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The next steps for Anno 1800

Today we want to give you an update on what is next for Anno 1800. We have received a lot of community feedback on Game Update 5, including some issues. The Anno community is at the heart of everything we do, so we are of course committed to improving the quality of all upcoming updates. As such, we have made some changes to our roadmap, which you can find detailed below.

Game Update 5.3 (mid-October)

We are currently working on Game Update 5.3, which we are planning to release in mid-October after extensive additional testing. For this update, we will be focusing on fixing the following issues:


  • Trains getting stuck inside the oil harbor
  • Ships getting stuck at the session border
  • Anarchist Main Story Quests appearing too rarely for some unlucky players
  • NPC characters having large fleets of duplicate ships
  • Ships in the ship list flickering/ switching around
  • Issues with selecting ships when preparing for an expedition
  • Ships returning to the wrong island after an expedition
  • The Shift+V command not working on depots
  • Ships of quest givers not despawning after the quests are finished, which can crowd NPC harbors
  • The Sunken Treasures session of Cape Trelawney being available without first doing the respective expedition
  • Ships drifting/ leaving their positions by themselves
  • Ships duplicating on the world map by registering multiple times for session transfer
  • Influence point balance being affected by saving and loading a game
  • Issues with manually loading/ unloading oil tankers
  • Quest objects spawning in water

Game Update 6 (December)

Game Update 6, including the previously announced co-op mode and statistics system, will be released alongside our third DLC, The Passage, in December. Combining all these content drops into one update will allow us to focus all of our polishing efforts into one release, giving us extra time for additional extensive testing of all the new content and new features. We are also planning to involve some of our Anno Union members in these tests, similar to the co-op technical test we conducted last week (more on that later this month).

We appreciate that some of you are very keen to get your hands on the co-op mode as soon as possible, but we hope that you will agree that getting the most polished experience possible is worth a few more weeks of patience.

We are as committed and focused on improving Anno 1800 as ever, and are looking forward to sharing more news on everything included in Game Update 6 – including the new arctic session, resident tiers, production chains and airships from The Passage, as well as the free co-op mode and new statistics features – in the weeks to come. Thank you all for your patience and ongoing support.

The Anno 1800 Team




  1. e earth901 October 6, 2019

    but how should I play game It crashes every 3-5 min…on my save game ..I have raised ticket but don’t know when it will be resolved cant wait to play game..09900020 case number

  2. g gamer181985 October 3, 2019

    Nice all the game updates, but i cant play the game because the sunken treasure dlc is still missing in my game. All my saved games can not be used in the game. And i cant find my sesason pass that i bought for 25 euro. My question is asked on the ubisoft forum and ubisoft support but there is still no anwers for almost 3 weeks. When do i get an answer?

    • B BB_CR October 7, 2019

      Hey there, I am very sorry to hear that you are having issues with your purchase. Sadly, this is not something that us on the Anno dev team can help you with, but I hope that customer support will help you as soon as possible with this problem so you can keep playing.


  3. R Randy_Kamikaze October 2, 2019

    Very nice, the ships returning to wrong islands from an expedition is driving me crazy. Fixing that will be very much appreciated.

    Someone on the forum said that you guys would have news regarding the Great Eastern soon though, and that was a few months ago. Any news regarding that?

  4. H Highsmith October 2, 2019

    I hope the fix will bring more good than bad. They always ruin my existing game.
    For me it’s clear that the game was not ready when it came out.

  5. D Drysyn October 2, 2019

    for a more polished experienced i could wait a few months let alone weeks, keep up the great work on this really great game


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