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Try Anno 1800 for free until August 25 and discover the new Day & Night Cycle!

Experience the Industrial Revolution and Be the First to Test the New Day & Night Cycle during the Anno 1800 Free Week!

Today, we announced that Anno 1800 will be free to play for the occasion of gamescom 2019. Until August 25*, players will be able to get a first glimpse at the upcoming day & night cycle free update, releasing on September 10 for all the players. In addition, the second DLC of the game, Botanica, will also release on September 10 as part of the Season Pass.


Starting today until August 25* players can play for free Anno 1800 on Uplay and the Epic Games Store. The free trial includes the first three tiers of the sandbox mode along with the multiplayer mode. In addition, players will be able to try out for the first time the upcoming day & night cycle and enjoy the beauty of their city by night, to be released as a free update for every Anno 1800 player on September 10.


For Anno players who already own the game, please keep in mind that while the Day & Night cycle will be coming to the full game as a free update on September 10, you can only try it next week as part of the Free Week version. If you want to see the content before it comes out, we recommend to download the free version to check out the upcoming content update.

On September 10, Season pass holders will discover Botanica, the second DLC of Anno 1800. Players will be able to grow their city’s attractiveness to new heights with a modular Botanical Garden, allowing them to earn new items and rewards as they draw the tourist masses to their floral masterpiece. Alternatively, they will be able to construct the new Musical Pavilion and enjoy beloved tracks from previous Anno games inside their city.

Beyond that, we are happy to give you a first small teaser at our third DLC, The Passage, which is coming this Winter, and will allow you to construct your very own trading airships!



Click here to play Anno 1800 for free this week!

*The Free Trial ends on August 26, 9am CEST


With the possibilities of a magical night, what better time to start a new creative contest! Together with the Free Trial, we ask you to share your wonderful screenshots with us.

And here are the rules:
– Share your #AnnoDayNight screenshot with us on Social Media or in our dedicated Ubisoft forum thread: Link.

– The deadline is August 26, and we will announce the winners in an upcoming Union Update.

And here are prices, sponsored to bring light into your gaming room by our friends at Corsair:

1st price: Nightsword RGB gaming mouse, MM800 RGB mousepad, ST100 RGB headset stand

2nd price: Nightsword RGB gaming mouse, MM800 RGB mousepad

3rd price: Nightsword RGB gaming mouse

And on top of that, we throw in one new exclusive Anno 1800 gamescom shirt as a surprise…. good luck and let there be (star)light!


Legal note:

*This software is a free demo of Anno 1800, playable from August 19th, 2019 10pm CEST to August 26th, 2019 9am CEST. This demo is provided AS-IS, may not contain the same content as the full/final game, may not function as expected, and may crash. Please note that maintenance may also occur at any time during this period, rendering you unable to access parts or all of the demo. Ubisoft does not commit to providing customer support for the demo.




  1. m mattdweal August 26, 2019

    I paid the full price only to find out I CANNOT continue from where I left off! It’s a fresh installation after you buy the game! Copying game saves does not help either. I think I’ll opt for a refund.

  2. A AnnoWerx August 24, 2019

    … i have been using the Day/Night mode as a Mod and it works great. it is good to know that it will soon be a standard feature.

    also looking forward to the Botanicals DLC. i have not yet designed my Crown Falls blue print layout until i can include the botanical gardens space in the plan.

  3. j jn68x August 20, 2019

    Awesome update. All the new content looks fantastic.

    • T ThomasTom88 August 21, 2019

      Indeed! 😀
      I hope though that at the reported bugs will be fixed sooner and we don’t have to wait until the DLC’s patch… :S

  4. B Barracuda1955 August 20, 2019

    Cannot see the trailer for the new DLC. says not available in my country.
    Come on guys I live in the US. Get on the ball so everyone can enjoy it to see what is coming. PLease!!

  5. S ST-Herrscher August 20, 2019

    I wont be able to play with my friends who play the free week version, when I already bought the game right?

  6. L Landelusen August 20, 2019

    I still regret buying this game. Unfinished, unstable and unbalanced. A lot of promises made that were never realized and a lot of withholding and poor communication to try and cover their mess up. “It will be the successor to 1404 that you always wanted”, but it will be nothing like it and not contain co-op (and we won’t bother to mention when it will be available either). Instead of fixing the game and include the things we promised, let’s make more biomes and include a day and night cycle…………….

    I hope someone somewhere within the company that made this game at least acknowledges that there is a lot to improve upon and that the next game in the series is to be better in most regards.

    • m monctezuma1 August 20, 2019

      Why you say game is unfinished, unstable and unbalanced ? Can you explain?

  7. L LePheel August 20, 2019

    Somewhat disappointed to see the airships in “The Passage”, feels a bit more steampunk than I would have liked. Hope it’s not too over the top

  8. M MrSimplicity August 20, 2019

    Important question: can I control my city lighting with iCue? Because I have a Corsair RGB setup, and I’d really love to see my city in RGB rainbow. To match the rest of my machine.

  9. B BlueBreath August 19, 2019

    Very good trailer, I got a concert to get too on September’s 10th.


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