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Union Update: Twitch Drop Event

With July 30 less than a week away, the release of our first big Season Pass DLC „Sunken Treasures“ draws ever closer. Because of that, we want to talk about our upcoming “Sunken Treasures” Twitch Drop Event!


During the Event, which starts this Friday July 26, you will be able to watch how a variety of select Twitch Streamers explore Cape Trelawney and dive deep to retrieve lost treasures. But getting a preview of the upcoming content is not enough, as watchers of the streams will be able to unlock two exclusive billboard ornaments for their Anno 1800 game.

The only thing you need to do is to watch one of the selected channels playing Anno 1800 for a set amount of time while having your Uplay account linked to your Twitch account. And if you haven’t done so yet, you can check on how to link your accounts here: Ubisoft Twitch Drop FaQ

If you entertain yourself with Anno 1800 during the event for one hour, you will get the „Anarchy“ Billboard ornament and if you binge a channel for three hours, you will obtain the „Sunken Treasures“ Billboard to beautify your city.

You can find the full list of all participating Streamer here:
ValleGaming (German)
monstersandexplosions (German)
writing_bull (German)
Baso (German)
AnniTheDuck (German)
Caaaaate (English)
HeyChrissa (English)
Mathia (Dutch)
Midnan (Dutch)
Achterklap (Dutch)
Koinsky (French)
Scok (French)
EasterGamersTV (Turkish)
Chiches (Spanish)
rockalone (Polish)
losiugra (Polish)
urqueeen (Polish)






  1. A ArtemMRPL July 30, 2019

    Thanks for the DLC, but I need Statistics Building

  2. B BlueBreath July 30, 2019

    So I just got my second billboard, but I think the wording is off in the drops info panel:

    It is one hour get Anarchy Billboard
    Should be : Watch 3 <> hours to get Sunken Billboard.

    And I suspect you have to watch 4 hours on the same guy, because until I did that last evening I didn’t get the second one.

    Have fun with the DLC guys.

    • B BlueBreath July 30, 2019

      i wrote watch 3 — more — hours it got deleted when I posted.

      • K Katje-Katrien July 30, 2019


        I am happy for you :d

  3. M Mantie87 July 30, 2019

    Still no game update 4.. what time will it be released?
    Kind regards

  4. B BeetrootPancake July 29, 2019

    Notifications about drops are in the Twitch.
    To be sure, everybody could check twitch account inventory

  5. E EFW3 July 29, 2019

    So I’ve been having this problem since May 6, well before that really I contacted Ubisupport on the 6th (Case Reference # 08828802) On May 12th a Daniel C from @Ubisoft Support told me that the problem was known and to “Keep an eye on our forums and the Anno Union ( http://anno-union.com/en/ ) for all future updates and patchnotes.” Well its been about 3 months, 4 updates and the 1st major dlc is now dropping. So I really hope that this problem is actually being looked at cause I would really like my flagship back. The crew didn’t pack enough rations for 3 months of real life.

  6. K Katje-Katrien July 29, 2019


    I just saw in my game the two ornaments 😀
    But I didn’t get any message or somethings else.
    I can find them in Uplay.
    But I did find them in my game.

    Best regards,


      • B BlueBreath July 29, 2019

        I checked every ornament, the sunken treasure one isn’t in my twitch inventory so it isn’t in the game also, seems that you are the lucky one.

        • K Katje-Katrien July 30, 2019

          A bit later in the evening I saw them in my twitch inventory. But not in Uplay.
          During the stream they explained that there is a bit of a delay for getting the ornaments.
          But they are working on it.
          So I hope for you and everyone else that today everything get fixed.
          Fingers crossed.

  7. B BlueBreath July 29, 2019

    @Katje-Katrien – you have to be logged into twitch and under the title of the stream, under the video it needs to say drops enabled in green text.

    in other news :D, I am over 6 hours still only got the first billboard :P. (6 hours combined from 3-4 streamers in which 3 hours from vallegaming and I can’t speak German even to save my life so imagine my effort ),

    • K Katje-Katrien July 29, 2019

      Hello BlueBreath,

      I watch 2 times 4 hours, Saturday and Sunday evening. So far nothing.
      If there was a green text, i don’t remember anymore.
      But I watched Writing Bull because he doesn’t speak as fast as Valle.
      It Was also in German. And I must say that I had a pleasant.
      But so many hours In an other language was really an effort to concentrated.
      I understand German but and I can follow if they don’t speak to fast.
      But during the stream we all followed again the FaQ as mentioned and so. Writing Bull did explain everything very well.

