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Union Update – Annoverse Voting & Community Spotlight

Start of the Technical Test

The Technical Test for “The High Life” has started on Monday! Once more we invited a few hundred players to test the last DLC for Season 3 and provide us with feedback on its content and features.

If you received an invite for the test, please don’t forget to post your feedback and any issues you encounter on the dedicated forums for all testers. This is very important to us since only this way are we able to address topics that you think should still be balanced or otherwise changed.


You want to know more about a Technical Test works and how we’re using the feedback? Then stay tuned for next week when we give you some insights into this topic.

Annoverse Contest

The contest of the “Annoverse” Discord server has entered its final stage: The voting!

Over on this website you can vote for your favourite among all the concepts for potential settings for a future Anno title that various community members came up with.

The most current results can be checked via this link.


For us it’s been great to follow this contest and check out the different entries; we love both the ideas themselves as well as the fantastic presentation of some of the concepts. Very impressive!

Community Spotlight

This time around we have a couple of exciting shots from showing vineyards, Taborime, a nice setting for the Iron Tower, as well as a picture that inspires us to think about an organic way of building. In addition to that, all new Anno players are going to love a wonderful beginner’s tutorial!

NobleX35 ‘s fantastic vineyard impressed us on the Annoverse Discord. Who wouldn’t want to stroll through this lush place on a sunny summer day, sipping a glass of fine wine?

ItimNaEmperador shared their post-tourist season city view on Reddit among other fantastic screenshots, creating a wonderful scenery in the midst of a busy city while showing off the majestic Iron Tower!

TheUnbrokenCircle ‘s Taborime on Reddit not only shows a very clever way of using the canals for an irrigation system but gives the island a well-thought-through look. Color us impressed!

-Designated-Survivor (what a name) posted a bunch of screenshots on Reddit, including this one, which shows a more organic and realistic kind of building.

Takarazuka has made a brilliant video for the people who are new to Anno 1800 or are interested in learning the basics before starting their first session! Check it out if you would like to learn more or if you have someone that might be interested!


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  1. B B-e-i-g-n-e-t July 16, 2021

    Hi !
    I’m -Designated-Survivor from Reddit, I’m honored and humbled that you used my work as your banner for the voting community spotlight !
    Thank you also for posting other pictures of my work !
    Knowing the hours spent perfecting, testing, re-doing and enjoying myself are noted and promoted by the Union make me want to continue furthermore .
    This game has and still is helping me so much during these difficult times we are all traversing.

    See you very soon on Reddit !

    Kind regards from Paris.

    -Designated-Survivor / B-e-i-g-n-e-t.

    • U Ubi_MarcelH July 20, 2021

      Thank you for sharing your creations with us. Hearing that our game may even do a little part in helping people cope with the crazy times we are all going through is quite humbling.

      Meilleures salutations de Mayence,

  2. K Karamasi July 12, 2021

    I’m a Big Fan of Anno 1800 but… I’m not in the technical test of last DLC 🙁
    Maybe next time 🙁
    Thx for this great game! Love it.

  3. R Ragnaraven. July 12, 2021

    I missed the voting! I never got to see the submissions. Was the voting strictly name/time period based or was there some kind of additional content?

    To the same note, for a future anno, I’d like to see a proper redo of 2205. A future (and more traditional) anno, complete with icy plains and moon colonization *that I can play with friends*. The future theme fit Anno incredibly well both in 2205 and 2070.

    Maybe an after doomsday Anno/DLC that has us designing large cities completely in space or underground, similar one area in [spoiler alert] Assassins Creed Revelations.

    Whatever the time period, now that we have had an Anno with limited, minimalistic war, it would sure be nice to return to roots and re-add the combat from 1701/2070. Those golden glory days get tinted rosy-er by the day.

  4. S SpawnDieRepeat July 10, 2021

    I cannot use the survey because I do not have Google and Discord accounts, but I like the idea of a 1900s setting.
    Settings in the far future could be interesting, but I wonder if the player can have the similar feeling of discovering electricity for their city since the futuristic equivalent would be a product of imagination. You know what a difference it is when the light bulbs start working, but maybe only the denizens of the future could relate to their kind of upgrade.
    I also wouldn’t mind an Anno set during a castle building period with aquaducts.

  5. F FabLau July 7, 2021

    Hello Annoverse !
    First thing first, I’m very sad not being able to vote as I don’t use discord 🙁 But, here are my choices anyways !
    Anno IX / Anno 9 A.D. > nice name … but it’ll be the 8th game, so no vote for you, maybe next time 😉
    Anno infinite / Unlimited / Promised Lands / BC > but where’s the 9 ? still wondering, it’s a no
    Anno 2025 / 2034 > isn’t there 2070 already ? what 26~35 years apart can bring ? I won’t vote for you, sorry
    Anno 1611 > or how to remake Anno 1602 with new tech … and it’s already done with its History Edition btw

    Here comes the tricky part :
    Anno 800 BC > the fact that all the first games were known or presented as “Anno Domini 1503” (for example) makes me think that an adventure in the era before Christianity can’t be done, so nice idea but won’t vote for you.
    Anno 801 > why not ! The first-ever millenary with the crowning of Charlemagne can be very interesting, but it kinda makes me think about Age of Empires 2. I’ll still vote for it, as I’d like to know what Ubiteam can do with it !
    Anno 2700 > that’s very interesting! The most futuristic one landed in the 23rd century. I’d like to see what Ubiteam can see in the early stages of the 3rd millenary 🙂 I’ll vote for it

    • J Jinkha5 July 9, 2021

      Hey FabLau, thank you for your feedback. We will try to make the next voting more non-Discord-User friendly. 🙂

    • I Ivan_Kiisilenko July 12, 2021

      Hey! Same issue for me as I dont use discord. I really agree with all your statements, with just one adjustment. The name of the game really could be 2700, but with BC setting. Why cannot we imagine that after events in 2205 something really bad happened? Some ecological catastrophe or nuclear warfare with Orbital Watch that throw back humanity far far away in technology. And we will try to re-colonize the Earth, finding relics of the past and discovering the truth of what happened.

      • F FabLau July 12, 2021

        This is very interesting ! I really like your idea

  6. G Gargammel77 July 7, 2021

    Hello Anno ! Do you think more farmers will be invite to the technical test ? Hope to see a skyscraper one time in my life, before going back kill my pigs.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof July 9, 2021

      We might send another wave of invites next week, we’ll let you know 🙂


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