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Anno 1800 Free Week

Play in the Anno 1800 Free Week from December 11 to 18
It has been 8 months and many Game Updates and improvements since Anno 1800 first set sail. To show any of you still on the fence how far the game has come since launch (and to give you the perfect excuse to invite some friends to try the new co-op mode together) we are running another Free Week for Anno 1800 later this month. From December 11 to 18, everyone can download and play the Free Week version of Anno 1800 from Uplay or the Epic Games Store. As with our first free week back in August, keep in mind that this is a stand-alone build of Anno 1800 that you must be separately downloaded. In addition, it is for technical reasons not possible to carry over any save games from the Free Week version to the regular game.

The free version of Anno 1800 will include the first three residential tiers in sandbox mode as well as all free Game Updates, which means multiplayer and co-op for everyone (alongside previously released content like the day & night mode). The content of the Anno 1800 Season Pass won’t be included in the Free Week version of Anno 1800.

And if you have some friends that you always wanted to play some co-op with who have yet to get the game, we have some good news for them: as part of the Free Week, all three editions of the game will be discounted by up to 55% on the Epic Games Store and Uplay!






  1. H Humanimal83 December 11, 2019

    I get the “insert serial” for the free trial installation, how do I get passed it?

      • B BB_CR December 12, 2019

        Sorry to hear that, but glad you were able to fix it!

  2. b bacman112 December 10, 2019

    Can i as a game owner play multiplayer with free-version players, or du i have to download the free-version as well?

    • b bacman112 December 10, 2019

      I think i might have found the answer by myself

      •   Bastian Thun December 10, 2019

        As the the free version of Anno 1800 is it’s own build, players who own the game already and who want to play with friends during the free week will need to download the free version as well.

        • b bacman112 December 11, 2019

          Weird that it just lunches the game if i try to download it.


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