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Union Update: Twitch Drop Event

In today’s Union Update, we get ready for the details about our Twitch Drop Botanica event before we follow up with Devblog: Botanica tomorrow and the next Annocast Devstream. Don’t forget to follow our Twitch channel to get notified when we go online with our developer stream this Thursday 4.30pm CEST. And as this week is already quite packed with Anno news and content, we will share the winner of the Corsair Day&Night cycle next week!


Twitch Drop Event: Botanica

To celebrate our upcoming Season Pass DLC Botanica and the Game Update 5, coming next week Tuesday on September 10, we will run another Twitch Drop event beginning this Friday.
The whole event takes place from Friday September 6 and to give you some time to pick your favourite streamer, will last until September 15.


During the Event, you will be able to watch how a variety of selected Twitch Streamers wake their inner artist and demonstrate how inspiring or questionable they make use of Anno 1800’s beauty building features.
Annoholics watching the shows can grab two brand new ornaments, the Anno Union flag and the Botanica billboard. The only thing you need to do is link your Uplay to your Twitch account and watch the streamers during the event for up to 3 consecutive hours to receive your loot.

You can check on how to link your accounts here: Ubisoft Twitch Drop FaQ

If you entertain yourself with Anno 1800 during the event for one hour, you will get the „Anno Union Flagpole” ornament and if you binge a channel for three hours, you will obtain the „Botanica“ Billboard to advertise your new botanical garden.

You can find the full list of all participating Streamer here:
ValleGaming (German)
monstersandexplosions (German)
Radlerauge (German)
writing_bull (German)
Mathia (Dutch)
Midnan (Dutch)
Achterklap (Dutch)
HeyChrissa (English)
YogsLomadia (English)
Caaaaate (English)
Belannaer (English)
Cringer (English)
Venalis (English)
rockalone (Polish)
losiugra (Polish)
urqueeen (Polish)


Anno 1800 on Uplay +

As you might know already, Anno 1800 will become part of the new Uplay + subscription service, where subscribers can play a vast amount of Ubisoft title, among them Anno 1800 including all DLC content.

If you are owner of the Anno 1800 base game and decide to join Uplay + or to test our new service for the first month, you will be able to enjoy our DLC content. However, please keep in mind to back up your save games, as activating the DLC’s will not be revertible on your saves. After your trial and subscription ends, these saved states of the game where DLC’s are enabled will not be playable anymore until you own the DLC or get access to the content via subscribing to Uplay +.







  1. l lildepressive_ September 9, 2019

    OMG!!! Amazing, it’s great news.

  2. B BlueBreath September 7, 2019

    For me everything unlocked today after watching yesterday the same guy.

  3. D DWalker1503 September 7, 2019

    Did anyone get something from Twitch drops? Not me, I was looking from 14:10 yesterday until ends of all streams and nothing…

  4. K Kitkun September 6, 2019

    “Changing appearance via Shift+V should no work properly in move mode.”


    • D DeVeteran September 6, 2019

      Think they ment: “Changing appearance via Shift+V should noW work properly in move mode.” So, there is a W after no… or should be, if the typewriter didn’t eat it 😀

  5. b banan1996.1996 September 4, 2019

    “Added new plaza tiles and reworked four existing ornaments to serve as connectors for your cultural buildings, allowing you to create much more lifelike and varied museums and zoos.” – a great addition, I missed those plaza tiles, only question is exactly which ornaments did you rework to serve as connectors? Patch notes could be more detailed in that regard

    “Giving an order to escort a ship that has been ordered to switch sessions will now have the escort ships follow their charges to the new session, making your trade ships much less vulnerable.” – usually I don’t fight so don’t need any escorts but it is a great change for many players out there

    “Purchasing ships” – new prices look good, that change was needed. It is still better to buy ships than buy materials required for them but now will be indeed lucrative to produce materials on your own to then transform them into steam ships for selling.

    “Ship Balancing” – I’m glad you buff pyrphorian ships, they felt useless in comparison to the rest. Hard to say how viable they will be now based on just numbers but they should be much better than previously.

    “Fixed a potential performance issue that could appear when the productivity of caoutchouc plantations was boosted with items.” – I always love such specific bug fixes, they always make me laugh. Oh, look, there is this one particular production building that has this one weird bug that no other building has XD

    “Fixed an issue with expedition screens sometimes not showing the success percentage.” – I like that fix, it was a bit annoying

    Overall the patch looks good. There are still a few issues that need to be fixed, like ghost items occupying ships’ cargo slots. So: you still have a lot to do 😛

  6. j jimbom14 September 4, 2019

    Will there be multiple types of new plaza tiles or just the one from the beta?

  7. J Jolleknolle September 4, 2019

    Hi Ubisoft,
    nice to see that you bringing up awesome updates. but where are some news about Co-Op? we all are still waiting. but it seems like you guys have other prioritys….
    you have a reallly nice game published but the most important part (Coop) is not included yet. i was playing the game 80 hours on release and then decided to wait for coop as you announced that you will work on it #Koopkommt.

    right now i wish i could refound the game because it looks like that there is no coop coming this year.

    •   Bastian Thun September 4, 2019

      Coop will come as a free Game Update this year and we will have some news on that matter very soon!

  8. B BlueBreath September 3, 2019

    Some interesting changes. I wonder if it s going to finally get profitable for us to sell some steamships now? Can we sell them at the same price ranges?How about the Extravaganza Steamer.

    Maybe some diplomacy changes are needed next, you may notice the most current strategy is to keep everybody on trade rights right now.

    Also for the community: keep in mind for me the billboard unlocked after I watched 3 – more – hours for the same guy, it wasn’t working for many streamers combined.
    So that means 4 hours of watching one streamer.

  9. p pianogurra September 3, 2019

    Hi Ubisoft!
    When are you releasing co-op to this game? It has been almost half a year since the release but with no sign of co-op even though the community wants it. Is it going to be this year or in three years?
    Appreciate a respond, thx

    •   Bastian Thun September 4, 2019

      Coop will come as a free Game Update this year and we will have some news on that matter very soon!

      • p pianogurra September 4, 2019

        Hi Bastian Thun!

        Thank you so much for your answer on this topic!! There are many players in the community who want co-op but nobody knows when it’s going to be released. So bring us the good news very soon! =) I’m looking forward to it!


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