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Twitch Drops & Early Access: Empire of the Skies

Hey Anno Community, 

Over the last weeks we revealed the contents of the upcoming “Empire of the Skies” DLC, and now, the release is just a little over one week away! 

As usual, the release will be accompanied by a Twitch Drops event – from which you can earn two DLC-themed ornaments – as well as an Early Access period for selected streamers. 

Early Access Period

These streamers will be able to play the content of the new DLC – including the scenario – from Friday, September 16th, until the release on Tuesday, September 20th. So, if you can’t wait to see more of DLC 10 as soon as possible, that’s the way to get a look at even more gameplay. You can find a list of all streamers participating in the Early Access period at the end of this blog.

Twitch Drops

Additionally, there will the chance to earn Twitch Drops from September 16th until the 29th.

These will already be available during the Early Access period for the selected streamers. All other streamers will be able to also activate the Twitch Drops on their channels after the DLC’s release on September 20th.

As a streamer not part of the Early Access, to sign up for the Twitch Drops, simply head to this page for your Twitch account, make sure to connect it with your Ubisoft account, and opt-in to the drops. You can find more info on Twitch Drops in this official FAQ from Twitch. When you stream Anno 1800 during the mentioned period, your viewers will be able to earn drops.

Earning Drops

Anyone watching any of the streamers who signed up for the Twitch Drops event for the mentioned periods will receive two new ornaments:

An “Empire of the Skies” Banner for watching 1 hour and an ” Empire of the Skies ” Mural for watching 3 hours.

The only thing you need to do is to first link your Ubisoft account to your Twitch account and then watch the streamers during the event for the mentioned time to receive your loot. You don’t have to watch these hours consecutively to receive your drop; watching them accumulated on participating streamers will also grant you the ornaments.

After receiving a drop, you need to claim it via the Twitch inventory. You can find more information on Twitch Drops in general in this official FAQ.

Please be aware that all rewards will only be delivered to you after the release of DLC 11.

If you haven’t already done so in the past, make sure to first link your Ubisoft and Twitch account by following the steps outlined on this website.

Below you can find a list of all streamers participating in the Early Access period.

Please be aware that you can also earn Twitch Drops from any other streamer playing Anno 1800, who has enabled the Drops on their channel, after the release of DLC 11. Just have a look at the Anno 1800 category on Twitch between September 20th and September 29th.




Chinese (NOT on Twitch/No Drops)





  1. M MrDragonfyr September 20, 2022

    21:57 GMT on the 20th… Not 1 English Streamer online!!!! Well, there was one, but he’s streaming Warcraft.

    It’s always the same, Ubisoft/BB.

    Funny thing is, I was an alpha and beta tester for Anno 1800, and said I would always be up for doing these events. But I was never accepted to do it… years down the line and I’m still a dedicated player.

    • M MrDragonfyr September 23, 2022

      13:52 GMT 23rd… Still, not one English streamer on… I have got the dates right, right?

      • M MrDragonfyr September 29, 2022

        Annnnd the last check, end of the streams today (29th) and guess what…. ALL of the English streamers are NOT online!!! Imagine that?! Ha!

        Pick your streamers better next time, imo.

  2. K KingxOfxVoids September 13, 2022

    Id love to play earlier as a NON streamer if even to spot bugs as early as possible to get fixes quicker

  3. t tetrarch-u4 September 13, 2022

    Will be DLC pre-download available? Or, just at the time of release?

  4. L LUIZ_VICTOR September 13, 2022

    Unfortunally, not a single portuguese speaker for us, brazilian Community.


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