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AnnoCast 06 – Sic parvis magna – 10:30 EST

The livestream starts today at 10:30 EST on our Twitch-page.
You can also let Twitch remind you of the Stream start, by clicking “Remind me” on the Event-site.

Alternatively, you can also follow the Stream here on our blog. After the Stream, we will replace the Stream with the VOD.


  1. onre007 onre007

    “so bob, how’s the weather?”

  2. BlueBreath BlueBreath

    Nice to see familiar gameplay, and at the same time lots of improvements.
    Waiting for that diplomacy blog you promised, especially would be interested in a valid casus belli reason in which you don’t get any reputation damage. Also still waiting for that bro ch :D.

  3. chippyforty40 chippyforty40

    I really like the way lots of things are tied to distance along roads. Plus the change from number of carts per warehouse to number of loading/unloading slots. I love the thought of suddenly noticing shed loads of carts are queuing at a warehouse. Do carts always go to the nearest warehouse? What if there are two warehouses nextdoor to each other?

    I believe the townhall, guild etc. Do still work on a radius(?) but wondered whether these could change to distance along roads as well? E.g. the further your building from the townhall or guild the smaller the %increase in productivity/%decrease in costs would be.

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