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Union Update: Annoverse Roundtable and a special Community Spotlight

Hello Annoholics!

We are back with another Union Update, and it is getting busy! Let’s have a quick look at our upcoming events and our very special community spotlight.

Annoverse Roundtable – Ask the team!

We are very excited to announce that we will be doing a community roundtable on the Annoverse Discord on April 1 (No, this is not a joke!). During this Q&A, you’ll be able to ask all your burning questions about Anno and our work as the Anno team in the text chat. The Anno team will then go through your questions and answer them in the voice channel. The session will be split into two parts with an English and a German one on the same evening – we’ll have the precise times for you closer to the event.

You can join the server via this link and then hop in the dedicated roundtable channel.

A big thank you to the Annoverse team for organizing this event and we cannot wait to see you guys there!

And since we’re already talking about the Annoverse: They just started a new community challenge themed around International Women’s Day, requiring you to ally with your female competitors while creating a beautiful settlement.

Check the #challenge-board channel on their server for details and how to participate.

Plant a Tree DLC Reminder

A small reminder that our “Plant a Tree” initiative is still ongoing! The DLC will be available until 31 March 2022 after which it will be removed from our stores for new buyers. The DLC will be added to the game for free at the end of the year. From each purchase, all net proceeds (that means after any fees or taxes are deducted) are going to Ecologi – and in return you get a lovely Ceiba tree ornament for your city.

For this DLC we partnered with Ecologi, a social enterprise that funds reforestation and other carbon reduction projects. You can find out more about Ecologi here.

So, if you haven’t already: Go check our “Plant a Tree” DLC and help protect our beautiful planet!

Season 4 News – when?

We have seen the question appear across several of our channels recently – and share your excitement! You won’t have to wait much longer for news about Season 4.

As previously communicated, we’ll have a lot to share at the end of the month! (and maybe some teasers before that on our social channels, so make sure to follow our Twitter-Channel)

Community Spotlight

In this week’s special edition community spotlight, we wanted to take the time to appreciate and highlight the many amazing mods created for the community, by the community. As always, we are in absolute awe of all the hard work and passion put into our game by our community, so let’s take a look!

Disclaimer: Before we dive into your creations, we want to clarify that, while we love seeing such an active modding scene, we do not officially support mods for Anno 1800.
That means that using/installing any of the mods listed below happens at your own risk. If you encounter bugs or other technical issues while using mods, we will not be able to offer official technical support for these modded savegames.

Anno 1800 Mod Manager

If you are looking to use any of the mods below, don’t forget to check out the Anno 1800 Mod Manager – a mod manager, game launcher, and news hub for Anno 1800 created by LemonDrop1228. You can find all the information about the Anno mod manager here so be sure to check it out! And thank you LemonDrop1228 for creating this tool!

“Spice it Up” Mod Package

Our first pick of the day is the “Spice It Up” mod package by DaLexy and several other modders. With its various add-ons (including a sandbox mode and AI shipyard!), Quality of Life adjustments, ornamental mods, and more this mod package is sure to ‘spice up’ your gameplay. Just look at these beautiful ornaments! And are those new streetlights? You can find out more about the “Spice It Up” mod package as well as all contributing modders here. Thank you so much DaLexy and the others for this amazing creation!

The Colour Collection

If you are looking to add a splash of colour to your cities, why not try the colour collection mod by Lethani? The mod adds a large range of new rooftop colour options for your Old World buildings so you can let your artistic imagination run wild! For more information about this mod click here. And of course, thank you Lethani for this colourful creation!

Diagonal Road and Paving Edges

Next up we have the “Diagonal Road and Paving Edges” mod by jje1000 which allows you to cut through your city grids and create beautiful diagonal roads. Or to put it in jje1000’s own words: “Liberate your cities with these 45 degree tile edges for roads and plazas!”. Find out more about this mod right here – and thanks so much jje1000!

Jakob’s Collection

And of course, no diagonal road would be complete without diagonal buildings! Luckily Jakob has got you covered with his diagonal residences mod. And if that wasn’t enough, his mod “Jakob’s Collection” also includes upgradable workers residences and more. You can check it out here. Thank you, Jakob, for sharing this awesome mod!

All above mods and more are available on Nexus Mods. Go check them out to discover many more mods, from balancing, to gameplay, to ornamental. Again, a big thank you to all the creators of and contributors to these mods!


And that brings us to the end of this week’s Union Update! Don’t forget to share your favourite mods in the comments below! And, as always, feel free to share them below or contact us on Twitter, Facebook or our official forums.




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  1. s superjuern March 8, 2022

    Wow, I didn’t expect to be mentioned here – what an honor. Thanks a lot 🙂


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