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AnnoCast 02: Anno 1800 LIVE at 4.30 PM

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  1. B BlueBreath December 18, 2017

    Sorry for the late post, I saw the video Friday.

    Just wanted to say I think your Alpha seems better than other games Beta, won’t be mentioning any names though.
    I want to add that the improvements for the cart system are great and I hope that canon in front of the harbor warehouse is not only ornamental :D.

  2. b banan1996.1996 December 17, 2017

    Congratulations for reaching the alpha!!! I can’t wait to see beta and then the final version as it already looks amazing!

    Things I noticed or want to mention:
    – Lighthouse – for a second we could see the lighthouse in the harbor area, I wonder what function it will have
    – Clothing – we have some clothes production, I can’t tell what it is made of, maybe it’s woolen as we can also see sheep farms
    – Food – we have fish, bread and probably sausages made from those pigs as mentioned in one of the devblogs
    – Wheat farms – fields with wheat seem to have irregular shapes without any borders between them, I wonder how they’re going to be placed
    – Civilization tiers – I think there will be five, I noticed five different types of houses when comparing the stream footage and the trailer; I might be wrong though, some houses seem too similar to be from different stages, I can’t tell for sure but there will be at least four civilization stages – that’s certain
    – Public buildings – we could see the city center, church, school and pub
    – That “building with water for horses” – I have no idea what it might be for
    – Firestation – we could see it written on the building with water containers next to it and a firestation was also placed close to the steel production district – does it mean that fire can now start in our factories?
    – Pollution – we definitely could see dead trees, trees without leaves around factory producing some cannons
    – Building materials – wood, stone? (for cobblestone roads for example but we didn’t really see stone production), bricks, steel
    – Cart pushers and horse carriages – those animations really need to be worked on
    – Factories – there were some other factories which I couldn’t identify
    – Workforce – I noticed those icons informing about lack of workforce (probably). Does it confirm that we’ll see the need for workforce like in Anno 2205? I would like to see workforce feature again, I loved this idea.
    – Island size – this island looked quite big, I hope I will have such islands in my Anno 1800 world
    – Graphics – the game looks amazing already, I hope it will be adjusted to weaker computers as well
    – Soundtrack – we know only a small part of it but I loved soundtrack of all previous Annos and so far I enjoyed the music at the end of the streams so I am sure that Anno 1800 won’t disappoint me there

    I was a bit disappointed as you told us you’d show the gameplay – which would mean (for me) to show us how you build some houses, factories, ships and you only showed us what you had already built. I am still grateful as we got some information out of it, we found out about the current state of the game, I was just expecting something else after reading about showing the gameplay.

  3. S Soulridder December 16, 2017

    Nice that we finally have reached Alpha state. 🙂

    Just some things I noticed so far + ideas:
    – The trees around the smoking weapon factory look quite different than the rest of the trees. Intended? Like more dead trees around (thinking of pollution and stuff like that).
    – Not every “Schornstein” of a smeltery is smoking. Is this intended? Looks somehow odd to me.
    – If I would develope the Game I would definitly place the icons nearer to the roof of a building and would adjust the angle. Ofcourse I would only do this when you have zoomed pretty far in.
    – It’s also interesting to see how perfectly the fields match into the free spaces.
    – All this movement in the streets and the bicycle. 🙂
    – The sand on the shipyard looks quite nice. However, I would suggest to not let it go in a 90° way down into the sea at the sides. This looks a bit odd. I would rather have it somewhat like 75° or so.
    – The banners in the habour at the canon: Do they represent something like in Anno 1404 your personal banner?
    – There seems to be a canalization in the city. Do we have to build it manually or is it build automatically or is it just a texture with in that case sadly no further use to it?
    – The waves look really nice, thought for the habour it looks sometimes like the waves are going over the wall. This could be adjusted or maybe add a feature that stuff will be washed into the ocean.
    – This directly brings me to the next point: Will we see Rogue wave (German:
    “Monsterwellen”, those waves which appear out of nothing in the sea and suck up
    your nice little ship) and Tsunamis in the Game?
    – What about other desasters like volcanos, supervolcanos, tornados, earthquakes etc.??

