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Union Update: And what a pretty ship it is!

Our team had to fight their way through a flood of incredible ship designs coming from our creative Union community, and as such, it certainly was not easy to select just one winner. While not every entry met the criteria of creating a variation of the “Imperial Pride” ship, but the general level of creativity and skill on display was highly impressive to us.

And while we can only immortalize the winning entry in the game, we will try to showcase some other creations on our various Anno union channels in the future.

So without further ado, let’s cut to the chase- the winner of our Anno Union ship design contest is (please imagine a sufficiently industrialized drum roll)…

While we liked many of the ideas for mighty warships or utilitarian barges, we fell in love with the idea of the touristic “musical steamer” „Haydn“ by Union member redtoasty. Conceptualized as a “top of the line” luxury ship, we could immediately imagine a crafty investor using lots of paint and decorations to turn a decommissioned steamer into the perfect ship to lure in the ladies and gentleman of high society.

Our team will now get to work to turn the „Haydn“ into an actual in-game model for you all to play with. In addition to seeing his creation immortalized in the game, redtoasty will receive an Anno Union shirt as well as our highly limited bronze pins.

We also want to say a big “thank you” – and ask you for a hearty round of applause – for all other community members and their submitted designs. Make sure to keep an eye on all of our Union channels to see some of them in the future.

Our „Design your own Expedition“ contest starts NOW

Ever since we first unveiled our new expeditions feature at gamescom 2018, we kept receiving the same question over and over- and no, it was not “why does your crew seem to die horrible deaths on love island during all of your live streams” 😉

Instead, many of you wanted to know if there was the possibility of running a contest where Union members could try to design their own expeditions. And since we love nothing more than to try and please our players wherever possible, this very contest starts… right this moment! We want to see your ideas and concepts for an expedition that you would love to see implemented in Anno 1800.

Some rules to keep in mind:

  • Come up with your very own ideas for an expedition- from mysterious encounters in lush jungles, to humorous adventures in a harbor tavern far from home or gruesome challenges on the high seas, there are few limits to what you can imagine.
  • Let’s keep it free-form: Simple concepts, short stories or even audio recordings are just some of the ways you could convey your idea.
  • Given that our team will need time to review and rate all of them, we would ask you to keep your submissions short and concise

The submission deadline for this contest is October 22nd.

You can post your creative ideas and submissions in this forum thread: >>CLICK ME<<




  1. T Tatmos October 6, 2018

    Will we have a ship of the line similar to the famous ship the Great Eastern? Also from ANNO2205 will be able to use the PF1 key to get on board the ship while it is doing stuff?

  2. o olblf October 2, 2018

    Isn’t Haydn a bit too similiar to the Imperial Pride? Don’t get me wrong. I think it looks great, but I I didn’t realize that what you meant by “a model variant of the Imperial Pride” was literally a reskin of the Imperial Pride. I don’t feel cheated or anything. I didn’t send in any submissions myself, but if i did I would probably think more in the line of just any kind of “prideful great steamer”, which is also my understanding that many others thought. That the picture posted with the “Ship Design Contest”-title also shows steamers of all shapes and sizes didn’t help, I think.

    • o olblf October 2, 2018

      But then again, I think Haydn looks great and I’m not suggesting anything particular. Maybe it was me who just didn’t understand the instructions.

      • A ANN0nymity October 3, 2018

        Well you are definetly not alone, I’ve sent some submissions in and I was a little bit dissapointed when i saw that this really was the objective (new skin). I thought we could let our imagination go wild. and after that the top 5 ships that are send in would be elected by the community like the island-vote.

        That doesn’t mean i don’t like the ship from Haydn, but I just thought the contest was different


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