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The Future of Anno 1800

As we get closer to next week’s update hattrick of The Passage (available as part of the Anno 1800 Season Pass or as a stand-alone purchase), co-op mode and new statistics system (available as a free update to all players), one question has become prevalent within our communities: “What`s next for Anno 1800?” Does The Passage mark not only the end of our Season Pass, but of development overall? Or can Annoholics look forward to more industrial adventures in 2020? Today, we want to answer that question by raising the curtain just a little bit…

Bring the Holiday Spirit to your cities on December 10

First, we have one more surprise in store for next week- the release of our “Holiday Pack”. This standalone DLC Pack (not included in the Season Pass or any editions of the game) adds a total of 23 new ornaments to the game, allowing players to build their very own Christmas Markets in their cities- including huts, Christmas trees and even a carousel featuring some vehicles from the game!


If all this sounds familiar to you as Anno fans, you are right; we did similar content packs for Anno 2070 as well, like the “Eden Series Package”. So why bring them back now? We know that Anno players love few things more than having new buildings to add to their cities, and there can never be enough variety when it comes to decorations and ornaments! At the same time, feature-rich DLCs like The Passage take several months of development, making it impossible for us to release them as frequently as we would like to deliver new content to you all to keep Anno 1800 exciting and fresh.

As a compromise between these aspects, our talented art team has created this pack of Holiday-themed ornaments to see if this is a content format that will appeal to the Anno community. Should the Holiday Pack prove popular with players, we would love to create more such themed packs in the future. Who knows, we could even run a vote on the Anno Union to decide on future themes to give you all something to look forward to as we work on new gameplay content!

And speaking of which…

There is more Anno 1800 on the way!

Enough teasing, here is what you all wanted to hear: The Passage is not the end for Anno 1800, and we are working on new gameplay content and features to further expand the world of the industrial revolution in 2020!

There is however a caveat: The team has been busy finishing The Passage and Game Update 6, and it will be some time before we will be able to share more concrete information with you all.

With that said, we hope you are as excited about this news as the team is, and we look forward to talking more about the future of Anno next year!





  1. C Clickbeetle December 7, 2019

    Great news! I like Christmas pack idea!) Thanks. Indeed will be good idea to have votes for next ornaments pack!

    Also would like to see more building wonders, likes world exhibition building.

  2. b banan1996.1996 December 7, 2019

    Any ornaments are very welcome! Such packs wouldn’t have to be tied to any seasons or holidays though. I would love an ornament pack with industrial ornaments, like including a fence that wouldn’t be that ornamental and more suitable around industrial areas. I would also love to have fence gates – similar to gates in walls in 1404. They would allow me to have a complete fence and the gate would allow for a road connection – that’s certainly missing in my opinion. I wanted to have a fence around dangerous industry (dynamite and heavy weapons) but I still had to leave one tile free because of the need of road.

    I am very happy to hear there will be more for Anno 1800! Fingers crossed for an Asian region, my dream is to have tea, silk etc. Hit me up if you want to know about my cool ideas for the Asian region 😉

  3. S SirDavidFirst December 6, 2019

    Just asking could we have weather button? If I live in the UK and it was raining, it would rain in the game, or in Bulgaria where I am, it was snowing this week, so we have snow in the game.

    Can the game be fixed to the different regions of the world where the computer/laptop are located?

  4. H Hannover8 December 6, 2019

    Great news!! thank you for your dedication to this awesome game 🙂
    Hurrah to Anno 1800 in 2020!

  5. F FerudaFarstaria December 5, 2019

    This absolutely appeals to me! I really like the idea of season packs for ANNO. I will definitely grab the Christmas pack for sure! It looks beautiful. I think this is a very good idea for ANNO. I love the creativity and work of the amazing developers behind ANNO.

    This is a fantastic idea for ANNO. And I would love to see more packs for the other seasons too. Why not a Halloween pack? Or a Easter Pack? Or any of the other seasonal holidays? This would certainly add some charm to our cities. Something I would love to see in ANNO.

    Is this Christmas Pack set to release on the same day as the passage? I like to get it whenever it becomes available.

    Also glad to hear there is more coming to ANNO 1800 in 2020! Looking forwards to it. I can’t get enough of ANNO. I always yearn for more adventure in ANNO! Keep up the beautiful work ANNO team!


    • B BB_CR December 6, 2019

      Yes, the Holiday Pack is planned to be out on the same day as The Passage, and game Update 6- December 10.


      • F FerudaFarstaria December 7, 2019

        Oh thanks for the answer Marcel! That’s great to hear it will be ready the same day The Passage lunches. Thank you again. Nice to hear from you again ^_^


  6. A AemaethNorrhart December 5, 2019

    Hello all,
    I’m sorry but i really need the Christmas Artwork you put at the begenning of the article.
    Yes the future content will be great, but I, and we all, need a new wallpaper for the next Game 6 Update and you can’t refuse… Don’t break or little hearts

    pleeeasssssseeeee **puppy eyes**

    Thank you for the hard work and see you soon on the Passage.

    Good night from France.

    • a alleria.sb December 6, 2019

      It’s funny that AemaethNorrhart requests the top-post-theme, I was trying to do the same ever since the post came up (issues with the login)!

      It would be great if you could share that specific artwork in the same way as you did with the other few before, either as bonus points purchase, or as part of the Christmas theme pack. It’s again a very beautiful artwork, in line with everything that has been released so far with Anno1800. I’m sure there are more takes than just the two of us out there! 🙂

      Thank you!

  7. S SirDavidFirst December 5, 2019

    Hello, I am glad to hear Anno 1800 is not finished, its one of your best so far, the story line in the Goode family campaign which we have the new world, and then the Cape Trelawney flow well with the Goode family adventure. With the Passage coming next week. Cannot wait to start the campaign again with all the story line re Goode family, new world, catching the uncle out, helping the queen out, and now the Passage. Please more campaign stories. Just think their great.

  8. A AugustAvinhon December 5, 2019

    I am very glad to hear that the game will develop further! But while new content is still under development, it would be cool if many community ideas got attention from developers. There are already quite a few mods in the game, the achievements of which could be used in the future. It would also be nice to see new ships in the game, such as the Great East or Imperial pride, which were once discussed in the announion.

    It’s also a pity that the game has so few grandiose buildings like the World Exhibition. It would be very cool if more similar structures appeared in the game. There is already a courthouse in the game campaign, but it is not in single player. There is no palace in the game, as it was in the previous games of the series, or a huge town hall, which was added by the players as a mod (Townhall-monument mod). One exhibition is not enough for such a big game, as it seems to me.

    I’m not sure that the whole community will agree with this, but it would not be bad if in the future land battles were added, as in previous games. I understand that this is difficult to implement, but many players would like to see it. It is enough to recall a wave of indignation on this issue at the development stage. Undoubtedly, this would be a worthy innovation, as well as espionage, which, unfortunately, does not exist in the game either.

    I have no doubt that the game in any case will only get better even without these ideas, but I think that many players would agree with the above ideas. I apologize for the possible logical errors in this comment – I do not know English very well. Hello from Russia!

    • C Clickbeetle December 7, 2019

      “ It’s also a pity that the game has so few grandiose buildings like the World Exhibition” totally agree


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