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Union Update: CDLC Vote Winner, Game Update 14.2 and Community Spotlight

Hello Anno Community,

The voting has just ended, and it is time for us to reveal the winner of the Cosmetic DLC Community Vote! Furthermore, we will take this opportunity to speak about Game Update 14.2 and share our favourite screenshots in the Community Spotlight.

Cosmetic DLC Community Vote: The winner!

And the winner is…


The Old Town Pack!

It became quite obvious since day one of the vote that this was going to be the Community’s choice for the third Cosmetic DLC of 2022. A great choice, Anno Community! The Old Town Pack will be released in autumn of this year, as the third and last CDLC of 2022. Just like other CDLC, it will be a standalone purchase for the price of 4,99€ and is not be part of the Season 4 Pass.

Many of you have also voiced what kind of content you would like to see for this theme, and we’re planning to give you a status update on our rough plans in summer.

Game Update 14.2

Today we released Game Update 14.2. This patch retroactively fixes the problem with all achievements being unlocked after GU14 and the missing Clay Pits in the “Seasons of Silver” scenario. You can find the Release Notes here.

Community Spotlight

For today’s Community Spotlight, we decided to go with a collection of screenshots that perfectly capture the beauty of the warm and soft tones of the New World. Here are our picks, enjoy!

Mydriase shared this amazing collection of screenshots, with the first one capturing a snapshot of their New World city. We love the contrast between the orange tones of the building and the fresh and lush green trees all around the city!

Aestris seems to have also spent a significant amount of time on beautifying his New World island using DLC 10. The Hacienda, its farms and residence areas are all surrounded by the new ornament wall, hopefully keeping some of the noise and smoke of the railway.

While modded, we love Ionovia’s layout – and the tilt shift effect really creates a miniature world atmosphere. Very cool screenshots.

Meanwhile, Carpo_VP has greatly enjoyed the “Seasons of Silver” scenario and shared some of their impressions on Twitter.

You might have already noticed, but we’re entering a slower period right now when it comes to news while the team is busy working on DLC 11 – Empire of the Skies – right now. You can expect more news in the second half of June when we start talking about the “Industrial Zone Pack” Cosmetic DLC.




  1. S Something2live4 May 19, 2022

    It seems that the achievements were removed (those that should not have been activated) but now I can not gain any new achievements on my current play-through. Is there a workaround to make the game register new achievements?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof May 19, 2022

      Hey, thanks for highlighting this.
      Does it affect all achievements or only specific ones? Are the new DLC 10 achievements also affected?

      • S Something2live4 May 19, 2022

        From what I can tell, the Seeds of Change achievements are not affected. I haven’t managed to fulfill all of those. The rest of the achievements do not seem to trigger. Would you like me to fill a bug report, Thorlof?

        •   Ubi-Thorlof May 20, 2022

          Thanks for confirming. For now we have enough to investigate, but if we need more info later on, we’ll let you know 🙂

  2. M Mohammad_ford May 18, 2022

    Anno 1800 is the best series of anno game series . Please continue to produce more DLCs . Thanks everyone. well done


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