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1701 Anniversary: Share your memories!

The Anno series first bustled onto gamer’s screens nearly two decades ago, and next week marks the anniversary for one of the biggest milestones in the history of the Anno series.

The release of Anno 1701 in the year 2006 was a big step for the series, an evolution from the first two 2D isometric titles into the third dimension of gaming. It is also a very special game for us here at Ubisoft Blue Byte Mainz, as it was the first time that we (under our original name Related Designs) got our hands on the steering wheel of this storied franchise.

Many of those developers are still a part of the team today and they incorporate their experiences into the development of the upcoming Anno 1800. We love to reminisce in memories about the development of the older games and what they have contributed to the series as a whole.
And with these trips down memory lane, we remembered that many of you guys where already a part of our community  back then while newer fans might have also interesting experiences when going back to try out one of the older Anno games.

And here comes the call to action:
Share your Anno 1701 memories, anecdotes or creations such as videos, screenshots or fan art!

What was the first things you did or remembered when starting to play Anno 1701? How about some funny or beloved memories you connect with the first Anno in 3D and why is Anno 1701 still an important game for you as a fan of the series?
We hope that you have plenty of comments or creations to share with the union. You can also post videos, screenshots, stories and other fan art in our Ubisoft fan creation topic:  https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1760804-Moving-Pictures-We-are-looking-for-Fanvideos-and-streams!

The best entries will get their own spotlight during next week’s Anno 1701 anniversary celebrations. We are curious and excited and wish you all a great weekend!




  1. d diddle783 October 26, 2017

    i started to play anno from the first one (anno 1602), directly fall in love and since then i played all the follow ups..i rememberd the announcement of 1701 and the day of the release i went to the store at 0*:00 and wait there till it opened..played the game for hours and hours and still have the original disk..still love the game

  2. S Soulridder October 20, 2017

    I guess Anno 1701 was my first Anno ever. Back then I played it on an Nintendo DS, because I didn’t own a PC at that time. ^^
    The most satisfying experience was build your city on a volcanic island and later take someones island for your own just to expand it even more. Not quite that easy with a negative income where my only income came from raiding other AI players, but it made fun to rebuild the island and expand it once it was taken, especially because I couldn’t build much and once I took some island complelty I could build nearly everything thanks to the progress of the AI.
    I also played games where I just build up my city without raids, but a volcanic island was a must-have for me and still is in all Anno games where a volcano exists like in 1404.
    It was also nice in the DS version that your troops could just run around the island without having to build a complete camp for a small and short assault.

    I also feel like that Anno 1701 had the best AI from all Anno games so far, thought I also like a lot about the newer AI systems. I guess I would have to replay it for giving a reason why, thought this time on a PC (no DS at hand). ^^

    Would be nice if we could get some more volcanos back into Anno. I would like to have some more moments when you are at war with pirates or AI players and the volcano in your city errupts or in Anno 1404 where a tornado runs through my hole production line, I rebuild it and in that second the volcano on the same island errupts. 🙂 Thought I always missed some features for the volcano, I mean a volcano can do more (a lot more) than spill out lava, lava bombs and smoke into your houses or production lines.

  3. j jemalooo October 20, 2017

    ah yea the great aristocrat – mansions ! I always liked to have “American – Aristocrats”. Don’t know why, but it sounded like a movie.

  4. A AgmasGold October 20, 2017

    The thing I can remember the most about 1701 (its been about 6-7 years since I played it, still got the disk!), is the opening cutscene along with its soundtrack, where the camera pans out to over the city, and you can see the volcano errupting in the background.

  5. h haraserh October 20, 2017

    Ah i still remember that anno, it was one of the least i played, though anno 1701 had one unique feature : gaining independence was simply put awsomness.

    To destroy the queens fleet ,so damn satisfying….amazing experience.

  6. j jamieoglethorpe October 20, 2017

    This was the second one I bought, but it was the first one I played seriously. I played it very badly. I recently bought it again from GOG and played the campaign. That went well. I am playing the 1404 campaign now, and will probably return to 1701 for some general play once I am done.


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