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Union Update: GC2018 Community Dinner

While some of you hopefully enjoy the weather during this record summer, our team is taking on the road to gamescom 2018. While the preparations for gc2018 keep us busy for the upcoming weeks, we will still bring development insights and updates to the Union. Some other formats, such as our development streams are on hold for now but will come back after the event.
To give you a teaser for this week’s content: industrial revolution enthusiasts will find what their hearts desire, as we will highlight technology, which truly changed life in the 19th century.

Anno Union gc2018 community dinner
We are looking forward to Europe’s biggest gaming event and can tell that gamescom 2018 will be especially exciting for Anno 1800 fans. While we will share the exact details about our presence at the event in another update, we have a special announcement to make for Union members visiting Cologne in August.

With the upcoming one-year anniversary of the Anno Union in mind, we want to invite you to celebrate with us at our Union GC2018 community dinner on August 23rd.

During the meet and greet, we want to reminisce with you about the journey so far, chat about Anno 1800 and share development and community stories alike.

How can I register?
Just use our Anno Union “GC2018 community dinner” form.

When and where will the community dinner happen?
Thursday, 23. August 2018 at 9pm (MESZ)
Restaurant “Em Kölsche Boor”
Eigelstein 121, 50668 Cologne

General information about the event

  • Registration via the form is required – we will send out confirmation mails after the advanced registration period has ended on August 6th.
  • Receiving a confirmation mail is required in order to participate.
  • Keep in mind that we have limited seats available, register as fast as possible.
  • Only register if you are sure that you can participate.
  • Participants have to be 18 or older.
  • As the event will take place outside of the gamescom 2018 venue, receiving an invitation to the dinner will not grant you access to gamescom 2018. On the contrary, you will not need a gamescom 2018 ticket to join the event.
  • While we take care of full boarding during the event, we will not cover travel and accommodation expenses.




  1. a anno607 July 26, 2018

    How do you think we can get there away by train. I did a search and i can’t get away from köhn. If i want to get my train i have only about one hour and that i do need back to the station. This is to late in the evening for using the train!

  2. b banan1996.1996 July 24, 2018

    Well… that’s totally not what I expected in this week’s union update xD
    I expected some answers to questions about happiness but got a dinner invitation instead 😀

    So far I haven’t heard about any such event organised by any game developer. That’s really interesting. Such events aren’t my thing though so I won’t even register. But I am sure that many annoholics from Germany will be thrilled with this opportunity. I still might come to gamescom though and I would love to hear more details about gamescom as soon as possible to be able to arrange the accommodation, transport and gamescom tickets of course. I also hope that we would get full information about new Anno 1800 reveals after gamescom – especially if it turns out that I couldn’t make it 😀

    I can’t wait for more info about technology – that might be my favourite topic right after happiness and residential tiers 😉

    • U Ubi-O5 July 24, 2018


      I recommend checking quickly, because the gamescom tickets are either already sold out or close to sold out.

      And of course, any information revealed during gamescom will be also made available on the Anno Union. But please consider that we will be very busy being on the convention floor, so things might take a bit!


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