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Union Update: End-of-Year Livestream and a Community Spotlight

Hey Anno Community,

Decorations everywhere and it’s getting rather cold (at least here in Mainz) that can mean only one thing: the end of the year is near!

Before that, however, we have one last livestream planned:

Livestream – December 12th

On Tuesday, December 12th, we’ll be holding our “End of Year Livestream” from 5PM CET/UTC+1 to 6:30PM CET/UTC+1. We’ll be playing some Anno 1800 but most importantly – we’ll have a fantastic guest lineup!

Joining us first will be Laura, Prop Artist – giving us insights into the work of a 3D Artist and the creation of the Cosmetic DLC.

Then we’ll be welcoming Jannika, Game Writer, and talk about hidden references in ingame texts.

And rounding things off are Rico & Christian, our two UI Programmers, giving you an overview over their work and the challenges with such a UI-heavy game like Anno.

We hope to see you there – this will be a great opportunity to ask our experts questions you always wanted to know the answers to!

And… there might be a giveaway?

Modding Contest

The Anno 1800 Modding Contest ended last week and we’re currently looking at the entrants. Thank you to everyone who sent in their creation – we’ll have a separate blog with the winners at the end of this week, latest next week before the holidays.

Community Spotlight

Last but not least, we’re happy to highlight just a few more creations by our community!

We start with something nostalgic: A map for Anno 1602! This absolutely HUGE map by SirVesanus features multiple islands, large landmasses and places to explore.


Secondly, this mod caught our attention: It’s a new church skin inspired by the great Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, created by Mrkoekie.

When talking tourist attractions: MSC111 created these beautiful menus based on the dishes from the Tourist Season DLC restaurants.


And lastly, fitting to the current season, we also want to share this little old town Christmas market created by Finchen on Discord.




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