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Union Update: First focus-test has concluded

This week in the Anno Union, we return to the life of your factory workers and explain how your power over their working conditions can not only impact the productivity of your economy, but also the happiness of your residents. More residential tier DevBlog’s are on the way in the future, accompanied by more details about Anno 1800’s feature set as it opens up during your gameplay progress.

The first Anno Union focus-test has concluded
Over the course of the last two weeks, we gave a dozen Union Members the chance to test the development version of Anno 1800. The dedication and effort all of our Union testers put into their reports and detailed observations was astounding, providing dozens of pages with valuable data for our team.
But it’s not only about additional learnings for the game’s improvements; knowing when a feature works as intended and if the gameplay flow feels rewarding and satisfying is easily as important to us as new ideas. In theory, you can develop a game for decades, continuously improving and adding features and as a result, never getting the product ready for the release. For that reason, positive feedback helps us to know if we are on the right track with the game and its existing list of features.

So what is next? The first thing we need to do is to create an aggregated report, combining all the feedback from the playtest, which then needs to get discussed to identify action points to further improve or develop.
The success of the first test demonstrated that the combination of feedback collected via the Union, events and playtests creates an effective synergy of data to work with.
As it was only the beginning, we will continue to leverage the knowledge from our community with future Anno Union focus tests. As always, we will keep you in the loop and updated as soon as we are about to open the second focus test group.

Anno Cast 03 this week Thursday, March 22nd, 4.30pm CET
Anno Cast 03 goes live this week, break a leg! This Thursday, we will discuss some current and past development of the game, how the Union feedback helps us in all stages of development and of course, show you Anno 1800 in action again. As with previous episodes, we will also answer some questions, some of them previously gathered in the comments (so keep asking) and others during the actual show.

As always, we will publish a blog this Thursday to watch the stream live on the Anno Union.




  1. G GmExpresso March 21, 2018

    I hope voices and music will be great, it’s an important point of the game.
    I remember the french “HUD voice” ( the voice alerting me when i produce to much ^^) was really great in anno 1404 and the musics was great too.

  2. M MyLittlePiglet March 20, 2018

    Will the game have any special or “hard-to-get” achievements such as “The Gold Ship” achievement of Anno 1404?

    I also absolutely loved the idea of “The Gold Ship” achievement in Anno 1404. Which is really difficult and time consuming to get and which would take hundreds of hours and many matches to achieve, but which bring so much satisfaction once you get it!!

    Furthermore, will there be any interaction between the different civilization tiers? For example, I can imagine that the higher class people would absolutely despise the lower class people. Also visually it wouldn’t make much sense to see high-class tier houses right next to farmers houses. I know we could upgrade houses manually to prevent this but I would like to see some interaction between the different civilization tiers.

  3. B Boldzmann March 20, 2018

    Will the city council and espionage as in the Venice add-on?

  4. j joseAnn2033 March 19, 2018

    Will there be war by land in this Anno 1800?

    • E Ednex_RED March 26, 2018

      I hope so!

      The 1503 System was the best in my opinion. Those archers where so much fun!

      And I hated the 1404 one with the static bases.


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