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Union Update: Community Challenge results + upcoming Community Vote

Community Challenge

The first Community Challenge for this year has ended, and you crushed the target: We asked you to build at least 60,000 Fertiliser Modules in the two weeks after the release of DLC 10 – and you built a whopping 145,166!

Clearly, we underestimated your fascination for fertiliser (even with the currently still long production timer) – we will keep that in mind for the challenge for DLC 11.

As announced, for reaching the target we will add two new company logos for all players to the game. This will happen with a future update (not next week’s Game Update 14.1) but you can already take a look at them below:


We also received some feedback on expanding the idea of the Community Challenges to non-DLC-owners. That’s something we will keep in mind for next time.

Cosmetic DLC Vote

As announced in February, we are once again planning a community vote for the theme of the third of this year’s Cosmetic DLC!

This vote will start on Tuesday next week with three topics to choose from. After two weeks we will start development on the winning topic, the release is planned for autumn.

More details on this next week – we’re excited to see the outcome.

Video Game Music concert

We mentioned it a few weeks ago, and here’s your reminder:

This Saturday, April 30th, at 8 PM CEST you can listen to “Game Music in Concert”, a Twitch live stream by the Augsburger Philharmoniker orchestra, directed by Domonkos Héjas. The orchestra will play the soundtracks of various video games from classics like Tetris over Assassin’s Creed and Anno to Stellaris and Civilization.

Have a listen on Saturday over on Twitch.




  1. M Misiek_1991 May 1, 2022

    I would love to see some kind of Steampunk cosmetic DLC

  2. s simonamsee April 29, 2022

    Enjoying the new DLC so far. Do you know when we can expect an update on the fertiliser balancing?

  3. D DavidWAnno April 27, 2022

    Hi, being able to upload your own face or even uploading a love one into the game, making it more personal to the player?

  4. P Pinepyi April 26, 2022

    So excited to vote for the next pack 🙂


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