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Botanica, the Anno Soundtrack and the Winner of the Day Night Contest

Today marks the release of our second season pass DLC “Botanica” and Game Update 5. We are eager to see your comments on our latest content update and if you plan to share your marvelous gardens or just want to create content with the free Game Update 5, do not forget to let us know by commenting or mentioning our official social media channels such as @Anno_EN.



With five big updates as well as three DLC’s in total, the journey of Anno 1800 is far from over yet. With “Passage” sending you on a venturesome journey to the cold north and free updates like the upcoming Coop Mode and Statistic Overview, we will continue to expand the world of Anno 1800 until the end of the year. You will not have to wait too long, as we will share some details about our plans for the next big game update soon.


Anno 1800 Piano Suite

Our new Botanica Music Pavilion is a throwback to old classics and the perfect occasion to celebrate over 20 years of Anno history. And as a thank you for all the support over the years, we want to share something special with you. In partnership with the Anno 1800 composer Tilman Sillescu and Dynamedion, we present to you the music sheet to the original Anno 1800 piano suite.

Get the Anno 1800 Piano Suite notes here


If just for the collectors heart or for talented musicians (or the ones striving to become one) in our community, the music notes of the piano theme give you some exclusive insight in the work of the talented composer and invite you to create your own Anno 1800 music piece. Let us know if you are hungry for more, and don’t forget sharing your interpretations of the Anno 1800 music with the Anno Union. On that special note, how do you like the idea of a dedicated music stream, maybe with the composer Tilman himself as a special guest?


Anno 1800 vinyl and digital soundtrack

Our special vinyl edition of the soundtrack was in high demand since launch. And we are happy to tell you that this well looked after collector’s item is still available on the store of our friends from Black Screen Records.

And if you just can’t get enough of the Anno 1800 soundtrack, we also made it digitally available on various platforms.

• Soundtrack on Spotify
• Soundtrack on Youtube
• Soundtrack bei iTunes
• Soundtrack bei Google



Day Night Contest

With our free Anno 1800 week during this year’s gamescom, we allowed everyone to try out Anno 1800 and experience the new day night cycle, which is now available for everyone in Game Update 5, for the first time. Anno 1800 is already a dreamland for screenshot artists and we realized quickly: the new day night cycle is the perfect feature to challenge you with a contest.

Together with Corsair Gaming, we asked you to use the new lighting options to capture your city in a new light. And today, we happily announce the winner of our big Corsair Day&Night contest!

First place goes to: Karacolidea’s sunset in the new world!
Like in real photography, it is all about the right time of the day to get a painterly shot like this one, where the last light of the day transforms this new world settlement into a scene right out of a fairytale. Congratulations Karacolidea for this wonderful shot and the first place of our contest.
You will never be left in the dark with your new Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse, MM800 RGB Mousepad and the ST100 RGB Headset Stand.


Second place goes to: Neckarmann’s under the full moon
It is almost too quite in that moody harbor piece and it is hard to tell if the scene is romantic or if the glooming full moon creates a feeling of unease. But that is the magic about Neckarmann’s screenshot and why we decided it is a well-deserved second place! The Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse and MM800 RGB Mouspad will find its way to you!


Third place goes to: Carpo’s rising inferno
A quite scenery, villagers peacefully resting under the dark night sky….and a full on catastrophe in the making! We had a few great entries with spitting flames in the night but this one captivated us most.
Congratulations for the third place and for winning the Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse.


Keep an eye out for a DM in the forum or on twitter from our community team, as we will need your address to send the Corsair gear and your Anno goodies on the way.

And without further ado, happy gardening everyone and until next time!





  1. R RicketyJoe September 11, 2019

    Sheet music!!! I absolutely love the soundtrack and am so excited we now have the ability to learn to play it ourselves! Please share more!

  2. L LePheel September 10, 2019

    Will the soundtrack from Sunken Treasures be available? Nate’s Theme with the whistling is one of my favorite tracks in-game

  3. K Karacolidea September 10, 2019

    Pure awesomeness, I’m very happy, I’m laughing and crying at the same time ❤ thanks so much for the opportunity to participate!

  4. o olblf September 10, 2019

    OMG the piano suite sheet music is all I ever wanted!!! Thank you this made my day and week and month!!

    • o olblf September 10, 2019

      It would be awesome if you released more sheet music for the other Anno games too, maybe even orchestral scores (fingers crossed). You probably can’t because of copyright or whatever, but if there’s even as much as a chance you would I will be a very happy boy indeed. 🙂

  5. F FabLau September 10, 2019

    Thank you so much for your work and constant feedback with us !
    And thank you for sharing the score of Anno 1800 Piano Suite !!! As a pianist, I’m more than delighted !!! THAT’S AWESOME !!!

  6. E Eket36 September 10, 2019

    Why were the Twitch Drop Event rewards missing? Even the award tab has disappeared? !!!

    • m mrmajkl September 11, 2019

      I wonder the same – I wasn’t happy about twitch drops at all but because I love the game I forced myself to watch the twitch not to miss anything in the game and now it’s gone, as well as Duck Pond and Arcade locked in rewards menu saying I need to own Botanica DLC which I own. Looking forward to play as it looks fantastic and well done to developers but I will have to wait until this gets sorted.


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