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Union Update – Annoversary Weeks, Mainzframe & Community Spotlight

Hello Anno Community, 

This week we would like to give you some *juicy* teasers of what is going to happen in the next few weeks. What are we talking about? Annoversary Weeks, of course! Let’s see what we have planned to celebrate in the next few weeks. 

Annoversary Weeks 

Exciting times, Annoholics! We are about to enter a period that marks different anniversaries… Annoversaries, as we call them! Four of our beloved Anno titles were released between October and November in the past years. Let’s go through them all with order. 

19 years ago, on 31 October 2002, Anno 1503 was released. Developed by MAX Design and published by Sunflower Interactive, it is the second title of the Anno franchise and a direct sequel to Anno 1602. 

Four years after Anno 1503, another title was released: Anno 1701. The 26 October marks the 15th Annoversary of this gem. It was developed by Related Designs, that – spoiler alert – is now known as Ubisoft Mainz. This makes Anno 1701 the first Anno title developed by us.

Now, let’s jump a bit further into the future (in every way). Anno 2070 was released on 17 November 2011, exactly 10 years ago.  

Finally, the youngest among these four titles, is Anno 2205, which was released 6 years ago, on 3 November 2015. 

Now that the trip down memory lane is over, you might be thinking: How are we going to celebrate? First, we will have a “birthday blog” for Anno 1701 here on the Anno Union. Second, for these occasions we will have not one, but three Anno streams! The first one will take place on 29 October and we will be playing 1701. Then we will go live on 5 November with some Anno 2205 and finally, on 19 November, we will play Anno 2070. We cannot wait to hang out with you on Twitch to celebrate all together! 

Last but not least, we prepared a little surprise for you. More info coming soon! 

DevBlogs: The Role of QA & From Bug Report to Game Update 

In case you missed it, we published two DevBlogs dedicated to work of the QA teams. The first DevBlog focuses on the role of QA: which roles do each team fulfill? Is there a difference between the work before and after the game release? The second DevBlog gives some insights into which steps are taken from finding an issue to a fix being released.  


A new episode of Mainzframe went live last Friday, this time with Marcel, Brand Manager, and Oliver, Community Developer, sharing some insights about working on Anno. 

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You can also check the previous episode with two of our UI Designers, Farah and Jaq. 

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Community Spotlight 

Our first pick is this screenshot shared by Goldene_Gans on Reddit. Look at those Skyscrapers! The spotlights create an amazing effect on them and the rest of the city. 

NobleX35 shared this picture on our Discord serverexcellent job on the palace layout! Everything seems in perfect harmony 

Finally, look at this pixel art works created by Australis: we love every single pixel of it! It makes us feel very nostalgic.  

That is all for today’s Union Update. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook or our official Forums. 




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