      But we are not alone, many people on the German forum are having the same problem.

      Best- regards,


      • B BlueBreath July 29, 2019

        I am not really worried, this will get fixed, the last billboard might be released along with the DLC though, that’s tomorrow.

        • K Katje-Katrien July 29, 2019

          But I am worried 😀
          And if Writing Bull continue to stream this evening from 20-24, I will continue to watch his stream. This DLC is really promising.
          So I am looking forward to tomorrow.
          And let’s hope we get some answers and support soon.

    • D DWalker1503 July 29, 2019

      Same problem here, 2x 3+ hours but no billboard…

    • m mfuegar2018 July 29, 2019

      I also only got the first poster.
      The second poster does not appear to me and I was much more than three hours.

  8. M MrDragonfyr July 29, 2019

    23:43 28/07/2019

    Literally none of those streamers…

    ValleGaming (German) monstersandexplosions (German) writing_bull (German) Baso (German) AnniTheDuck (German) Caaaaate (English) HeyChrissa (English) Mathia (Dutch) Midnan (Dutch) Achterklap (Dutch) Koinsky (French) Scok (French) EasterGamersTV (Turkish) Chiches (Spanish) rockalone (Polish) losiugra (Polish) urqueeen (Polish)

    … are streaming Anno right now. I totally would have streamed for every hour I was online (I play Anno too much, lol).

    How would I sign up / volunteer for it next time?


  9. B BlueBreath July 27, 2019

    @I actually have over 5 1/2 hours but I only got the first billboard today in the morning.
    Let’s hope it is ok I don’t really watch streamers on daily bases.

    Also guess what was the most common word in the chat :P.

    • K Katje-Katrien July 28, 2019


      I watched 4 hours last evening. It was past midnight when I stopped watching.
      So far I got nothing.
      And I followed the twitch drop event FaQ as mentioned and also when watching the live stream I activated the drop event.

  10. N Nebumune1 July 27, 2019

    how about adding an upgrade mechanic for only power plants? adding a smaller plant to extand the range for electricity ? i dont want to fill my island with power plants and downtown railroads… i mean seriously. investor residances around railroads because they need electricity? an upgradable mechanic like oil harbours or anno 2205 like one should be awesome for power plants.
    and nope. trade unions or town halls are not an option for it. dont even consider it.

    • B BlueBreath July 27, 2019

      I actually suggested that in betatesting so I do not know …

  11. D DWalker1503 July 27, 2019

    Did anyone got reward after watching 3 hours straight or it doesnt work?

      • D DWalker1503 July 28, 2019

        I must repair myself, I got Anarchists banner after 3 hours, but thats 1 hour reward…

  12. P PoyntingVector July 26, 2019

    This update look really nice, but I was wondering if there is any news regarding Coop?

    Keep up the amazing work

      • B Barracuda1955 July 26, 2019

        According to there latest on twitter the other day says they are still working on it and to be patient

  13. K Katje-Katrien July 25, 2019


    When I click on the link for Ubisoft Twitch Drop FaQ, I see a list of all participating Streamers that is bigger than the one that is mentioned here on the Anno Union site.

    Do we have to watch 3 hours in one time or can we watch 3 times 1 hour to have the “Treasures Billboard Ornament”?

    Can I watch a German Streamer? And how do I know when he starts streaming?



    • B BeetrootPancake July 29, 2019


      Remember that you don’t have to watch all of that in one go – the time is counted throughout the whole stream campaign. So tune in whenever you want, come hang out with us, celebrate and get some cool rewards!

      • K Katje-Katrien July 29, 2019


        I already watch several times now. And I followed the fags on your link, but still waiting for my rewards 🙁



  14. W Wuslwiz July 25, 2019

    Can you please elaborate further regarding this specific line:
    “The item effects are now also calculated slightly different than before.”

    What exactly changed in the calculation – thank you.


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