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Union Update: Anarchist and City Promotion

Dr. Hugo Mercier just arrived in the world of Anno 1800, bringing with him not only a lot of new content for owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition, but also the free Game Update with its more than 200 improvements to the game.

Owners of the Anno 1800 Pioneers Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition can now include the Anarchist, who comes with new content such as 50 additional quests and items as well as new propaganda and a defection system, as a second party character when creating a new sandbox game.

And if you don’t want to miss out on Mercier, owners of the Standard Edition can also upgrade to the Digital Deluxe version to get access to the DLC as well as digital items such as the soundtrack and additional company emblems.

But there is more: Just in time for Game Update 3 and the Anarchist, you can save 20% on your Uplay purchase of Anno 1800’s Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition, thanks to the Ubisoft E3 Sale! If you have been on the fence, now is the perfect time to dive into the industrial revolution!

And in celebration of Mercier’s arrival, we also invite you all to participate in our new City Promotion Contest! Together with our friends of Corsair, we ask you to create a video to promote your metropolis.

Here are the rules:
– No time limitations but it must be at least 15 seconds long.
– It should include gameplay content
– Additionally, you can use video footage of yourself, text mockups or other graphics, audio effects or anything you can think of. Get crazy!
– It must be a retro style promotion of your city, such as a nice invitation for tourists to visit your city or a full-blown propaganda piece demonstrating that your empire is the one to rule them all!
– Deadline is June 21, and you can link your submissions in the City Promotion thread in the forum or via Twitter mentioning @Anno_EN and the hashtag #Anno1800Anarchy

So what’s at stake? For the best three entries of the contest, you can win top gaming gear from Corsair to stay ahead of the competition.
1st Place: K70 RGB MK.2 Keyboard Low Profile
2nd Place: GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse
3rd Place: MM800 Pro Mousepad

Good luck everyone!

Yesterday, we hosted another session of our Community Corner live-stream, a streaming format where we showcase content while also answering your questions. If you missed the show, you can watch the VOD here:

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Watch Community Corner – Anarchist Preview and AMA from ubisoftbluebyte on www.twitch.tv

And to follow up on questions from the stream, here are the answers:

Question: Do the new sea mines cause friendly fire when blowing up, causing damage to your or allied ships?
Answer: Sea mines are not causing damage to your own or allied/neutral ships. In Anno 1800, where you have a variety of neutral or allied characters and the game world is heavily used for trade by all these factions, friendly fire could cause many issues affecting the player’s enjoyment. Harbor areas would be inaccessible and players would likely soon stop using the item, as the chances of entering an unintended state of war with the AI or damaging their own ship would be too high. However, even without friendly fire, the sea mines add a lot of strategical variety to the naval combat, allowing you to expand your harbor defense or to blockade areas of the map.

Question: If I wipe Dr. Hugo Mercier from the map, will I lose access to all his items and propaganda news articles?
Answer: If you wipe the Anarchist from your map, you will not have any access to his item pool anymore nor able to use his propaganda articles. When the music is over, turn off the lights.




  1. A Aguiadourada June 25, 2019

    I hope someday at least have Portuguese subtitles in the game! all the latest ubi games are coming with dubbing and subtitles! why the Anno can not have at least some subtitles?

  2. T Tazer_117 June 6, 2019

    Why is the Prosperity for All mission still not fixed?

  3. D DeVeteran June 5, 2019

    Would you please look into your game, please??? You make some new challenges that give 50 Uplay currency, but the 3 new things to buy also for the DLC cost 70? REALLY? You also have to have the DLC and then ALSO pay Uplay currency for it? And you don’t give enough new challenges to make those 70? ONLY 50 of those? WTF? I expect such mistakes from some indie dev, not an established dev brand…

    …starting to feel bad to have even bought the Pioneers edition, still seeing many bugs before and after release still in the game, Hopefully, everything you’ve promised does come to fruition. And HOPEFULLY there will be another season pass next year or something… because it would be quite something to put an African-like map in the south and not do ANYTHING with it.

    • n nicesocks June 6, 2019

      I will, from a design point of view, say this is terrible. DLC cost money to acquire, the content should be available as is. Bonus decorative content is fine with in game currency, but you should be able to earn more than enough ingame currency from the DLC to acquire the DLC items.

      Please, correct this issue, or realize that paid content should simply unlock the paid content!

    • R REM0D0R June 9, 2019

      Totally agree.
      I was actually really surprised as i saw, that buying this version did not unlock its content and you have to pay additionally uplay points to get all things you bought..

  4. B BlueBreath June 5, 2019

    As you mentioned on the stream it’s just too much for most people to give up one session with every item you collected to start another one with new AI’s.
    That why I was (am) an advocate for inviting AI’s in your game and increasing the AI players slots. I received an answer that this isn’t planned ( cuz would be too hard to do) but maybe to cater to this big part of the community you should consider it.
    Anyway the invitation mechanic is already in the game, with the pirates respawning so half the job is done :D.
    An easier option would be maybe changing the starting parameters to include lot’s of high level items in your startup island.
    That being said, I will give Mercier a short try though.


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