    That’s all I noticed so far. 😉

  4. B Boldzmann December 16, 2017

    The world looks very lively and realistic. From some angles, it seemed to me like I’m looking out the window from my house and it’s happening on the street!

    I noticed an unusual relief of the island. I liked it, I always wanted something like that. The sea began to look more realistic, with big menacing waves. The ship that I saw looks amazing! Even the nature of these vast forests looks alive! Tell us what kind of video card you have? How many RAM are there on your computer?

    I saw paddocks for sheep. Tell us what will be farming? Will there be cows and pigs, horses, etc.?

  5. r ruuti0 December 15, 2017

    Great to see that game is back to style that previous Annos used before Anno 2205!

    I am so grateful for whole developer team & Ubisoft in general for making new game, because Anno has been my favorite game series! Thank you!!

    Game looked very interesting and there were a lot of nice details! I myself enjoy more gameplay in games than graphics, but I have to say that you have done really good job with graphics also.

    Can’t wait to see how military actions look like! That aspect of game has always been one of things I enjoyed most.

    • A Anno Community Team December 15, 2017

      Any details you noticed in particular during the stream? 🙂

      • r ruuti0 December 15, 2017

        I noticed that whole world looked more lively (more people, more activity in plants, factories, farms, in mining area than in previous versions), nature looked also really nice, better than ever. I also liked small details like factory signs like “Hubert” etc, that made game feel even more realistic. The game feeling and looking was really vivacious overall, I liked it!

        Also basically whole world looked more realistic than ever before in Anno series because of all small and bigger details, which I liked a lot!

        I also liked that you could zoom in and out really well, that is really good, because for example during war situation you obviously want to see as much as you can without moving “watch area” and sometimes you just want to watch closely how your society works and how great game looks. Also easier to spot where is room to build something when zoom out works this good!

    • A Anno Community Team December 15, 2017

      Depends on what you see.

  6. S Swimming-Paul December 14, 2017

    Hello BB team!

    I enjoyed SOOO much the preview of Anno 1800! First of all I would like to congratulate you for reaching the alpha stage of development. All your hard work is paying off and the results already look beautiful. Bastian you´re a total pro. You have a big responsibility over your shoulders and you´re doing an excellent job.

    I am aware that what we saw is still alpha, and many things are going to change, but my main concern with what I´ve seen is something I have already mentioned before: the building´s floor textures.

    I wonder why some building´s floor textures look like they are designed to match the sand paths (the have grass and dirt around the main structure), while other buildings have pavements which fit the stone roads. This is something that has happened in every previous Anno title and the only reason behind this I can think of is the assumption that certain buildings belong to the “outskirts” of the city, while others are normally placed in the center, where stoned roads are more common.

    The best example I can think of right now is one of the buildings of the new steel production chain, which includes a gorgeous tunnel under the main building with a stone floor, but when the tunnel reaches the borders of the plot the floor texture is grass. There is a screenshot of this building in the “Pushing Carts” devblog where you can clearly see what I´m talking about.

    The same happens with 1st and 2nd level houses, and with many other buildings. I don´t know which way this can be resolved, but I think it would be worth to find a solution so the whole thing looks more polished. I think the solution could be in the markets of Anno 1404, because their floor texture changed depending on the level of the houses around it. Maybe it would be possible that the floor texture of the buildings change depending on the type of road they have around? I know it can be tricky, but it would be great if you could at least address this issue.

    The mixture of floor textures in the harbor areas also deserve a lot of polishing. The amazing shipyards building which we just saw for first time, or the fisheries, they have a gorgeous wooden floor, but it doesn´t match the stone texture of the rest of the harbor areas at all.

    Otherwise I can only cheer you up, because I´m loving everything I´m seeing. My level of hypeness has just skyrocketed. It´s official.


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