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Union Update – Community Challenge and GU 15.1

Hello Anno Community.

With the release of “Empire of the Skies” we kicked off the second Community Challenge of Season 4. Today, after two intense weeks of building airships, we are finally at the end of the challenge! Without further ado, let’s see how you did this time.

Community Challenge results

In the past two weeks, you have kept your hangars quite busy building Airships, while protecting your harbours behind those Flamethrower Monitors and new towers! However, this time around you have not quite reached the goal we had set for the main Community Challenge, “The Sky is the Limit”. As of today, you have built 227.493 Airships. For the second challenge, “Fire on the Water” you have built 180.540 of the new Towers and 23.396 Flamethrower Monitors. Even though you did not reach the set number of Airships for the main Challenge, we think that you all achieved an impressive result, as a community. So, we still want to celebrate your collective effort with the rewards we promised two weeks ago: A brand new artwork themed around “Empire of the Skies” as in-game billboard ornament and as wallpaper.

You can download the new wallpaper here, while the billboard ornament will be added to the game with the next update, GU15.1.

Game Update 15.1

Speaking of game updates, GU15.1 will be released in about two weeks. This patch will provide fixes for different issues that you have been meticulously reporting following GU15, such as the trade route menu not showing the preview of routes on map while hovering over them, the Local Department effects duplication, as well as the missing Season 4 Pass Bundle ornaments. We will share the full patch notes in the coming days, closer to the release of GU15.1 – so keep an eye on our social channels and the Anno Union.

You can also always stay updated on currently known issues via our dedicated Trello Board.

Thank you for all of your reports and feedback since the release of the latest update.




  1. K KostyaUP October 15, 2022

    I have updated the game to the new 15.1 patch, but I still keep running into the problem with the “Mad Mary, Dynamite Enthusiast” specialist item as I can purchase from Sir Archibald Blake’s Harbour, but when I bring it to one of my island’s storages, it disappears from the Warehouse and Trade Union selection menus. The specialist only shows up that I have it in storage on the island is if I go through a ship’s transfer menu. Would really like to use the item here.

    • K KostyaUP October 15, 2022

      My bad, my game is currently at ver 15.0.1156840 and not 15.1 as the update didn’t roll out yet.

  2. M MaxaryKo October 12, 2022

    That is nice. Thank you!
    But Flamethrower Monitors are buggy – maybe that is partly a reason why so few were built.

  3. u unglaublichrUlk October 8, 2022

    Uff, noch zwei Wochen. Nuja, werde ich auch noch überleben.

  4. c clap_tv October 7, 2022

    Wird das Update auch eine Verbesserung der Verladezeiten der neuen Lufthäfen beinhalten?
    Finde den Wallpaper sehr schön 🙂

  5. L LadyHahaa October 6, 2022

    Danke für das schöne Hintergrundbild.
    Schade nur, dass es wieder mal nicht in 2560×1440 dabei ist 🙁


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