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Union Update: AnnoCast Summary

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Last Friday was the kick off of our first livestreaming format: The AnnoCast

Despite airing on a superstitious friday the 13th, our show went really well and we hope that you had as much fun watching the stream as we had being on the show.
A big thank you to everyone who joined the stream, it was great to see so many Annoholics watching, listening and engaging in the chat. And let’s not forget our operator and Senior Game Designer Christian, who spent his birthday evening to ensure that everything is running as well as our moderators Freeway and O5ighter for helping out with the chat!

The AnnoCast is our relaxed “after work” LiveCast, where I invite various developers to talk about their work, the current state of the game and to answer your community questions. While the show itself is a podcast with a live camera, we plan several show formats on our new Twitch channel. From the re-occurring AnnoCast, to Let’s Play sessions of older Anno titles and DevBlog supporting shows where we will be able to show you parts of Anno 1800 and where our developers can show how they work and ask you questions live!

And with that, we can already announce our next livestream. As some of you might now, next week marks the anniversary of Anno 1701, a perfect opportunity to start our first Let’s Play! And what could be more entertaining than watching some of the original developers of the game playing and to walk down memory lane. So prepare for some interesting anecdotes, insights how 1701 inspired Anno 1800 and probably horrible city building.

As always, we are curious about your feedback regarding the show. Let us know what you would like to see in future, how we can improve the stream or share your crazy ideas in the comments below!

Summary of the show:

Streaming Room and Community Creations
You remember that we asked for your screenshots and other community creations to decorate the streaming room? Many of you answered the call but we have to find a way to present them in a proper and worthy fashion. We have some cool ideas how to display your creations, so expect some changes to the arrangement of the room in upcoming shows.

Developer tools and hardware we use for development
A lot of you are interested in insights about or work and with that, what kind of hardware and tools we are using. We mostly use workstations, which have different requirements depending on the various disciplines. That means a lots of RAM (you might not need it for gaming, but 64gig is common) and good CPU’s to compile, render and to run the various demanding applications. We need a lot of processing power but rarely beefy gaming cards. For all things art related, we use Wacom graphic tables in various form and sizes, which are industry standard.

Pirates in Anno 1800
The classic idea of swashbuckling pirates became a tale of old times in the 19th century. But we all know that Pirates are a fundamental part of the Anno series. So rest assured that in Anno 1800, Pirates will be represented in one form or another. How exactly will be a tale of a future DevBlog.

Details about the Campaign
With the reveal, we promised a rich and detailed campaign to get immersed in the 19th century setting. But the campaign, which will be embed in the sandbox gameplay, requires many of the building blocks of the games foundation, which we are currently building. While we surely started to write and work on the campaign, you will have to wait until next year to get more details about its nature and story.

Is there a Jorgensen hiding somewhere?
Can you even imagine an Anno game without a Jorgensen? We surely can’t but also like to keep a few things mysterious.
Dirk gave some details about the beginning of the Jorgensen family with Anno 1701 and how the idea of the Jorgensen is rooted in the old TV series “Babapapa”. No worries, I had to look it up online myself as well.

Camera options to get up close with your citizen
We can confirm that Anno 1800 will have the familiar zoom level but also a free camera option which will allow you to get up close to your citizen or to let your creativity go wild when creating beautiful screenshots.

Sail versus steam ships!
You will be able to build sailing ships as well as steam powered naval units. Both ship types will have features, which will distinguish them in their functionality. Old as new technology will have their own advantages and downsides, which we will discover in future development blogs.

The comeback of our item system
The item system was missing in 2205 and we realized, that it was a feature which many Anno players had grown fond of in the past. We gave you a glimpse on the returning item system with the monument blog and some footage of the zoo. The new system will be an evolution of the old feature, so expect a more complex system, which will give you interesting options how items can affect your gameplay.

The beautiful harbor from our announcement trailer
You were curious about the variety of buildings you have seen in the harbor scene from the announcement trailer. While the footage shown in the trailer is an early version of the game, our goal is that players have a variety of constructions available to create a functional but also beautiful harbor.

How many housing buildings do fit in one Anno game?
A hot topic as of late, many of you want to know how many different assets by tier we will use for housing. The reality: It has not been set in stone yet. Rather than deciding on a fix number, we usually observe how the various tiers feel in a cityscape to decide how many are needed in order to achieve the best possible and feasible variety. That means that buildings might be altered and added in the upcoming milestones. As always: Pre-Alpha or later footage you might see on the Union is not representative for the final game.

Any news about the military system?
Military is an important but also complex topic. As time to answer community questions is limited during the AnnoCast, we could at least say that this topic deserves its own dedicated DevBlog on the union.




  1. r ruuti0 February 5, 2018

    Interesting article once again and good video, which I had seen already.

    Hopefully we get more information about game engines in future! 🙂

  2. m mcetnar October 26, 2017

    I’ve told myself, that I will never pre-order a modern game again, but Anno is an exception to that rule. Even though 2205 was not exactly what I have hoped for, I’ve not been disappointed and I trust in your team, that you’ll make a wonderful game once more.

  3. S Sting_McRay October 17, 2017

    It was a nice show.

    Only there was a topic in the forum to ask questions to you, i had write a question there, and not in the DevBlog that was later. Did you also pick questions from there (forum topic)?
    If not i will re-ask my question here: How will the Games Profile setup be, will that be a single profile (like anno 2070) or multiple profiles (like anno 1404 on / offline), or will it be something like anno 2205, a cooperation creator?

  4. E ELGRANDENOOB October 17, 2017

    Great livestream.

    I might have a good topic for the next stream, its is about the Ecobalance system from anno 2070. Is it returning to 1800 on some sort of level?

  5. B Boldzmann October 17, 2017

    I’m glad that this movement is in the right direction.

    As it was written below, I am also interested in diplomacy. I
    would like to use more diplomatic relations. It is possible to
    build some diplomatic institutions (embassy, consulate). To be
    more flexible to communicate with characters and especially
    with other players in multiplayer.

  6. S Soulridder October 16, 2017

    Great livestream. I can’t think of anything better than watching an Anno livestream after a math exam. ^^
    Thx for the answering my question regarding hardware. 😉
    I hope we get to know in a further livestream what happened to the canned fish in the end, I mean, some people (including myself) had some nice ideas to save the canned fish. ^^

  7. O Olinater October 16, 2017

    It was nice to watch. Thanks for answering one of my questions 🙂 . I’m not sure if this has already been asked before, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been answered yet so than I’ll just ask it again:
    Are you guys already thinking about how diplomacy will work in the game, and if yes, how does it look like?

    • N Nox_29 October 16, 2017

      I am also interested in seeing how diplomacy will work in the game. It would be nice to see more advanced diplomacy features than we had in the previous games. In Anno 1404 for example the AI had a lot more things they could do than the players could. Think of the AI asking the player to aid in a war, or to send the player out on a quest to capture a ship or goods in exchange for money.

  8. p pipss911 October 16, 2017

    I saw an art of a gun factory will have Dreadnought ships,and how war will be in game like in anno 2205 in zones or like anno 2070 in the map?

  9. i iruet October 16, 2017

    Well done again 🙂

    Though I could not make the stream last Friday, Com and Chris made sure I watched the stream 🙂 I had fun watching it back

    • A Anno Community Team October 16, 2017

      Hope to see you in one of the coming Streams. 🙂


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