point (for each island) in the overview.
    Certainly for how many influence each island is using (then we know how large an island is.) I had difficulties on finding an island for placing all my scholars on. You can’t see how many tiles an island is.

    I’m still hoping it’s not the last one. I still want to set my ships out to the far east. The changes are small, but I enjoy Enbesa.


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