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Union Update: Anno 1701 and a first small teaser

Anno 1701 Annoversary 

On Tuesday we celebrated a special anniversary for our studio: 15 years ago we released our very first Anno game: Anno 1701. 

With the previous two games developed by Austrian developer MAX Design, the opportunity to work on an existing series was an exciting one. Anno 1701 also marked the first 3D entry of the series and many probably remember it for its campaign (The Sunken Dragon) and the marketplace which portrayed not only the progress of your city, but also its mood. 

While we changed our studio’s name since 2006 from Related Designs to Ubisoft Blue Byte and now Ubisoft Mainz, we’re still happily developing Anno games. 


As a little surprise to celebrate the occasion, we released an Anno 1701 themed skin for your Ship of the Line in Anno 1800. It’s available for everyone, just select one of these ships and click the customize button. 

More Annoversary News 

Unfortunately, however, we have to cancel the Anno 1701 live stream planned for tomorrow (Friday). The streams for Anno 2205 (November 5th) and Anno 2070 (November 19th) are still happening as planned, and we will inform you of the precise times closer to these dates. 


Anno 1701 is not the only game celebrating its annoversary this week, however: On Sunday, Anno 1503 turns 19! It was the second game in the Anno series and probably famous for its hard initial difficulty and the use of individual market stalls to sell various products to your citizens. It also introduced different biomes on its map and added a large number of different scenarios for all kinds of playstyles. 


What was your first entry to the Anno series? 

“Vibrant Cities Pack” Teaser 

Following a “quest” from Reddit user Rooonaldooo99 we released a first small teaser for Cosmetic DLC #6 on Twitter earlier today. 

Of course we also want to share it here: 

You can expect more details on the Cosmetic DLC as well as our remaining content for this year in late November.




  1. J Janneman_2020 November 3, 2021

    My first game was 1404
    Then 2070, and last but not least:
    ANNO 1800 ? wow!! Best looking game I ever played on PC!!

    I might buy the History Edition as soon I I’m gonna see nore of Its upcoming DLC ?

    • J Janneman_2020 November 3, 2021

      I mean: 1701 History Edition!

  2. C Cpt.Wenchbane October 30, 2021

    Loved 1701 back in the day.

    Also question on the ship skin, will it be there when we log in? I fired up my save file and there isn’t any extra skins for the SotL =(

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 2, 2021

      We’ve received some reports that not all players received the ship skin. We’re currently looking into this 🙂

  3. R RedRook October 30, 2021

    1701 was my first dip into the Anno waters, and there has been no going back ever since that first game. I have them all and will keep getting them as long as they are produced.

  4. L LeGeektateur October 29, 2021

    My first Anno was 2070 !

    This cosmectics DLC looks cool ! Hope to make an island with a lot of coloured houses like Murano !

  5. S SolemBoyanski October 28, 2021

    Love to see some more colour in the world, I’m definitely gonna buy this cosmetics pack! I greatly appreciate the work you do, and the quality of(not to mention amount of) content you’ve given to 1800. I’ve had such a good time with your games 🙂

  6. A Annodominic October 28, 2021

    My first entry was 1602! Thank you my Dad!


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